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A wishful Christmas wish list

C: you ever see something and think OH GOD IM IN LOVE, and then realise that it’s completely unnecessary so you shouldn’t ask for it for Christmas? But secretly you keep thinking about it and wish it was yours? Here is my secret Christmas wish list (in the hope L decides he wants to buy me a lot of extra presents)

David Ayling is a jewellery making genius! I follow him on Facebook and he creates such beautiful pieces, I’m always slightly jelly that I don’t own anything! This ring is my absolute fav, I showed it to L and he said maybe if he gets a bonus in Feb so fingers crossed!!! (On another note, follow DA on Facebook as he also does jewellery making evenings etc. Which are super exciting!)

We then have the Leonore Doc Martens. These are my fave brand for shoes and I already have two pairs (which never wear out so will last forever!) so I don’t NEED these… but I sure as hell would like them! Plus.. fleece lined? Who doesn’t need new winter warm boots?

Thirdly (not a word) we have the Violet Voss Ride or Die palette which is available from beauty bay. I did consider putting this on my list cos you know… just look at it. But I have so many unloved palettes waiting for my attention it seemed silly to get another! Sad face.

Finally we have a Mac Christmas collection of 12 mini lipsticks. Now really, no one needs 12 mini lipsticks but surely everyone wants them? I asked L for these too, and I won’t say what he described them as on here but I’m guessing it’s a no! Alas. I do love miniature things!

So guys, anything you are secretly wishing for for Christmas that is totally unnecessary but super beautiful?! Let me know! Xxx

Ps… obviously I don’t own any of these delights so photos are borrowed from their websites! Any problems and I will remove them for you 🙂

OOTD: A Floral Summer

C: I went to Annie’s for tea the other night, and we both really liked my outfit so decided to do an OOTD! This is perfect for a Summer BBQ or party, casual but pretty and the long maxi skirt is perfect for keeping cool. 


Apologies for the horrendous bruise on my arm, and for the fact that me and Annie are obsessed with posing with the cats and sticking our bellies out (check out Annie’s crazy cat lady post here). I am wearing my New Look maxi skirt, which I got in the sale for £10 – love a good bargain, a while vest top and my Warehouse sandals which you are all probably fed up of seeing.


I absolutely love this floral pattern. It is perfect for these Summer months (although we both wear florals all year round!) and the colours are beautiful. My friend Dani also got this skirt in a different colour which I am now super jealous of as I want moreeee. 



And lastly here is a picture of my horrendous moles/this amazing necklace from Silk Purse Sows Ear. I absolutely love all of their jewellery, their pieces are so unique and beautiful. I accessorised with this necklace as it is simple and yet different. 

Hope you like it! #twolittleowlsblog

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Jewellery Hangers

A: If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have about 100 half started projects kicking around your house. I always get really excited about something then get bored of waiting for glue to dry/run out of glitter, then I get too excited about another project and start that one. But I’m pretty proud to say that I started and finished this all in one evening (with the added help of my hair dryer). So what is this wondrous project I hear you ask…

Ta-da! I don’t know where I got this idea from, so I’m gonna take the credit for it – but as you can see, I have copious amounts of jewellery. This used to all be stored in a vintage wash basin on my dressing table. I used to get so annoyed at trying to find a particular necklace to go with an outfit, and now they are all hung up so I can see them.

I started by finding three vintage style wooden hangers on eBay, these cost £4.50 for all three but I was checking nearly every day for a couple of weeks to get such a bargain. Then, the night they were delivered I nipped to my local DIY shop and bought two different types of screw hooks (you’ll see a close up of them in a minute…so carry on reading!). These were 99p per packet and I bought two packets. As soon as I got home, I hunted out my bottle of PVA glue – used a cheap one from Wilkinson’s for this. I then went into my tissue paper draw (yeah I have way too much craft stuff) and chose three different patterns – one for each hanger.



To apply the decoupage coverings and add the hooks, I took the following steps;

1. Lightly sand the wooden hangers, this helps the glue stick.

2. Shred the tissue paper into inch wide strips.

3. Apply the first layer of glue to one area of a hanger and add a strip of paper, continue this until the hanger is totally covered and then coat the whole thing in glue. This part can get really messy but it’s fun!

4. This is the boring part, waiting for the glue to dry (or get the hair dryer out like I did!). Once you finished the final layer of glue though, you can carry on with the other hangers.

5. Once they are dry you need to start adding the hooks. I didn’t work out the spacing on these properly (another example of being too excited) I just went by eye but I think they look okay. You need to start the holes with the end of a sharp knife to make sure they get a good bedding.

6. I then started screwing in the hooks. I used two hangers for open hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets, and one hanger for closed hooks to hang earrings (the pink, orange and gold patterned). Whilst screwing the hooks in, I made sure they were all facing the same way when finished. I did use a pair of pliers to make sure they were tightly secured.

7. Hang them on your wall and start filling them with all of your goodies!

So for a total cost of £6.48 I’ve got a really unique storage system, which I can easily add too if I need to and change to suit the decoration of my bedroom. If you have a go at this, you can let your imagination run wild and add glitter, ribbons, buttons or whatever else you can find. I think I may start making them for presents!

What do you think to my jewellery hangers? #twolittleowls

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A mini Monday haul.


A: so today I sat a three hour exam, and to congratulate myself on finishing I decided to go on a little shopping trip.

First of all I went to our local Outfit which was a really good idea because there happened to be a sale on (also a bit of a bad idea cause you have to buy something if there’s a sale don’t you?). I got these lovely brown sandals from the Dorothy Perkins section, they are made from really soft leather and were super comfy when I tried them on, which is always a good sign! They had 20% off too so they were reduced from £20 to £16, which is a bargain for leather sandals. Next, I found these midi rings in the sale. Chloe bought me some very similar to this for my birthday but they are skinner and I fancied some chunky ones too – and they were £3 in the sale so I couldn’t say no. I used my student card too, which is amazing in Outfit because there’s such a wide range of high street brands, meaning I got another 10% off!

Next, I went to H & M. Now whenever you don’t have loads of money to spend, you practically want to buy everything in the shop, but as soon as you have some extra pennies you can’t find anything you fancy?! Well that happened today, the one where I wanted to buy everything I tried on and I had very limited funds. I managed to limit myself though and chose my most favourite – this lovely 90’s style slip dress. I love the 90’s vibe that’s going on at the moment (although it is a little scary being in my mid-twenties and I can already remember wearing these fashions the first time round – jelly shoes and stretchy choker necklaces, I wore those when I was 7?!). This dress has a lovely tiny floral print with buttons in the contrasting black all the way down the front. It’s a perfect length too, so it can be worn with or without tights throughout the year, and I’m thinking it could look cute with a long-sleeved top underneath too – or is that too retro?! For now though, it’s a really good addition to my summer staples, and they had five other really pretty prints which I will more than likely have to invest in. It cost £9.99 so a bargain for such a wearable dress.

What have you been buying recently? #twolittleowls

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A Tuesday haul.

20140520-200408-72248083.jpgA: so I got paid today, which means only one thing – haul day!!

First of all, my Body Shop delivery came. I was super excited about this as they had 40% off so I got these three items for £15. Bargain! I had pretty troublesome skin recently, so I thought I would revert back to my old favourite of tea tree oil – big style.
I chose the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub and the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I have always got on well with tea tree oil, but I haven’t used other tea tree products, so I will be reviewing these soon as I am going to start using them tonight!

I also made a quick trip to our local outlet shopping centre today, I needed some new clothes for work for these warm, sunny days but I really hate buying work clothes. I work in an office and have a lot of meetings with clients so I have to look fairly smart – not an easy task when it’s as got as it had been this week!

I found these amazing dresses that only cost £9 each! They are simple, fitted midi dresses, one in navy and one in green. It took me a while to find them because there’s a lot of not-so-cool stuff at the shopping centre but once you find something good, it’s usually a bargain! I also got this lovely maroon and gold necklace for just £2 and some maroon leggings for £5!

Successful haul day I think! I did get one more amazing bargain dress, but I’ll save that for on ootd because it’s beautiful!!

What have you even buying recently? #twolittleowls

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They see me haulin’

C: this week I have accidentally been shopping twice. Once with my friend kitty and again with my lovely mother number 2 (I’m not married so mother/father 2 is the lovely names they have acquired from me, they secretly like it). So here is what I got:


I apologise for the Harry Potter t-shirt but I am a massive nerd/love it! for £6 in Primark I just couldn’t say no! Mother2 found this very funny, and I put it on as soon as I got home ❤

You may have seen our recent post on our June ball dresses (you can find it here) and I have been searching everywhere for some jewellery to go with my dress. I got this necklace for £7 and these midi rings for £3 (I lost my others after a few glasses of wine…) from Dorothy Perkins which I think will go perfectly!

Lastly is make up. I had to re-buy my precious Benefit They’re Real Mascara ready for my ball make up and then went too Boots – which is never a good idea! Soap & Glory was buy one get one half price so I gave in and picked up the Kick Ass powder and the Peach Party blusher. I haven’t had a chance to try these properly yet but I shall do a review as soon as I have!

Hope you like what my haul, let me know what you guys have been buying lately! #twolittleowlsblog

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Annie’s birthday haul

A: it was my birthday yesterday and I thought I’d better share some of the lovely treats I got with you – I have been well and truly spoilt!!



My boyfriend is either a genius or a regular reader of our blog, he got me this jumper, sandals and watch I mentioned on my April wishlist. My parentals bought me this lovely leopard swimsuit and maxi dress, as well as two new bags and the love heart shaped picnic basket and umbrella! My beautiful cousin got me a MAC lipstick and nail varnish (Chloe is totally jealous).
My boyfriend also got me this super cool bar table, which we put to good use last night with my family and friends, and everyone loved the cakes too! Chloe got me the Kate Moss lipstick I’ve been lusting after, and some midi rings which are perfect – we are both majorly picky about midi rings because we have fat fingers. Like I said, I’ve been super spoilt and I’m very lucky to have family and friends who know me so well!

Hope you’re having a fun Saturday! #twolittleowls

Bedside Table Essentials: Annie

A: so today you can have an insight into what my bedtime cabinet essentials are, those things that you just can’t put in the draw because you use them so much.
I am a firm believer in pretty lamps. My boyfriend and I haven’t finished decorating our house yet (it’s costs so much and takes up so much time!) so I have resorted to accessorising all of our rooms with way too much clutter and lovely things, including lamps. I love this one on my bedside cabinet because it’s so sparkly. I also have candles everywhere, and often light them on my cabinet when I’m in bed reading because they are so relaxing.
My kindle is never far from me (and neither are my glasses so I can read without feeling like an old lady) and there’s usually a cup of fruit tea somewhere in my vicinity.

I have a ridiculous obsession with jewellery and have way too much in my life, I use this little teacup (which I bought from Florence’s last tour!) to keep all of the jewellery I wear a lot in, as you can see, I wear a lot of jewellery a lot of the time…

Lastly, my moisturisers of the moment. These change on a regular basis but at the minute, my favourites are these: Clinique dramatically different my Marc Jacobs Daisy – smells beautiful!!

What’re you’re bedside cabinet essentials? #twolittleowls

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

C & A: If you’re anything like us, you will want to treat your mum to something really special on Mother’s Day – and with it fast approcahing us on 30th March this year, we thought we would show you some lovely ideas for gifts. We’ve tried to include ideas from a wide price range, have a look and let us know which is your favourite!


Firstly, we have decided to include one of our favourite books – Mary Berry’s Autobiogrpahy, we reviewed this a while a go (find it here). This is available on Amazon from £9.00 – a bargian for such a lovely present.


Marc Jacobs have brought out a lovely new perfume just in time for Mother’s Day, Annie tested this last week and loved it – it has a lovely spring scent, flowery and pretty but fresh too. It can be found at Boots for £48.00.

The ‘Just Call Me’ tea towel is perfect because you can personalise to which ever famous chef suits your Mum the most! A unique gift for just £10, available here from notonthehighstreet.com

The ‘Mother Hen’ necklace by Amanda Coleman is so pretty – it can be ordered in either silver or gold and is also available from notonthehighstreet.com from £40, find it here.


We had to include these because they are beautiful. They are made by The Cake Lady who is based in Boston, Lincolnshire. She is selling these handmade goodies as special Mother’s Day packages – sadly she can only take orders for collection, but her shop is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Take a look at her Facebook page in the link to see some more of her baked treats, and have a look around your local area for unique Mother’s Day gifts like Rebecca offers – you might find something as exciting as this!

What Mother’s Day gift ideas do you have? We’d love to know! #twolittleowls

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Our Home Decor Wishlists!

A & C: We both love home decor and actually have similar styles but as I (Chloe) am buying my first house soon, and I am super excited we thought we would do our wishlists on what we would buy if we had infinite monies (we wish).

Annies Wishlist:


1. Okay this is a slightly weird one but my boyfriend and I are desperate to have a bell tent in our garden. We are lucky enough to have lots of outside space and this would be perfect for those lazy summer afternoons and late night parties – providing that much needed shelter for British weather!

2. I have a serious obsession with glasses. Coloured, decorative, sherry, wine or tumblers – if it’s pretty I will buy it. I prefer glass shopping in second-hand shops or at antiques fairs but this Cath Kidston one is beautiful. I will definitely have to invest in some.

3. I usually like to buy second hand furniture but John Lewis offer a design your own service, letting you pick your own shape and fabric for your sofa. This is my choice, and would go perfectly in my duck egg blue kitchen/diner!

4. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best invention ever. I found it a couple of months ago and it’s on my must have list – a full length mirror with a jewellery cabinet inside, my life is complete. I have way too many jewels and I end up not wearing most of them because they are hidden away, but with this I would be able to choose the perfect jewellery to match what I’m wearing!! Available on Ebay!


Chloe’s Wishlist:


1. Orla Kiely wallpaper, need I say more. I have developed a love of Orla Kiely after my mother-in-law (well adopted mother) bought me some cake tins a few Christmases ago! This would look amazing as a statement wall in one of my future bedrooms!

2. Next tartan/checked chair. I absolutely love tartan, and I think this would look amazing in a cottage-y lounge or kitchen.

3. I love this Cath Kidston Eiderdown, I get super cold so this is the perfect way to add some stylish warmth to your bed.

4. As much as I love wooden floors they can seem a bit harsh. A beautiful rug is the perfect way to counteract this, and this one from Urban Outiftters would fit with my colour schemes and is in the sale!

Hope you enjoyed looking at our home-decor lust list! Let us know what you think or if you want any more information on any of the items shown! #twolittleowlsblog

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