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A Sunday Sale Haul

A: Today, I went on a shopping trip with my Aunty – we were hunting for outfits and gifts for some events we both have coming up soon, but both got distracted by the sales and ended up having a lovely time. Our local department store had an amazing sale on and I got some real bargains.

Firstly, this navy patterned dress. It’s from N & Willow – not a brand I’ve heard of before but it’s a simple jersey, beautifully cut dress and will be perfect for work. Although I don’t have a strict dress code for work, I do like to look fairly smart. It’s a lovely thin and comfortable fabric too so I will be able to wear it most of the year, but I think it’ll look best with boots and tights in the winter. This was originally £50 but reduced to £11.50.
This black top is from a brand called ‘Girls On Film’. This looks a lot better on, I promise. The lace trim on the hem dresses up the simple black shift shape and I think it’ll look best with a black tube skirt and some statement jewels (to follow!). Originally £28, reduced to £7.50!


I then spotted this amazing/slightly horrendous kimono. I really do love it though, it has sequins, velvet and tassels – what more could you want!! This is from Quiz clothing and I cannot wait to wear it. £35 reduced to £10 – and my aunty got one too! She’s off to a wedding next week during the evening and has a black jumpsuit to wear so this will finish it off perfectly.


IMG_5472 This blouse is from one of my favourite brands; Vila. I loved going to the shop we got all of these from because they’ve stocked Vila for a while now – but this was the last of their stock as they are discontinuing the line! Sadly I didn’t get there quick enough to make the most of the reduced stock, but this blouse makes up for is because it really is beautiful. Admittedly, it doesn’t look much on the hanger or from the front – but the back is made from a huge pleated voile type fabric and it looks so pretty! I had to have it, and it was reduced to £10.50 from £35 – even better! Another purchase I can’t wait to wear.



Lastly, some jewellery. I can never say no to some new jewels but chokers are a first for me. I really like the idea of them but I think they might make my neck look a bit fat?! I thought I’d take the plunge though because these ones from Miss Selfridge were only £2.50 each, both reduced from £9. They’re really pretty too and both have two parts for them so I actually got four necklaces for £5!
My aunty then found this amazing statement piece from Wallis. This was originally £20 but I got it for just £5! And it’s so pretty too! I wear these sort of colours all the time so it will slot in perfectly to my collection.
Finally, three sets of gold coloured hoops from Miss Selfridge, originally £8 but £2 in the sale. Some perfect staple earrings to wear every day.

So that’s all of my haul for today – I haven’t been shopping in a while, and neither Chloe or I went at all during the sales because we are both trying to save – but I thought I did pretty well today with these bargains so didn’t feel so bad!

What have you been buying in the sales? #twolittleowlsblog

A Boxing Day Christmas Haul!

C: happy Boxing Day guys! Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and successfully slept off the wine/food from yesterday ready to start again today! We have been doing blogmas2k14, so have been posting every day but now that has finished we will be returning to our usual routine of posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and once over the weekends! So to start us off I am going to do my first Christmas haul post – I am splitting it into two as I got super spoilt so today I am going to be showing you the house/other bits I received and then my next post will be the beauty items I received. Please note, this is in no way a method of bragging – I just love reading these on other peoples blogs and wanted to share all the treats I got with you lovely readers. So lets get cracking!

House Stuff

photo 1(20)

Russell Hobbs Kettle and Toaster – we are currently doing up a house and are hoping to move in in March (ish) time. I obvs have a kettle and toaster… but I really loved these and mine are super old now so asked for these. I love the cream colour, will look lovely in my farmhouse-style kitchen!

Salter weighing scales – I love baking so I also asked Santa for these (but my nan got them… magic) as my non-electric scales are very old and not very accurate now! Cant wait to bust this out!

Next Sharing Board Gift Set – apologies for the horrendous photo, its dark and foggy here so had to put all the lights on to be able to see anything in the photos! This is a wooden board with two little bowls for oil and balsamic vinegar to dip your bread in! We love doing this, especially when some Brie is involved so can’t wait to use this!

photo 3(11)

Rosies Kitchen Fork Knives – seriously. I think these were my favourite present (which my mum wasn’t happy about considering how spoilt I was ha!) They are so cute! I can’t cope with them. They are from Boots, but unfortunately are sold out online but check your local store and try and nab some. They really are beautiful.

Cosmetic Organizer – from my sister! Literally can’t wait to move into my new house and organise my dressing table! Don’t worry, photos will be shared!

River Cottage Every day Veg Cookery Book – I always get a cookery book from L’s parents each year and I love this! Its full of amazing idea’s on how to make veg more interesting (which even the most healthy of us need sometimes!), let me know if you are interested in seeing some recipes!

Yankee Candle in Vanilla Cupcake & Winterwood Candle – I love candles, especially this time of year. It makes the house smell beautiful and look more homely! I got these from my parents/ L’s parents and I can’t wait to try them out!

Owl Related Presents (everyone thought it was funny to get Annie & I owl presents – obvs we agreed)

photo 2(19)

Orla Kiely Owl Mug – from the mother in law! Isn’t this amazing!

Owl Mug and Owl Dashboard Toy – our friend Spen bought both of us these! I am waiting until I find the Owl dashboard thing less funny before I put it up else I’ll find it too distracting to drive. Love it.

Owl Candle Holder – you know you are getting a great present when Annie says “I have bought you the worst and yet the best present ever!” and she was right! She painted this for me at our local pottery place! It’s disgusting and I bloody love it. Pride of place on my coffee table!

Random Fun Stuff

photo 4(7)

Burgundy Vans – I have ruined mine by wearing them whilst doing my new house up (seriously… they used to be white and are now black) so my lovely parents bought me a new pair!

Glittery Jumper – I am not sure where this is from, but I believe Annie got me it from the Clothes Show! I love it! Perfect for this time of year, and its such a lovely thin material – perfect for shopping etc when you get too hot and cba to remove layers!

Walking Dead Season 1 – fav present from L! So scared of Zombies but can’t wait to watch this!

Emma Bridgewater Diary – another present from L. Last year I asked him to pick me up a new diary as I needed one, so he brought home the most disgusting one he could find. It is pink velour or something, so he bought me a nice one this year to make up for it!

Alphabet Bags make up bag – my work bestie bought me this! Annie has wanted one for ages so she is super jealous! Can’t wait to use it!

So there we go… can you see why I am splitting it into two posts now?! Crazy eh? I have been so spoilt and I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for the lovely (and funny) presents! What did you guys get this year? #twolittleowls

The Clothes Show Live 2014

A: On Sunday, my friend Helen and I did something super exciting –  we traveled all the way to Birmingham to go the The Clothes Show at the NEC! Now, I’m sure you’re all fully aware that I love clothes. New, old, vintage, flowery, velvety, glittery… the list goes on. So I was pretty overwhelmed when we arrived (obvs after running to find the loo cause I was desp). For those of you that have never been, The Clothes Show takes up 10 (?!) halls of the NEC, and has different areas of shopping; the Designer Outlet, Hair & Beauty, Boutique, Cheap & Chic and Vintage. As if that isn’t enough, there’s also different fashion shows happening all around the event, masterclasses, tutorials and of course, the main Fashion Show in the Fashion Theatre. We had tickets to the main event for 10 am, and arrived just in time to find our seats, get comfy and open our food stash (consisted of Skips and Jaffa cakes – the perfect way to make yourself feel better whilst watching super fit and healthy models fling themselves all over the catwalk). The show was introduced and presented by Rick Edwards and Jim Chapman (yay for vloggers!), and the first performance was from a girl called Bella Mac. She has the most amazing voice, I’ve searched all over the net for a video but can’t find one – but seriously guys keep your ears pinned back for her. Next was a ‘group’ called Stereo Kicks (I accidentally kept calling them Studio Kicks cause I had never heard of them lolz – sorry to any die hard fans out there), who were terrible (soz again to the fans…). I cannot stand boy bands, but the teeny-boppers obvs went cray for them. And then it was onto the main event, here’s a few photos I managed to take but they really don’t do the show justice. The clothes, the choreography, the music really was so amazing. If you even have a slight interest in fashion and ever get chance to see this show, you should go. I’ve seen it 3 times now over the space of nearly 10 years and it has stunned me every time.

photo 1 (3)

Oh hai Jim Chapman.

photo 1 (1)      photo 5 (3)

photo 3 (3)

 photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)

Those furry trousers!!

 photo 3 photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)photo 1 photo 4photo 5

Now the Clothes Show is also kinda famous for it’s Beauty goody bags. Most companies there offer them, and with the likes of Rimmel, Barry M, Fake Bake, W7, Model co…. and so many more showcasing, it’s really hard to choose. But I went for a Barry M goody bag, which cost me £10 and a W7 one – which were buy one get one free for £10. So here’s what I got!

Barry M

   photo 1 (4) photo 2 (5)


photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4)

I won’t go through all of the details of each product because there was so many and this is already a pretty long post – but if you want to know about any of them, please just ask in the comments 🙂

p.s there was an extra lip bomb in the W7 bag – Chloe has already stolen it though.

Have any of you guys ever been to The Clothes Show Live? #twolittleowlsblog

They see me haulin’

C: this week I have accidentally been shopping twice. Once with my friend kitty and again with my lovely mother number 2 (I’m not married so mother/father 2 is the lovely names they have acquired from me, they secretly like it). So here is what I got:


I apologise for the Harry Potter t-shirt but I am a massive nerd/love it! for £6 in Primark I just couldn’t say no! Mother2 found this very funny, and I put it on as soon as I got home ❤

You may have seen our recent post on our June ball dresses (you can find it here) and I have been searching everywhere for some jewellery to go with my dress. I got this necklace for £7 and these midi rings for £3 (I lost my others after a few glasses of wine…) from Dorothy Perkins which I think will go perfectly!

Lastly is make up. I had to re-buy my precious Benefit They’re Real Mascara ready for my ball make up and then went too Boots – which is never a good idea! Soap & Glory was buy one get one half price so I gave in and picked up the Kick Ass powder and the Peach Party blusher. I haven’t had a chance to try these properly yet but I shall do a review as soon as I have!

Hope you like what my haul, let me know what you guys have been buying lately! #twolittleowlsblog

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Holiday Haul

A: Yesterday was a good day for me, I went on a bit of a shopping spree with some birthday money I had been given as an early present. Because I’m going on holiday next week, I though I might as well treat myself to some new holiday essentials. I’d already had an idea of what I wanted (and posted a wishlist last week), and although I didnt get exactly what was on my list – I’m still super happy!


I bought way too much stuff and some of it was just normal holiday essentials, but I took pictures of the fun stuff for you!

The strange wonderous tassely capey thing is from Primark and is going to be perfect for a poolside cover up (it also makes me feel amazing when I wear it, my boyfriend thinks I’m really weird for wearing it around the house though…). Chloe spotted this and it was a bargain for £15.

Next, I found this lovely shift dress for £13 and this cream maxi skirt with a lace panel on the front for £10. These are both from Primark too, it’s the perfect shop for holiday buys!!

I had found my perfect sandals on the Topshop website but I wanted to try them before I bought them. Unfortunately my local shop didn’t have any but I found these gorgeous leather sandals in Office instead. I really like these, and I love the colour – they won’t match much of my clothes but this is a bonus for me! I hate coordinating! They look like they’re going to be really comfy too, and they were £32 without my 10% student discount so a super bargain!

What are your holiday must haves? #twolittleowls

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