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Holiday Essentials Part Two

A: if you’ve read the first part of this, you’ll know I’ve been packing for my holidays and today I thought I’d share with you my make up essentials. I’m actually going camping for a week so I won’t be bothering with too much make up (no false eyelashes or high maintenance lipsticks anyway), so here’s what I’m taking!

So this my make up bag and mirror. The bag is from Primark and I’ve had the mirror years. I’m not sure why but I use this everyday without fail, and I bought it on Jim and I’s first camping trip together 7 years ago! I love this bag too because it’s clear so I can see everything in it but also is extra roomy.

My base; this is the base I use everyday. The Bodyshop’s Instablur keeps my make up in place all day, and because I’m inbetween colours at the moment (only partly freckle so can’t go full on summer make up), I’m mixing my BB creams from Model Co and Rimmel.

This pallette is perfect for going away, it has everything I need! Chloe actually bought me this for Chirstmas and I love it. It’s the Khroma pallette by Kourtney Kardashian (or the ginger people pallette as Chloe calls it). The top is full of eyeshadows which are perfect for me, and the blush, highlight and bronzer are so pretty to use.

For powder, you can’t go wrong with a Rimmel, and my old faithful Bare Minerals for any bad skin days! And I’ve packed my Metallic Bronze Blush from Primark but I’m hoping its going to be sunny so I won’t need to much!

I’ve also packed my favourite mascara – False Lash Effect from Primark and my new liquid liner from W7, which hasn’t even been opened yet but was a bargain for £1.99 so I’ll give this a test run whilst I’m away. Brow Drama is also always in my make up bag, and my favourite dark lipstick from ELF which is a super long lasting dark nude.

Lastly, my three go to brushes – an Avon liner brush, a bellepierre blender and my Bare Minerals face brush. I also packed my favourite nude Kiko lipstick, and a Nivea lip balm.

We have reviewed quite a lot of these products between us, so click the links to see our thoughts!

What’re your holiday make up essentials? #twolittleowls

M and Co Capsule Holiday Wardrobe

A: After finding this really fun challenge on M and Co’s blog, we decided we should definately give it a go.

We have an M and Co in our local town and it’s somewhere I head to regularly if I am in need of a new outfit because they have such a wide range of clothing and accessories, and always have pieces in that are high fashion – they are really big on the tribal print at the moment, which is a trend I absolutely love.

The challenge is to put together a capsule holiday wardrobe from M and Co’s online Holiday shop for under £100. So here are my must have holiday peices.

Image Image

Obviously swimwear is top of the list, and this polkadot bikini (thankfully it’s not itsby, bitsy, teeny, weeny or yellow – yellow is NOT a good colour for us gingers) is perfect for me. I want a bikini to make me feel covered, comfortable and safe, so if I want want to do a dive bomb in the swimming pool, I can. It has got removable padded sections and has a really lovely shape to offer support. It’s a bargain too, the top is £16 and the bottoms are £14.


Okay so I LOVE these beach trousers. I would wear palazzo pants all the time if I could because they are super comfy and are perfect for hot countries because of their light fabric, in the day or evening. These would look amazing with just a bikini top for lounging around the pool, with a simple white blouse for the day time or with a black vest and some boho-style jewellery for the evening. Perfect for a capsule wardrobe because they can be worn for so many occassions. They are £26, and totally worth every penny.


I always try to pack a good pair of comfortable and practical shorts for a holiday because my boyfriend gets bored pretty easily and we normally go on lots of excursions, which can involve anything from climbing Mayan pyramids to sliding down Jamaican waterfalls – and I like to keep my dignity if I can. These are ideal for warm weather because they are made from linen, and are really versatile so can be worn with anything. They are new in at M and Co, part of their ‘High Summer ’14 Catalogue’,  and come with this really cute belt (again – a perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe because you can wear it with dresses, trousers or anything else you fancy). They are £26.00.


Lastly, I have chosen this blue swing blouse as part of my holiday essentials. This is such a lovely colour, described as ‘Wedgewood’ and will go perfectly with the white linen shorts I have also chosen. It’s made from a lightweight polyester and has a really flattering but comfortable shape, and a statement necklace worn under the collar will really dress this up for the evenings. This is in the sale at the minute, and its £18, reduced from £26.

So that’s my choices for my holiday must-haves, 5 pieces for exactly £100, which are all really versatile and wearable. Perfect! Head to M and Co’s website to have more of a nosey at their holiday shop (click here), we’d love to know what you would choose! #twolittleowls

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Annie’s Holiday Wish List/Essentials: Part 2

A: this is a little late for a holiday wishlist, considering I’m going tomorrow – but Chloe and I have been trés busy with Birthday antics, so I’ve combined my wish list and essentials into one.


1. I found this Nivea Protect and Bronze spray whilst I was supposed to be food shopping in Morrisons yesterday. It perfect for me because I’m so pale and pasty, but it promises to support skin’s natural tanning ability because it contains a natural plant extract which helps support skin’s own melanin production – clever! It was a bargain too, on offer for £5!


2.  These are an essential for any nail varnish addict. I have already packed and excessive choice of nail varnishes for my trip – what better way to relax than by the poolside with a cocktail whilst painting your nails? These are from Superdrug and were £1.50.


3. My hairdresser told me about this when I had my hair cut last week – it’s really hard to find colour enriching hair products for natural ginger/red hair. I still haven’t bought this, but I may have to dash to the hairdressers tonight because my hair tends to go really blond in the sun, and you always need a good conditioner whilst you’re abroad to stop the heat and chlorine damaging your hair. This Aveda Conditioner ‘enriches warm tones in dark and red shades of hair. Madder root helps purify scalp and hair; natural colours help add and intensify red hues’. It’s £20 for 250ml and you can buy it online here.


4. I normally wear bare Minerals foundation, but this is what I will be using whilst I’m on holiday. Because bare Minerals is a powder, it can dry my skin out – and I won’t need any more drying out whilst I’m in 30+ degree heat so I’ve gone for this BB cream. I’ve never used a bb cream before but I’m hoping it’s going to work for me.  I can’t really wear normal foundation because it makes my freckles look really strange and as I had some Birchbox points to use, I thought I would order this to try it out. You can buy it here for £15.

What are your holiday essentials? #twolittleowls


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Bedside Table Essentials: Annie

A: so today you can have an insight into what my bedtime cabinet essentials are, those things that you just can’t put in the draw because you use them so much.
I am a firm believer in pretty lamps. My boyfriend and I haven’t finished decorating our house yet (it’s costs so much and takes up so much time!) so I have resorted to accessorising all of our rooms with way too much clutter and lovely things, including lamps. I love this one on my bedside cabinet because it’s so sparkly. I also have candles everywhere, and often light them on my cabinet when I’m in bed reading because they are so relaxing.
My kindle is never far from me (and neither are my glasses so I can read without feeling like an old lady) and there’s usually a cup of fruit tea somewhere in my vicinity.

I have a ridiculous obsession with jewellery and have way too much in my life, I use this little teacup (which I bought from Florence’s last tour!) to keep all of the jewellery I wear a lot in, as you can see, I wear a lot of jewellery a lot of the time…

Lastly, my moisturisers of the moment. These change on a regular basis but at the minute, my favourites are these: Clinique dramatically different my Marc Jacobs Daisy – smells beautiful!!

What’re you’re bedside cabinet essentials? #twolittleowls

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Whats in Chloe’s handbag?

C: Following Annie’s post on her handbag essentials (to see it click here) I thought I would share with you what I keep in mine (well last night it was full of hip flasks… but thats not a regular occurrence!).


1. I have super long hair (it’s finally grown – yay!) so I cant go anywhere without my tangle teezer, hair grips and something to put it up with in case I get stuck in horrid English weather and start developing dreadlocks.

2. Ray Bans, these are actually my boyfriends but I love them so I steal them all the time for driving.

3. Concealer, face powder and Benefits Porefessional are essential for that mid day shine/make up slid top up.

4. Eye Liner, this one is from Korres and is amazing. It is so easy to apply and looks like liquid eye liner if you are in a rush and have to do your make up quickly.

5. Soap & Glory body spray, my love for this brand is well known, and I hate the thought of smelling so I always carry this round with me.

6. Hand Food (S&G again!) and a nail file, are my essentials for saving that broken nail on the go and to keep my hands moisturised. I get eczema on my hands so this saves me when I am out and about and my skin is starting to get dry!

So what are your handbag essentials? #twolittleowlsblog

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Daily Make-Up Essentials.

C: We thought we would share with you all our daily make-up essentials (so what we use on your average day), which will be coming in two parts. I am doing mine today and Annie will be sharing hers tomorrow!


1. Benefits Porefessional Primer – best ever for reducing the look of my bucket sized pores.

2. Mac Matchmaster Foundation 1.0 – best foundation I have ever found for my skin, perfect coverage.

3. No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream in Fair – I used this instead of foundation for work. It makes me feel like I am doing my skin some good, even if I’m not!

4. Elf Complete Coverage Concealer – to cover up any imperfections and those horrendous dark circles after I have forgotten to sleep.

5. Powder – I like to set my foundation/concealer with a powder. This is a Collection one as I have not yet found the perfect powder, any suggestions anyone?!

6. Elf Eyebrow Kit – cannot leave the house without my eyebrows on. Love this cheaper version of the Benefit Browzings, does the job just as well for me.

7. Mac Bronzer in Medium/Dark – a natural, non-glittery finish.

8. Mac Blusher in Stay Pretty – a beautiful/girly colour thats super easy to blend

9. Mac Highlighter in Definitely Defined – true love. Two different colours depending on your mood, perfect for contouring.

10. Korres long lasting mineral eyeliner in black – so pigmented and lasts all day. Looks almost like liquid eyeliner when you haven’t got time for faffing!

11. Sleek eyeshadow palette in Au Naturel – perfect mix of glittery and every day eyeshadows that are highly pigmented.

12. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner in Black Glamour – easy to apply and lasts all day.

13. Benefit They’re Real Mascara – best. mascara. ever.

15. Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch – keeps lips moisturised and looking pretty!

16. Model Co. Party Proof Lipstick in Kitty – received this in my Birchbox and I love it. Non-drying and a lovely colour that lasts ages and ages!

So turns out I wear more make-up on a daily basis than I thought! Hope you enjoyed that, let us know what you think or if you have any recommendations/questions! #twolittleowlsblog

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