A Tuesday haul.

20140520-200408-72248083.jpgA: so I got paid today, which means only one thing – haul day!!

First of all, my Body Shop delivery came. I was super excited about this as they had 40% off so I got these three items for £15. Bargain! I had pretty troublesome skin recently, so I thought I would revert back to my old favourite of tea tree oil – big style.
I chose the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub and the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I have always got on well with tea tree oil, but I haven’t used other tea tree products, so I will be reviewing these soon as I am going to start using them tonight!

I also made a quick trip to our local outlet shopping centre today, I needed some new clothes for work for these warm, sunny days but I really hate buying work clothes. I work in an office and have a lot of meetings with clients so I have to look fairly smart – not an easy task when it’s as got as it had been this week!

I found these amazing dresses that only cost £9 each! They are simple, fitted midi dresses, one in navy and one in green. It took me a while to find them because there’s a lot of not-so-cool stuff at the shopping centre but once you find something good, it’s usually a bargain! I also got this lovely maroon and gold necklace for just £2 and some maroon leggings for £5!

Successful haul day I think! I did get one more amazing bargain dress, but I’ll save that for on ootd because it’s beautiful!!

What have you even buying recently? #twolittleowls

P.S If you think we deserve your vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards, we are going for the Next Newcomer Blog Award which you can find here and for the Best New Beauty Blog category here! Please do let us know if you have nominated us, we would love to hear from you/thank you! #twolittleowlsblog

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