A Beauty Giveaway – A thank you to all our followers!

A & C: As Chloe is about to start maternity leave/maybe not be blogging as much (don’t panic, Annie is on the case!) we wanted to have a little giveaway to say thank you to all our lovely followers! All products have been bought with our own pennies etc and this is not a sponsored post so please feel free to enter as many times as you like!


Prize includes:

Nanshy 4 in 1 Make up Blending Sponge

2 x Models Own nail polishes in Pink Veneer and Oval Plum

L’occitane Hand Cream

Lee Stafford RePair Oil

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Scrub + Happiness

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

Models Own Party Proof Lipstick in Get Naked

Roc Soleil Lipbalm

Me Me Me Cherub Blush Lip & Cheek Tint


Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip

If you would like to enter, please use the rafflecopter here

All products are unopened/have been bought by us as we recommended them on the blog! The competition ends in 2 weeks (5th June) when the winner will be announced and contacted! Hope you enjoy! #twolittleowls

Review: Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

C: I literally cannot believe I haven’t reviewed this on here before! Seriously, Seche Vite is my HG top coat! I was recommended this by my lovely work bestie who swears by it too, and since trying it I haven’t used anything else. You can buy this from Boots for £9 here (or sometimes if you are super lucky they have it in TK Maxx for £5!).

photo 3(20)

So as usual you apply your normal nail polish and then use this as a top coat. You do have to apply it quite thickly, but it gives you an amazingly professional, glossy looking mani – and that is saying something with my amateur nail painting skills. It applies both smoothly and evenly, and dries super quickly so if you are impatient like me you only have to wait a few minutes for a perfectly finished manicure.

So lets get onto the important part… long lasting-ness (deffo a word). No matter what polish I am using, this top coat makes it last about 3-4 days longer than it would with no top coat/with a rubbish top coat. I have literally never seen anything like it. It is magical. The only downside to this badboy is that by the end of the bottle it gets too gloopy and it is unusable – normally about the last quarter. You can buy some strange money making concoction from Seche Vite to mix with the polish to stop this happening… or you can just buy a new one when it gets to the last gloopy bit!

Have any of you guys tried this? Or managed to find a top coat that is even better? #twolittleowls

Chloe’s Make-Up Wishlist!

C: Doing up a house is apparently a very expensive hobby, so all of my pennies have been spent on skirting boards and new kitchens rather than new make-up – resulting in quite a hefty make up lust list! So I thought I would share my wishlist with you guys! Let me know any opinions and whether the items I have picked are worthy of my saved up pennies!

photo 5

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – every beauty blogger and their mother raves about this foundation and I still haven’t had the chance to try it! I have ordered a sample as there are no Nars stockists where I live and can’t cope with potentially spending over £30 on a useless product! I need a new foundation ready for gingers wedding next year though, so I am hoping this will be the one.

photo 4-6

Nars Creamy Concealer – same as above… would be ridiculous to get a new foundation and not try a concealer at the same time right? I don’t get too many spots, but I always have blemishes that need covering and pregnancy has resulted in some extra dark circles under my eyes that could do with some Nars magic.

photo 2-25

Anything by Tarte Cosmetics – I have seen some beautiful reviews of Tarte eyeshadow palettes and I really want to try one! I can’t decide which yet though, so if you have a recommendation please do let me know!

photo 3-12

Soap & Glory DIY Brow Bar – my beloved Elf Eyebrow Kit is slowly but surely running out and I need a replacement (boo ELF closing down its UK site!). I love S&G and have never tried a product I don’t like so I think this will be my next purchase to sort out my brows!

photo 1-24

NYX Lip creams or Butters – another brand I have seen everywhere and I am desperate to try! They seem such good value for money and so pretty… I so do not need any more lip products but that doesn’t mean I can’t want them eh?

So there’s the main make up items I am lusting after, obviously the mental list is much longer but I can’t seem too greedy now can I? Have any of you guys tried these products or do you have any other recommendations? #twolittleowls

Review: Rimmel BB Cream Radiance

A: This is something I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now after Chloe suggested Rimmel for a BB Cream when my fave one was getting low.

I went for the ‘very light’ shade because well, I’m super pale. According to the packaging, this is a 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup – so what’re it’s claims? 1. Prime, 2. Smooth, 3. Conceal, 4. Minimise pores, 5. Provides natural looking coverage, 6. Moisture for 24 hours, 7. Awakens tired skin, 8. Brightens with vitamin C complex. 9. Gives radiant finish. Jeez that’s a lot of big claims. So does it live up to them?


To be totally honest, I prefer using a primer underneath this. It doesn’t do the sliding off your face by midday trick, but my face doesn’t look as ‘done’ after a few hours – but if I do use a primer underneath, my make up stays in place pretty much all day.

Smooths and Minimises Pores

It definitely smooths my skin, and provides coverage for enlarged pores – which is something I will unfortunately always need!

Conceals and Provide Natural Looking Coverage

I think this could be used as a concealer as well as an all over base, because it is really heavy. To be honest I think it’s too heavy to warrant being called a BB cream. I actually use this with another BB cream I have, which is a lot lighter in texture. Together they provide the perfect coverage for me, because this on its own totally covers my freckles – which makes me look really strange and like I’ve got no facial features. – not natural at all. But if you haven’t got freckles, this might be perfect for you – I’d love to know if you’ve tried it!

Moisturise for 24 Hours

This is a massive claim, and I would actually say that it lives up to it, for me anyway! Dry skin is not something I suffer from, and this keeps my skin feeling soft and supple all day. Between this and moisturising in the morning after cleansing, I have no problems at all.

Awakens Tired Skin, Brightens and Gives Radiant Compelxion

My skin looks 100% brighter when I use this, it must have some light reflecting products in it because it makes my whole complexion look healthy and well looked after – something all girls strive for? 

Product befor blending

After blending

So what’s my overall review? I actually really like using this, and I would think that if you don’t have the problem of having freckles all over your face, this would be a great solo use product. But it is a little heavy for me as it is, so if I team it with a super light BB cream I’ve got the perfect base; medium coverage, smooths pores and blemishes, gives radiance and brightens tired skin, and a matte finish too. It’s also really easy to blend, but I do get on better with my make up sponge rather than a brush. It’s priced reasonable at £6.99 from Boots

Chloe reviewed another BB cream here if you’re interested in taking a look at how it compares to this.

Have you tried any of Rimmels BB creams? #twolittleowls 

Review: Avon Face Pearls

C: whilst at Annie’s a couple of weeks ago I was having a busy afternoon of painting my nails and drinking fruit tea… and Annie got her Avon book delivered. So clearly I needed to add a few things to the order, one of which was these Face Pearls! I have always wanted one of these since being super young, as I remember my cousin using some and being jealous that I wasn’t old enough to wear them! So since they were on offer I went for it!

photo 1(31)

I absolutely adore the little pot that it comes in, looks way more high end than £5 from Avon! And the little pearls are adorable. I am clearly weird… but they make me way too happy!

To use all I did was swirl my blusher brush in the pot and then apply like a normal blusher. I really love the colour, as I don’t use super bright blushers (I am too pale!) and these give a beautiful wash of natural blusherness. Yes that’s a word. The only thing I would say is to make sure you don’t get too much on your brush at once, as the first time I tried I was clearly over enthusiastic with my swirling!

It lasts all day, although if I am going out in the evening I apply a little top up. L even said I looked nice whilst wearing this blush, which almost never happens – so they must be good!

Have any of you guys tried these Avon Face Pearls? Or similar from another brand? #twolittleowls

Review: Maybelline Brow Drama

A & C: if you saw our recent shopping haul post (click here if not!), you may have noticed that we both invested in the Maybelline Brow Drama. We had heard some really good reviews, and good eyebrows are important in life so we decided to give it a go and review this badboy for you all!

photo 2(31)

C: I have spent an insane amount of time practicing the art of eyebrow drawing and have finally perfected it – life goal complete. However, my unruly brows decide that after all the time I have spent on them they still want to move about/go fluffy/do things eyebrow hairs shouldn’t be doing… so after reading lots of reviews I decided this was the product for me. I got this for £4.99 in Asda, and I think it might be one of the best £5’s I have ever spent (which I say after spending any money to justify it, but in this case I am not fibbing).

It is basically eyebrow mascara… which is a strange concept. But I draw in my eyebrows as usual, and then brush over them with this to make them look more natural and to keep them in place. Now I personally still need to draw in my eyebrows, but if you are just looking for a little more definition/tameness then this would be perfect to use on it’s own too! It lasts all day, doesn’t disappear and keeps my brows in check. True love. 

 A: To be totally honest with you, I can’t wait for people to stop obsessing over eyebrows because mine are practically non existent – which makes my face look stupid now that it’s super fashionable to have amazing eyebrows. They’re where they should be and their shape is fine and they’re pretty full, but they are so unbelievably fair that they’re invisible! So I’ve taken to using an eyeshadow to fill them in purely because it’s the perfect colour for my weird ginger skin. But eyeshadow does not last all day, so by mid-afternoon I’m back to crazy-no-eyebrow lady. But like Chloe, if I just comb this through my brows, after filling them in with my eyeshadow, it gives them definition (not just one solid block of colour) and keeps the shadow in place for the rest of the day! I was unsure whether to get the clear or medium brown as they’re were no testers available to check the tone – and after going for the brown, although I really like it, I am intrigued to see how the clear would look so I may well purchase this next time. So for £4.99, this really is a bargain – it’s quick and super easy to use (even for brow novices like myself!)

Have any of you guys tried this? If so let us know what you think or if you have any other recommendations! #twolittleowls

A Saturday Haul

A&C: Yesterday we took a trip to our local town and had a mooch around lots of different shops. Amazingly, we didn’t buy any clothes – but with Chloe’s baby belly slowly growing, she had more exciting stuff to buy. We got a real mixture of bits and bobs because we started in Asda, then headed to Dunelm and finished off at The Range (our second favourite shop after TK Maxx). So what did we get?

A: Firstly, some treats from the cosmetics aisle in Asda. Brow drama by Maybelline in Medium Brown. My eyebrows have always been my nemesis. They’re so fair that they’re practically non-existent, and I normally fill them in with eyeshadow. But this does have the tendency to wear off so by the end of the day they’ve normally disappeared. But after I saw Chloe pick this up I thought I might as well give it a go – and it was only £4.99 so a bargain if it does the trick! I then picked up some summery coloured nail varnishes, two from George at Asda’s own make up brand (they were 2 for £3 so I obviously couldn’t just get one!), the lilac and the pale coral. And a super pale mint green from Maybelline’s Speed Dry Collection, which I can’t wait to use!

And from The Range Chloe talked me into buying this hideous (but amazing?!) rug for my living room, which was just £11.99. And this beautiful lampshade was my favourite purchase of the day, with a gorgeous floral print and brightly coloured peacocks. This was £6.99 – a bargain which will be perfect to use as inspiration to decorate my bedroom.

photo 2(31)

C: so basically Annie copied me on the Brow Drama – I have seen loads of good reviews, and now I have perfected drawing in my eyebrows I need something to keep them in place all day! And then I proceeded to copy Annie’s nail polish choices! I needed a new lilac as I spilt mine (wahhhh) so I also chose these two in the colours “cool lilac” and “fuzzy peach”. First impressions are good for such cheapies, as I quickly painted my nails yesterday afternoon and they haven’t chipped yet even though I didn’t have time for a top coat!

photo 1(33)

I then got this amazing duck egg blue light shade from Dunelm homestore for £12.99 that is gonna look absolutely beautiful in my new bedroom once we move, and this flamingo fabric for £8.99 a metre! I am in love with this fabric, and I am going to get my lovely mother to make some curtains for my nursery with it – as I found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having a girl! This is perfect for us, as we don’t want her room to be bright pink and overly girly. Then lastly I got the same light shade as Annie! Its horrid and I have had to hide it from L so he doesn’t moan but I don’t care I love it!

Let us know what you think of our hauls! We don’t get time to go shopping anymore (boo to Chloe working weekends and having too much uni work) so hauls are few and far between and we loved getting the chance to actually go shopping! #twolittleowls