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Review: Avon Face Pearls

C: whilst at Annie’s a couple of weeks ago I was having a busy afternoon of painting my nails and drinking fruit tea… and Annie got her Avon book delivered. So clearly I needed to add a few things to the order, one of which was these Face Pearls! I have always wanted one of these since being super young, as I remember my cousin using some and being jealous that I wasn’t old enough to wear them! So since they were on offer I went for it!

photo 1(31)

I absolutely adore the little pot that it comes in, looks way more high end than £5 from Avon! And the little pearls are adorable. I am clearly weird… but they make me way too happy!

To use all I did was swirl my blusher brush in the pot and then apply like a normal blusher. I really love the colour, as I don’t use super bright blushers (I am too pale!) and these give a beautiful wash of natural blusherness. Yes that’s a word. The only thing I would say is to make sure you don’t get too much on your brush at once, as the first time I tried I was clearly over enthusiastic with my swirling!

It lasts all day, although if I am going out in the evening I apply a little top up. L even said I looked nice whilst wearing this blush, which almost never happens – so they must be good!

Have any of you guys tried these Avon Face Pearls? Or similar from another brand? #twolittleowls

A Super Easy Spring Nail Tutorial

C: as the title suggests… a super easy and fun nail tutorial, that looks way more profesh than it really is! I saw something similar on Instagram, but I can’t find it now so I shall add in a link when I can find it again. But here is my attempt:


All you need to achieve this is a nail dotting tool and three to four complementary nail colours! It was super easy to do and lasts ages as you cant tell when it first starts chipping. I went for Spring pastel colours, but you could do it with any you fancy – it just doesn’t work well with glitter polishes.

So what do you guys think? Let us know if you decide to recreate this nail look #twolittleowls

A Mini Weekend Haul

A: Okay so I was a little bored and took myself shopping to TK Maxx (our favourite shop ever) today! I was good and didn’t buy too much stuff that I don’t need with money that could definitely be spent on more useful things, but here’s what I did get!

Firstly, this really cute top. I love tops with detail on the back, and this keyhole cut out and ‘v’ shaped split are super cute. Plus I love the vintage print. It’ll be perfect with a navy skirt, tights and boots – or with some skinny jeans. It was £12.99, and fits beautifully.

Another top with detailing on the back, but this one has buttons – another look I can’t refuse. It has such a summery floral print and I love the scalloped hem too. I’m really hankering after some high waisted skinnes for the summer (shock horror, jeans are not something which feature in my wardrobe), and they would look perfect with this and some vans for a dressed down look. This was £6.99 – bargain!

I am well aware that these trousers look hideous, but I really don’t care because I love them. I’m a massive fan of palazzo pants for summer but these have a split in the side of both legs. I’m definitely going to have to tack the splits at my knee or a little higher though cause the split actually doesn’t stop until it gets to the waistband…could quite easily lose any dignity I have left whilst wearing these. They sit just right on my hips though and are super flattering, which is always a winner for me. These were £12.99 and I plan on teaming them with a fitted black tshirt and a statement necklace.

Lastly this cute tray and candle. I can never say no to a candle, especially an Orange Blossom scented one! And this tray was too adorable to not buy, especially for £3.99!!! I love the floral print on it and it’ll be perfect for taking tea and biscuits upstairs for breakfast In bed on the weekends 🙂

What have you guys been buying recently? #twolittleowls


Ginger and Morange; too much?

A: Okay so I haven’t even worn this yet, but I had to share it with you because a) it’s amazing, and b) I need help! I’ve been eyeing Mac’s Morange up for at least a year now and I finally decided to take the plunge and treat myself just before Christmas. But now I’m worried that I’ve made the wrong decision, because as we all know – a Mac lipstick is an investment; and I’m worried I might not get enough use out of this because it is so well erm… orange. And there’s no getting round it, I’m pretty orange too…


So why do I need your help? Well I need some advice on how to wear it! I know that it’s totally the wrong time of year to be wearing this colour, but I’m prepping for the spring and I want to be confident in wearing it so I need some practice. Have any of you guys got this shade, or something similar? How do you wear it, with a subtle smokey eye or winged liner and a coral blush?

Would live to know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

A mini Monday haul.


A: so today I sat a three hour exam, and to congratulate myself on finishing I decided to go on a little shopping trip.

First of all I went to our local Outfit which was a really good idea because there happened to be a sale on (also a bit of a bad idea cause you have to buy something if there’s a sale don’t you?). I got these lovely brown sandals from the Dorothy Perkins section, they are made from really soft leather and were super comfy when I tried them on, which is always a good sign! They had 20% off too so they were reduced from £20 to £16, which is a bargain for leather sandals. Next, I found these midi rings in the sale. Chloe bought me some very similar to this for my birthday but they are skinner and I fancied some chunky ones too – and they were £3 in the sale so I couldn’t say no. I used my student card too, which is amazing in Outfit because there’s such a wide range of high street brands, meaning I got another 10% off!

Next, I went to H & M. Now whenever you don’t have loads of money to spend, you practically want to buy everything in the shop, but as soon as you have some extra pennies you can’t find anything you fancy?! Well that happened today, the one where I wanted to buy everything I tried on and I had very limited funds. I managed to limit myself though and chose my most favourite – this lovely 90’s style slip dress. I love the 90’s vibe that’s going on at the moment (although it is a little scary being in my mid-twenties and I can already remember wearing these fashions the first time round – jelly shoes and stretchy choker necklaces, I wore those when I was 7?!). This dress has a lovely tiny floral print with buttons in the contrasting black all the way down the front. It’s a perfect length too, so it can be worn with or without tights throughout the year, and I’m thinking it could look cute with a long-sleeved top underneath too – or is that too retro?! For now though, it’s a really good addition to my summer staples, and they had five other really pretty prints which I will more than likely have to invest in. It cost £9.99 so a bargain for such a wearable dress.

What have you been buying recently? #twolittleowls

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Aprils Birchbox: Chloe’s Box

C: both myself and Annie received our Birchboxes on Saturday, and although we usually do a joint review we both actually received different items this month so we are going to do our own individual posts. So here’s my Birchbox:


The theme this month is “Good Enough to Eat” so all products contain ingredients that “would fit just as nicely in your kitchen as they would in your bathroom”. I really like this idea, and it is always good to use natural products where possible.

The first item I noticed in my box is this massive 250ml bottle of Tommyguns Pomegranate and Orange Flower Shampoo which is full size and retails at £5.50. It is always nice to receive a full size item in a beauty box and I am so excited to try this, it smells AMAZING.

Next up is THEBALM Cosmetics How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Cream in the colour “Pie”. The packaging of this is gorgeous and I haven’t used many cream blushes so I am looking forward to trying this. I am not sure how much each individual colour in the palette weighs, so I am value-ing this sample at around £2.

I then received the Aquamarine Azulino Color Club Gala’s Gem’s Collection nail varnish which is a gorgeous pearlescent pale blue. I love nail varnish, so a new addition to my collection is always welcome. The set of 4 costs £15 so this is worth around £3.75.

Snuggled in the corner of my box was the One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm which is described as a multi-tasking balm for cleansing, moisturising and removing make up. Can’t wait to try this bad boy, I love trying out new skincare brands. The full size version of this is £30 for 39ml so this is worth £11.54!

Last but not least is the Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl-Liner in Black. You can never have too many eye liners, and although quite small this would be perfect for slipping in my hand bag so I am happy to receive it. Full size is £10 for 4g so this is worth about £1.50

I also received a bag of Propercorn as my Life Style Extra which was a lovely addition to my already amazing box which would cost 90p! Bargain! I have already eaten this… it took a lot of self restraint to not eat it before I took my photos!

Overall I really liked this months Birchbox, it contained a good mix of make up and skin care and included several brands that I had never heard of before. The items in my box were also worth a total of approximately £25, which makes it definitely worth the £12.95 (including postage and packaging) that I paid for it!

If you would like to sign up to Birchbox please use this link and we will both receive £5 worth of points to spend on the Birchbox website! Please also keep an Annie out for Annie’s post on her Birchbox, we will also post about individual products in more detail once we have had time to test them properly! #twolittleowlsblog

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Spring Lip Colours

C: as the seasons change so does our choice of colours/finishes of our make up. As the weather gets sunnier I tend to stop wearing the dark matte colours of winter and lean towards a brighter, glossier lip! So to celebrate such seasonal changes I have picked out my top favourite lip products that are currently at the top of my lip product drawer!


 So from the far left we have:

Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Strip Tease – £12 and available here

Clinique Chubby Stick in Whoppin’ Watermelon 06 – £17 from here

Mac LustreGlass in Venetian B62 – £14 from here

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in 110 – £5.49 from Boots

Maybelline Baby Lips  in Pink Punch – £2.99 from Boots

And now for the swatches:


So firstly we have the Model Co Lipgloss. This is a sheer nude gloss, with hints of glitter/shimmer through it which gives a perfect “your lips but better” look! It isn’t sticky and lasts a surprisingly long time for a gloss! Perfect for a day time or night time look.

Next up we have the Clinique chubby stick, which is a beautiful pale pink that can be worn as a subtle colour, or layered up for a more striking look. I used this all the time, as it has good pigmentation when layered up, but is less high maintenance than wearing a lip stick when you are going out for lunch etc.

Well we couldn’t have a lip product post and not mention either Mac or a red lip could we?! So we have combined both! This Lustre Glass by Mac is a highly pigmented gloss in bright red. A perfect way of updating your favourite red lip from a dark matte colour to a Spring inspired glossy lip!

Next up we have the Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in 110. This is the perfect coral shade for Spring, and lasts forever! The only thing I would say is that if you aren’t a pro at putting on lipstick, I would be wary of going out the line, because this stuff does not come off your skin (not ideal for drunken lip stick application!)

Last but not least we have the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch, I won’t go on too much because every beauty blogger and their mother have heard of these. Pink Punch is a bright pink lip balm which is the perfect way of looking after your lips and giving a pop of colour this Spring. This bad boy hasn’t left my handbag all month!

So what lip products are you guys using this Spring? Let us know/if you have any recommendations! #twolittleowlsblog

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