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A mini Monday haul.


A: so today I sat a three hour exam, and to congratulate myself on finishing I decided to go on a little shopping trip.

First of all I went to our local Outfit which was a really good idea because there happened to be a sale on (also a bit of a bad idea cause you have to buy something if there’s a sale don’t you?). I got these lovely brown sandals from the Dorothy Perkins section, they are made from really soft leather and were super comfy when I tried them on, which is always a good sign! They had 20% off too so they were reduced from £20 to £16, which is a bargain for leather sandals. Next, I found these midi rings in the sale. Chloe bought me some very similar to this for my birthday but they are skinner and I fancied some chunky ones too – and they were £3 in the sale so I couldn’t say no. I used my student card too, which is amazing in Outfit because there’s such a wide range of high street brands, meaning I got another 10% off!

Next, I went to H & M. Now whenever you don’t have loads of money to spend, you practically want to buy everything in the shop, but as soon as you have some extra pennies you can’t find anything you fancy?! Well that happened today, the one where I wanted to buy everything I tried on and I had very limited funds. I managed to limit myself though and chose my most favourite – this lovely 90’s style slip dress. I love the 90’s vibe that’s going on at the moment (although it is a little scary being in my mid-twenties and I can already remember wearing these fashions the first time round – jelly shoes and stretchy choker necklaces, I wore those when I was 7?!). This dress has a lovely tiny floral print with buttons in the contrasting black all the way down the front. It’s a perfect length too, so it can be worn with or without tights throughout the year, and I’m thinking it could look cute with a long-sleeved top underneath too – or is that too retro?! For now though, it’s a really good addition to my summer staples, and they had five other really pretty prints which I will more than likely have to invest in. It cost £9.99 so a bargain for such a wearable dress.

What have you been buying recently? #twolittleowls

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Annie’s Holiday Wish List: Part 1

A: So as i’m sure you’ve noticed (because I’m SO excited!) I am off on holiday soon, and I’ve been trawling the internet to find some holiday goodies. There’s so many new things that I obviously need to buy that I thought I’d do them in two parts; my clothes and accessories wish list today, and my beauty wish list in Part 2.


Top of the list is this amazing swimsuit. I’ve already got a couple of bikinis ready to pack but I though I had better find something for those days where I’ve eaten too much and need to hide the belly. I love this Ferdinand Monokini, it covers all the right places and I’m not particularly blessed in the boob department so the fringing on this will be perfect for me. I found this on Asos for £52.00.

I love a good hat and I’m so pale and pasty that I burn really easily so this Accessorize sun hat is a must have for me – £25.00.

Holiday footwear is always a bit of a problem for me. I am super picky because I HATE toeposts and my massive cankles mean I have to be really careful with ankle straps. Once I’ve found a pair I love, I pretty much wear them to death and I spotted these in Topshop the other day  – I think I’m onto a winner with them. They are made from really soft leather and will be perfect for the evenings with either a maxi dress or a shorter dress. A bargain too, they are only £30.00.

I’m loving the whole 90’s vibe that’s going on at the minute, including the jelly shoes! It is a little scary though, cosidering I’m only 24 and the things I used to wear are coming back round again! I love this 90’s twin set from Ark. It looks great together or it can be worn as separates – it’s so versatile! £19.99.

What are your holiday must haves? #twolittleowls

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