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Ambers Bell Tent Camping: A Review

C: After our home-decor wish-lists that we posted yesterday featuring Annie’s dream of owning a Bell Tent, we received a lot of positive feedback through Facebook about camping (our more accurately Glamping). So we thought we would share with you Ambers Bell Tent Camping where we both went last spring with some of our friends. 


Unfortunately we did not get any photos of the tent we stayed in, so this photo is off Ambers Facebook page (she is very nice so I am sure she wont mind).

The Bell Tents are sited at Mannington Hall in Norfolk, which was absolutely beautiful. There were lovely walks to go on and the scenery was amazing. Each tent has proper beds which can accommodate 4 – 6 people (there was 5 of us and it wasn’t cramped!), cooking facilities, kitchen ware and a chest fridge so you don’t need to worry too much about packing as all these essentials are included. There are also toilets and showers a short 2 minute walk away so you don’t smell like you have been to Glasto for the weekend! 

As well as these essentials Amber includes tea lights and fairy lights as well as books and vintage blankets to add to the cuteness of the experience! Amber herself was very helpful and lovely, she came to meet us when we arrived to help us get settled in and check we had everything we needed. There was also information provided about a pub (30 minute walk away) where the food was AMAZING. A little bit pricey for my student budget but totally worth it! All in all, a perfect weekend away with friends, family or for a romantic get a way! We can’t wait to book again for this year!

So what do you guys think about Glamping?! If you fancy a look then please visit Ambers website for more information or to make a booking! #twolittleowlsblog

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Our Home Decor Wishlists!

A & C: We both love home decor and actually have similar styles but as I (Chloe) am buying my first house soon, and I am super excited we thought we would do our wishlists on what we would buy if we had infinite monies (we wish).

Annies Wishlist:


1. Okay this is a slightly weird one but my boyfriend and I are desperate to have a bell tent in our garden. We are lucky enough to have lots of outside space and this would be perfect for those lazy summer afternoons and late night parties – providing that much needed shelter for British weather!

2. I have a serious obsession with glasses. Coloured, decorative, sherry, wine or tumblers – if it’s pretty I will buy it. I prefer glass shopping in second-hand shops or at antiques fairs but this Cath Kidston one is beautiful. I will definitely have to invest in some.

3. I usually like to buy second hand furniture but John Lewis offer a design your own service, letting you pick your own shape and fabric for your sofa. This is my choice, and would go perfectly in my duck egg blue kitchen/diner!

4. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best invention ever. I found it a couple of months ago and it’s on my must have list – a full length mirror with a jewellery cabinet inside, my life is complete. I have way too many jewels and I end up not wearing most of them because they are hidden away, but with this I would be able to choose the perfect jewellery to match what I’m wearing!! Available on Ebay!


Chloe’s Wishlist:


1. Orla Kiely wallpaper, need I say more. I have developed a love of Orla Kiely after my mother-in-law (well adopted mother) bought me some cake tins a few Christmases ago! This would look amazing as a statement wall in one of my future bedrooms!

2. Next tartan/checked chair. I absolutely love tartan, and I think this would look amazing in a cottage-y lounge or kitchen.

3. I love this Cath Kidston Eiderdown, I get super cold so this is the perfect way to add some stylish warmth to your bed.

4. As much as I love wooden floors they can seem a bit harsh. A beautiful rug is the perfect way to counteract this, and this one from Urban Outiftters would fit with my colour schemes and is in the sale!

Hope you enjoyed looking at our home-decor lust list! Let us know what you think or if you want any more information on any of the items shown! #twolittleowlsblog

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Review: The Original Mint Julep Mask


C & A: Tonight, we have decided to post a review about our favourite face mask. We’ve both been using this for about six months now after Chloe found it here for a bargain £2.65!!

You might as well order it and give it a go for that price – that was our theory, and we’ve both got on really well with it. The best way to use it is once a week, it really cleans all of the rubbish out of your pores and helps to shrink them – as well as helping dry up any existing blemishes. If you use it as part of your regular routine, it will keep your skin constantly refreshed and help avoid those annoying break-outs!!

It also smells lovely – really minty, fresh and clean!! As you’ll know from some of our other posts, we both suffer with sensitive skin and although it smells really strong, it isn’t at all irritating.

After applying it to cleansed skin, and leaving it to harden and dry for 15 minutes, rinse it off with warm water and your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth – what more could you want? #twolittleowls

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A Lush Skincare Haul

C: I used to always buy Lush skincare products (and be a mystery shopper for them – so much fun!) but in my hurry to try new products and brands I haven’t used their skincare recently. I was inspired to do so last weekend whilst talking to my friend Beth who worked for Lush in one of their factories in Vancouver. She was telling me how natural the products are and which were her favourites to use, so I went out and got some today (I actually went to Lincoln to do some Uni work but got distracted by shopping instead – its happened to the best of us). So here’s what I got:


1. Tea Tree Water – £3.95 for 100ml. Recommended by the very nice lady in the store for problem skin. I’m a little concerned that this might be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but as its all natural I’m hoping it will work for me!

2. Grease Lightning – £5.95 for 45g – I saw a review of this on whatshedoesnow ‘s blog and just had to get it.

3. Ultrabland – £6.95 for 45g – I always used to use this and it is the perfect cleanser for sensitive skin. It removes even waterproof make-up and makes your skin feel super duper clean!

I will be doing a proper review for all of these items once I have used them for long enough to see any effects they have had on my skin! Hope you have enjoyed the post, we haven’t done much on skincare previously so let us know if you would be interested! #twolittleowlsblog

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Recipe for Life: Mary Berry’s Autobiography.


A: This is such a good read. I loved Mary Berry anyway and it’s made me love her even more. I love the fact that she’s included some of her family recipes and photos in it too – it makes it feel so personal. However, if you’re going to buy it and have an e-reader I’d recommend buying the actual book. The photographs aren’t very clear on my kindle screen and you can flip between the recipes because they are slotted randomly in between different chapters.

C: Annie downloaded this on her e-reader and said it was really good (and we love The Great British Bake Off/ just Mary Berry) so I really wanted to read it but I don’t have a Kindle so I couldn’t steal it. Annie ended up getting me it as one of my Christmas presents, and I read it cover to cover in 2 days! It is so easy to read and Mary (we are basically BFF’s now and on first name terms) has had such an interesting/difficult life that although I’m not usually interested in autobiographies, I loved this! I would tell you more but I don’t want to ruin the book for you, but it has useful recipes throughout the book (such a good idea!) and lovely photos. It is also really easy to read so is perfect as a bed time read. My mum has currently stolen it (and is loving it) and Mave (Annie’s mum) is borrowing it next!

Something a bit different from us today, but we love reading so if you want any more book reviews/recommendations please let us know #twolittleowlsblog

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Patchwork Update

A: Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday evening (if you’re anything like me I’m totally ignoring the fact that I’ve got work tomorrow)!

I’ve spent the day making a roast and doing some more work on my blanket, today’s is pretty simple but really effective I think…


I’ve made a pattern out of lots of different buttons, I want my blanket to have lots of different textures and although these buttons don’t match all of the colours in the fabric for this square, they will pick up on the colours in other squares. I’ve also placed them just off centre, I use this as a bit of a cheat to be honest because when the blanket is sewn together some fabrics may pull more than others – this might affect the central points in some of the squares. If you place the design in your squares off centre, this won’t happen as they aren’t meant to be central. In the art world, there is a sum to work out the off centre line or ‘golden section’ -artists use it as it is deemed to be more aesthetically pleasing!

Hopefully it’s given you some inspiration, what projects are you working on? #twolittleowls

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OOTD: A night out and a family dinner with Mave

A & C: We are both going out tonight so we thought we would give you a sneaky peek at our outfits – even though Annie is going to her mums (Mave) for a dinner party and Chloe is going out for a bottle of wine or two.

Annie’s Outfit:


Top – New Look; Skirt – H&M; Boots – New Look

Chloe’s Outfit:


Shirt – vintage; Necklace – New Look; Skirt – H&M; Shoes – New Look

Hope you like our outfits, let us know what you think #twolittleowlsblog

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Daily Make-up Essentials: part two

A: Chloe showed you her daily essentials the other day, and now it’s my turn. I’ve always struggled a bit with wearing make up – especially foundation, because I have WAY too many freckles. I used to wear loads of foundation in attempt to cover them up because I was so self-conscious of them, but as I’ve got older I’ve realised that this just makes my skin look really gross and haggard! So this it what I use instead…

make up daily essentials

1. POREfessional Primer by Benefit: this is the best primer I’ve used (Chloe said the same in her post too, so it must be good!) – it’s really good for reducing pores and helps make up stay in place all day.

2. bareMinerals Original Foundaion: although this is a foundation, its in a powder form so you can really easily apply as much or as little as you need. I’ve included the bareMinerals brushes in my essentials because they are beautiful to use. The ‘flawless face’ is perfect for general coverage and the ‘max coverage concealer’ brush lets you use bareMinerals to its full advantage for covering those annoying blemishes and dark circles.

3. No.7 Amazing Eyes: this is a really versatile pencil, I use it as both an eyeliner and and eyebrow pencil (being ginger makes it really hard to find pencils that are the right colour for my brows because they are so fair!!).

4. bareMinerals All Over Face Colour: this came in my bareMinerals set, its really good for contouring and like all bareMinerals products it really lends itself to applying as much or as little as you need.

5. theBalm Whats You Type Body Builder Mascara: I LOVE this mascara, check out my review here.

6. W7 Liquid Eyeliner: I rarely leave the house without liquid eyeliner and I’ve been using this particular brand for as long as I can remember. It’s cheap, lasts all day but is also easy to remove and the brush is perfect for creating defined lines.

7. e.l.f Blush: a perfect every day blusher, lovely colour and easy to blend.

8. Model Co Party Proof lipstick in Get Naked: my favourite from the Party Proof range, exactly what you need to moisturise and add a tint to you every day make up. #twolittleowls

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BRIT Awards 2014

A & C: Another awards bash means another chance for us to lust over beautiful outfits and their owners. Just like last year, we think our Brit Award invitations may have been lost in the post again so we had to settle with staying in with a take away (and wine, obviously) and tuning in to the television.

Here are just a few of our favourite ensembles of the evening…


Fearne looked super stylish in her metallic Prada dress. Silvers, golds and bronzes are so on trend at the minute and yet again she has perfected the look.


Ella Eyre had a costume change for her performance with Rudimental and Bastille (which was AMAZING!) but this leopard print number definitely won, Annie has a serious obsession with anything leopard print and we are both SO jealous of her amazing hair!


Peaches Geldof has yet again pulled of the vintage look flawlessly with this on trend off-the-shoulder crop top, full leather skirt and flawless hair and make-up.


Pharrell Williams was obviously going to look amazing, but this glittery Lanvin suit makes us both love him even more!


Lily Allen’s House of Holland dress was definitely a contender for stealing the show. Sequins, glitter and yellow dip-dyed ponytails, what more could a girl want?!


Lorde kept to her signature look with this full length black beaded dress, purple lipstick and big hair. This is a look she should stick to; it suits her so much and makes us 100% jealous.


The Arctic Monkeys stuck to their roots with their look at the Awards, we love the retro feel they go for, and our particular favourite was drummer Matt Helder’s tartan suit jacket. Good choice Matt!


We knew Beyonce would amaze and she did not disappoint. This stunning Vrettos Vrettakos couture gown looked beyond amazing and was completely covered in emerald sequins. All Hail Queen B.

So what did you think of the outfits on the red carpet at this years BRIT awards? #twolittleowlsblog

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Daily Make-Up Essentials.

C: We thought we would share with you all our daily make-up essentials (so what we use on your average day), which will be coming in two parts. I am doing mine today and Annie will be sharing hers tomorrow!


1. Benefits Porefessional Primer – best ever for reducing the look of my bucket sized pores.

2. Mac Matchmaster Foundation 1.0 – best foundation I have ever found for my skin, perfect coverage.

3. No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream in Fair – I used this instead of foundation for work. It makes me feel like I am doing my skin some good, even if I’m not!

4. Elf Complete Coverage Concealer – to cover up any imperfections and those horrendous dark circles after I have forgotten to sleep.

5. Powder – I like to set my foundation/concealer with a powder. This is a Collection one as I have not yet found the perfect powder, any suggestions anyone?!

6. Elf Eyebrow Kit – cannot leave the house without my eyebrows on. Love this cheaper version of the Benefit Browzings, does the job just as well for me.

7. Mac Bronzer in Medium/Dark – a natural, non-glittery finish.

8. Mac Blusher in Stay Pretty – a beautiful/girly colour thats super easy to blend

9. Mac Highlighter in Definitely Defined – true love. Two different colours depending on your mood, perfect for contouring.

10. Korres long lasting mineral eyeliner in black – so pigmented and lasts all day. Looks almost like liquid eyeliner when you haven’t got time for faffing!

11. Sleek eyeshadow palette in Au Naturel – perfect mix of glittery and every day eyeshadows that are highly pigmented.

12. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner in Black Glamour – easy to apply and lasts all day.

13. Benefit They’re Real Mascara – best. mascara. ever.

15. Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch – keeps lips moisturised and looking pretty!

16. Model Co. Party Proof Lipstick in Kitty – received this in my Birchbox and I love it. Non-drying and a lovely colour that lasts ages and ages!

So turns out I wear more make-up on a daily basis than I thought! Hope you enjoyed that, let us know what you think or if you have any recommendations/questions! #twolittleowlsblog

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