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Have you heard about The Hunt?

    A&C: You know that frustrated feeling you get when you’re looking for the perfect dress for the Christmas party, you’ve trawled through all of the shops but you still can’t find it anywhere? Well the fashion gods have worked their magic and the problem has been solved! The Hunt app was launched by CEO Tim Weingarten in America back in 2013, and has accumulated over 3 million registered users after being advertised as “The Cure for Outfit Envy” with US ambassadors Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks. It’s now been brought to the UK (yipee!) with it’s very own UK ambassador Rosie Fortescue, whom we all know and love from Made In Chelsea and her own blog At Fashion Forte (click here to see her blog and check out her ah-mazing wardrobe).

The Hunt is a ‘community-powered’ app which you can log into, post a photo of what you’re looking for, and let the community of the app help you find the solution to your problem. It homes in on the support we give each other in the fashion world, and it turns trawling through the internet for hours to find your prefect outfit into an easy, fun and social thing to do. And you can even set specific parameters, like price, colour and style to narrow down your search. And it’s free to download on ios7/8! What more could you want?

We were lucky enough to be invited to the the launch party, held at Disco in the heart of Soho – a very swish underground club with  a ’70’s Manhattan’ theme (a wall of roller skates and a ceiling full of disco balls…say whaaat?!). The cocktails were sublime, the atmosphere was exciting and the company was fantastic. We had the chance to catch up with other bloggers, like Candy from Owl Girl, and meet new people too like the gorgeous Maria from Chio Photography. We had an amazing chat with Tim, the CEO of The Hunt, who gave us the low down on the inspiration behind the app and the stats that have already been achieved by the community. The best thing about The Hunt is that as it’s community grows, the better it will get – with more and more fashion enthusiasts helping each other track down their most wanted items.

Here’s a few photo’s we managed to get on the night.


(us looking fairly presentable on the train)





photo 1

photo 2


photo 3

photo 4

We even got the chance to meet Rosie too, who looked as beautiful as ever in a feminine take on the classic tuxedo.

If you’re as excited about this brand new fashion app as we are, you can download it from the App Store here, and don’t worry – if you’re not on the Apple bandwagon, it will be available on android within the next few weeks. They also have a blog too, so click here to keep up to date with their latest posts! We’ve already got the app downloaded and can’t wait to share our finds with you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the girls at 10PR for the invite. We had such an amazing time!! #twolittleowlsblog

*Photo’s taken from The Hunt’s blog.

(sorry about the quality of our photo’s guys – we forgot our camera so had to make do with our iPhones!)

A little treat for you guys who made it all the way to the end of the post…photo’s of us looking less presentable on the way home!



October’s Empties!

C: This is an exciting post… as the end of October means its November which means its basically December which means ITS CHRISTMAS. Not that I’m excited and rambling or anything. Anyway, end of the month means another lot of empties from me so here we go!


1. Soap & Glory’s Peaches and Clean 3 in 1, Deep Purifying Cleanser. I reviewed this here, so I won’t go on about it but I love this product. I love it even more than when I wrote that post as since I finished it and stopped using it my skin is not happy. My foundation doesn’t apply as well and I have started breaking out.

Repurchase? 100% I will be getting some more on my next trip to Boots!

2. Burts Bees Radiance Toner. Another product that I bought last Christmas time and got lost in my rather large collection of products. I recently started using this again and fell in love all over again. It is great at removing any last traces of and reducing redness by calming my skin down.

Repurchase? in the future yes, but there are a couple of other honey based toners I have my eye on first!

3. Collection 2000 nail polish in “Shimmy Shake”. Its not often I use a nail polish up, so you should all be super impressed! I love this as it provides full gold glitter coverage in two coats, perfect for glitter powering up an accent nail. It also lasts a good couple of days without chipping and even longer with a top coat.

Repurchase? If it is still available (I bought it AGES ago) I would definitely buy another.

4. Dove Purely Pampering Cream Oil Body Wash. See now, you can tell its almost Christmas again as I have ran out of my S&G stash and finally had to buy shower gel (I got A LOT, I do wash. Promise). I always turn to Dove if I am not using S&G, I have sensitive skin so I tend to stick to brands I know work for me. This is moisturising and doesn’t irritate my skin, basically all I ever look for in a body wash.

Repurchase? Yes.

Another positive empties for me today, probably cos if I don’t like something I avoid using it – never throw away, might come in handy eh? What have you guys been using recently? Have you tried any of these products? #twolittleowls

Halloween Leopard Make-Up Tutorial

A: This isn’t a tutorial as such but we have been far too excited about Halloween recently, and we couldn’t wait any longer to practice our make-up for Halloween so with a take away and both of our make-up stashes at the ready we went for it (on a Wednesday night whilst wearing our pj’s…!). We couldn’t not take photos to show you all, so we thought we would give you a run down of how we created the looks. Please bear in mind that we are in no way qualified as make-up artists. I only wore mascara up until a year ago so I’m still learning! Chloe’s Sugar Skull tutorial is here, and here’s my practice run…


I know that a leopard isn’t particularly scary, but I cannot tell you how much fun I had doing this. So I don’t even care that it isn’t scary – I’m being a leopard for Halloween. And a ginger one at that.

Here’s how I achieved the look…

1. Base. Apply a bb cream all over. You can use foundation obviously, but I wanted to let my freckles show through because after all, a leopard can never change it’s spots. I used Mac’s Prep and Prime BB Cream, which is what I use everyday anyway.

2. Contour! I used my bare Minerals powder in Warmth – which is a perfect colour for this look. I contoured heavily around my cheek bones, forehead and chin with a large brush. I then used a smaller brush to contour down my nose and up into my brows. I have really fair eyebrows so I used this powder to bulk them out too.

3. Eyes. First I applied Bootycall from my Naked 2 palette all over my lid, and underneath my eye too. I then used a matte brown eye shadow (one which I received in my You Beauty box this month, click here to see it!), in my crease with Half Baked from my Naked 2 palette. I took this out further than I normally would because the eyes are one of the main parts of this look. I then blended this out and up to my brow. I also took the Half Baked, which is a lovely gold shimmer, underneath my waterline. After the eyeshadow, I applied the liquid liner. This took A LOT of patience. I always wear a winged liner, but never like this before. And like I already said, I am no Beauty professional. Obviously it will be a lot neater when I do it on the night, and I will also fill in my waterline with a black pencil to make it even more dramatic. Undecided on whether to wear false lashes or not though, so your opinions would be great!

4. Leopard Spots! These were the part which were the most fun. Again, on the night I will do more of these, but I just wanted to get a feel for doing them on the practice run. They are so super easy to do, and I think they look really effective. I used a liquid liner to draw some ‘c’, ‘u’ and ‘o’ shapes, and then used a damp brush in the gold eye shadow to apply to the centre of some of the spots. I also used this eye shadow to highlight down bridge of my nose and the groove above my top lip. If you can find a lovely shimmery gold, it looks really effective.

5. Nose and Whiskers. I used the same liquid liner to draw an outline of my nose on my erm…nose. I then filled it in and added little spots below and flicks for whiskers. I used the liner to fill in my top lip too. I think this looks super effective, but you could use a red lipstick too if you wanted a different look!

I had so much fun creating this make-up and I can’t wait to show you the whole finished look! What are your Halloween plans? #twolittleowlsblog

Halloween Sugar Skull Make-Up Tutorial

C: we both got a little bit too excited last night and decided to have a quick practice of our halloween make up. This is not as neat as I will do it on the night, I just wanted to get an idea of what I am going to do and whether or not I was being too adventurous with my ideas! So here is my first attempt:


Apologies for the blurry photo! Apparently my iPhone isn’t happy with me for dropping him. Lets get started on how I achieved this horrendous (and difficult to remove) look:

1. I applied my primer/foundation/concealer as usual to provide a clear and smooth base. I then used a pale setting powder to make myself look paler than usual.

2. I used black eyeshadow to do my contouring, applying obviously more than usual and blending it both up my forehead and down my chinny chin chin.

3. Eyes next! (I actually did my nose first, but learnt this is a bad idea because I kept smudging it whilst doing my eyes… don’t do that). I drew a circle round my eyes using the top of my eyebrows as a guide so they were even. I then used coloured eyeliner to draw the patterns round and then applied a similarly bright eye shadow on top to brighten it even more. I then filled in the eye holes with black eye shadow.

4. I drew on my nose, leaving a gap down the middle. I would recommend you don’t get your nose pierced before doing this as it will make your life awkward and then you spend two days trying to not have black eye shadow stuck in your nose piercing. Not pleasant.

5. I then decided my face was too boring so drew the triangles down my forehead in black eye liner and the heart on my chin. Definitely using liquid eye liner next time to get a neater line!

6. Lipstick of choice. I know a lot of people draw the line things down your lips. But if you are going to a party where you plan on eating or drinking at some point that is wayyyy too much maintenance to keep drawing on. Go for a dark lipstick instead! If you apply concealer to your lips before hand, it will show up the darker colour even better 🙂

What are you guys dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know (we might treat you to an OOTD if you are all lucky!) #twolittleowls

Tis the Season to be Poorly.

A & C: We would normally be filling your blog feed with photos of yummy food on a Friday (mainly burgers), but it’s that time of year again, and as we are both laid in bed poorly we thought we would share our top tips on how to survive man flu/sick days. The chocolate santa is optional but recommended, and films are based on your own choice obviously.

photo 3-4

In order to make your day seem productive, we recommend some excellent tv/films such as Frozen and Pineapple Express. Comedies are essential to cheer you up and Frozen is perfect for any occasion.  We are also doing a spot of blogging, as it is not often we get a whole day just to write posts!

Lucozade is perfect for keeping your blood sugars up if eating is not possible (Annie is currently unable to eat which makes her super sad), and will keep you hydrated. Chocolate is also necessary to maintain blood sugars and morale. This can come in other forms, but a chocolate Santa is seasonal and tastyyy.

photo 2-12

Puppies are also of your own choosing, here is mine snuggled up in bed with me and his Reindeer toy. We are very ready for Christmas here apparently, but cuddling up with your pet of choice will cheer you up, keep you company and most importantly they are very good as hot water bottles when your feet get cold.

photo 1-10

As beauty bloggers we also love cheering ourselves by relaxing/pampering ourselves with a Lush bath and face mask, I went for the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath melt and S&G’s Fab Pore face mask to clear out my poorly/horrendous looking skin. There is also nothing better than taking your mind off everything by reading a good book, but if all else fails… its all about the Lemsip!

What are your top tips for surviving a sick day? #twolittleowls

Review: Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

A & C: we recently attended the Bloggers Festival in London (which you can read about here and here) and one of the Brands that we met was Oriflame. Chloe had not previously heard of them, but Annie had and we were super excited to see all of the beautiful cosmetics they had brought along with them – check out the previous links for some photos! We were lucky enough to receive one of their Triple Core Lipsticks in our goodie bags in the colour “plum” so thought we had better write you lovely followers and readers a review!


As you can see from the photo above (and probably the name) these Lipsticks differ from others in that they have three different layers to them, described by Orfilame as “fusing caring balm, passionate colour and dramatic gloss into one”, so what did we think of them?

photo 2 (1)

Firstly we were both very impressed at Oriflame managing to pick a lipstick that suited us both/we both liked – we normally prefer completely different colours but this was perfect for both of us. So we imagine this shade would suit most people. It is very pigmented so the colour pay off is amazing – very good for a moisturising lipstick. It was also easy to apply and lasted a good three hours before reapplication was needed.

Chloe wasn’t entirely sold on the glittery aspect, as previously has found glitter to be too chunky/too much but this was just right. It added a subtle shimmer than looked lovely in the light and was still suitable for every day wear. We can’t wait to wear it this Autumn, and will definitely be looking into getting some more colours of this bad boy.

The Triple Core Lipsticks are available here for £10.95, let us know if you will be investing! #twolittleowls

* Although we were given this item, all views are our own and we were not asked to write this post.

Annie’s First Empties Post!

A: This really is my first empties post ever. It’s taken me 10 whole months to collect enough empties to write about and review…because I like using new stuff too much. I have a problem. So here it goes.

photo 1 (1)

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.99 from Boots

This is one of the cheaper micellar waters on the market at the moment. I have tried quite a few but I must say that this is my favourite. It feels super clean to use and is not greasy at all and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and ready for the day – and is great for sensitive skin too. It doesn’t have a scent, which suits me perfectly because these can sometimes irritate my skin. The 400ml bottle advertises 200 uses – in theory just 2p per use, which is massive value for money. I would highly recommend this for removing your make-up if you’re a fan of the micellar waters.

Re-purchase? No, but only because I have changed my cleansing routine recently. This actually didn’t help improve my skin and it’s blemishes – something which my new routine has done (don’t worry – I will be posting an updated night time routine soon!).

photo 2

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions All Over Clearing Treatment – £25.00 from Boots for the 3 Step System

I bought this 3 step system from Clinique as a last ditch attempt when I was feeling super low about my spots and blemishes. I was stuck in a relentless circle of permanently having bad skin and assumed this would solve all of my problems because all of the online reviews said it worked for them. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. At all. If anything, it made my skin worse – especially for the first few weeks, I was expecting this so I powered through – but it didn’t improve . The scent, texture and packaging really do make them a nice product to use – particularly this clearing treatment. It sinks into your skin almost immediately and and makes it feel refreshed and super soft so I am disappointed this didn’t work for me – it obviously just contains something my skin doesn’t agree with. I don’t want to put any of you off of using this – please give it a try if you think it might suit you and read other reviews!

Re-purchase? No!

photo 1

Beauty Protecter Daily Shampoo and Conditioner –  £14 each from Birchbox

These were in one of my Birchbox’s, and shampoos and conditioners are one of my favourite things to receive because they are perfect for nights or weekends away. I saved these for a weekend away we had planned and was excited to use them as a treat for my hair and because they smelt SO good (although a lot of Birchbox products all have a very similar scent?). Sadly, they were a little heavy for me and left my hair feeling lank and dull – not silky smooth and voluminous like I was hoping. I still haven’t found my HG shampoo and conditioner – and actually buy one from Aldi because it suits my hair the best (embarrassing but true). Have you got any shampoo tips for me?

Re-purchase? No, sorry – a little expensive too I think!

photo 4

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate – £12.99 from Birchbox

I won’t bang on about this too much because I actually reviewed it a while ago on the blog, so if you want to know more – click here!

Re-purchase? Yes!

photo 3

Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish – £8.99 from Urban Veda

I love a good exfoliator and this is one of my favourites. It ‘naturally brightens and balances skin tone’ – which I really think it does! Plus it has lots of scrubby beads in it and for me, there’s nothing more annoying than an exfoliator with not enough beads.

Re-purchase? Yes, but I have a few more exfoliators to use first!

photo 2 (1)

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation in Fair – £19.95 from Feel Unique

This is my favourite product. I have included this in my Every Day Make Up Look (you should click the link, even if it’s just to lol at my selfie), but never actually dedicated a whole post to it – but it deserves it. It’s perfect for minimal coverage, but also for applying as much as you need. I really do love it as a foundation – and I don’t get on with liquid foundations because of my insane amount of freckles. If you have freckles, please try this!

Re-purchase? Without a doubt! (already have two in stock from the Feel Unique sale!!)

Have you tired any of these products? #twolittleowlsblog     

Advent Calendar Wishlist

A: With the weather taking a sudden Autumnal turn, we are all super excited about cosy knitwear, lovely candles, hot chocolates with marshmallows and warm nights in front of the fire, so to help you even more to get into the spirit I thought you’d like to see a few favourites of mine from the amazing advent calendars on offer this year.



Benefit Cosmetics Candy-Coated Countdown – £60

This is a very strong contender, adored by beauty bloggers everywhere. I have only ever tried a few Benefit products so I would love to have this. It’s packed with 24 mini-versions of their Bestsellers, from Porefessional to ChaChatint and High Beam to They’re Real. Theyre also some super cute accessories tucked away behind the doors too. Unfortunately, I think this may be a little out of my budget but a girl can always dream. Available at from October 16th.



Yankee Candle – £21.99

Everyone loves a Yankee Candle and with their Advent Calendar, you get a new tea light candle each day in one of six seasonal scents; including Icicles, Snowflake Cookie and Christmas Garland. Available now on the website, just click here.


Liberty – £149

Okay, I know this is way beyond most peoples budges – myself included (sigh!) but I couldn’t not include it. The inside is adorned with the a beautiful Liberty print and each draw includes a high-end beauty product, from companies such as Nars, Dermalogica, Weleda and Laura Mercier. If you’re lucky enough to buy this, it’s available on the Liberty website, and instore from November.



Selfridges Enchanted Spells – £85

At a slightly (!) more reasonable price is the calendar from Selfridges. This is packed with high-end products and is totally worth the month. Products from Kiehl’s, Urban Decay, Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent. The perfect way to spend December would be opening one of these little doors of goodness every morning. Available now on their website – just click here!


YOU Beauty Advent Calendar – £49.95

I’ve saved this one till last because I’m pretty sure it’s my favourite (although I won’t be buying it, it’s still out of my price range no matter how beautiful it is). You Beauty claim this is worth £240 – and I believe them. Brands such as Essie, Aromatherapy Associates, Liz Earle and Sisley have been included – and that’s just a few! Click here to see the full run down of what’s included. I really like that they have listed all of the products for you to see before you buy; if you are paying this much for an Advent Calendar it’s nice to know that it’s worth the money – and this certainly is. It’s available now, but I have a feeling it will sell out quickly!

Which Advent Calendars are you lusting after? #twolittleowls



Foodie Friday: Hello Fresh’s Mexican “Dirty Rice” with Chicken and Chorizo

C: We posted last week about our Hello Fresh boxes that we recently received (you can see the post here) and I have been testing out some of the amazing recipes they sent me!

Here’s the first recipe:


And here is my attempt!


As you can see I did a pretty good job! The recipe card was super easy to follow, meaning I got a professional looking meal that was easy and quick to make. It was super tasty, I’m not normally a big fan of rice so I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this.

The herbs and spices provided made this so yummy that the boyfriend ate 3 bowls full – a clear sign that tea was a success! I really enjoyed making (and eating) this, so the recipe card has been kept so I can do it again!

I loved my first Hello Fresh experience as it means you can try something you wouldn’t normally make, and although a little pricey you get to keep the recipes to do again! Perfect! Click here to head to the Hello Fresh website – they update their recipes weekly so there’s always something new to try!

What do you guys think of this? #twolittleowlsblog 

Come Dine with Me?

A: So this is too embarrassing/funny/horrendous/amazing not to tell you all about.

Last year, I did the most ridiculous thing of my life, and if you’ve read the title you should be able to guess what it was. I applied for Come Dine With Me because when all of my family and friends (I use the term loosely – someone should have stopped me from making a complete idiot out of myself, especially YOU Chloe) saw they were looking for hosts in our local area, they all encouraged me to apply. I never thought I’d get on but by some miraculous form of a miracle/worst thing to ever happen to me, I got through to appear on the show and host. It aired for the first time on Monday 10th October and I have only just been able to watch it for fear of total embarrassment. I was the first host too – so it was super scary.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Come Dine With Me (where have you been?!), it’s a television programme where 5 strangers hold dinner parties for each other over the course of a week and mark each night out of 10. Pretty mental that I’ve now been on tv.

If you want to see me looking like a total weirdo, I’ve included a link to the 4oD website where you can watch the episodes online – just click here. Please be aware that I only had about 10 minutes to get ready every day so there is some serious splinge action going on.

Have fun!! #twolittleowls