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its a new era…

Hi beautiful twolittleowls followers, Chloe here!

Just a little post to let you guys know that i have a new blog!!!! Super exciting times!

If you like parenting fails, wins, home decor and make up… please pretty please click here and give me a follow!

I also still read all your blogs so it will  be much easier for me to find you all!!!

Love you all and thank you for the previous and (hopefully) future support!


Guess whose back!

Back again! Chloe and annie are back, tell a friend! That doesn’t quite work does it? Never mind, I’m sure you are all super psyched cos you have been crying every day since our last post.

So let’s have a mini update… I now have a two year old, and annie has an 8 month old baba who is super beaut! After months of reading posts (mainly Rach’s) and missing blogging I decided… it’s time to get back on it.

So this photo currently sums up my life at the mo. Cutie babas, my pooch and living in the county side. So my face is currently a slight disappointment and I need some blogging inspiration to motivate me to love make up and skincare as much as I used to!

We haven’t decided on a blogging schedule yet, basically cos we don’t want to rush things and then realise we have no time to post every day or something cray. So currently I will be posting my usual beauty etc posts and annie will be popping in for some baba updates and to tell me how pretty I am and how much she misses me cos I currently have a constant cold so can’t go smooch them!

So thanks for reading and for staying loyal to our two little owls baby as well as our new (and not so new) real ones! WE MISS YOUUUUU

Make Up Revolution Palette in Redemption

A: So Chloe and I went on a little Saturday trip to town and we spent so long looking at Make Up Revolutions beautiful palettes that I obviously had to buy one. I actually don’t own many eyeshadows – and the ones I do have are in very similar colours, so this is pretty exciting for me…

It really is amazing isn’t it? And it cost me a whole £4, which is unbelievably cheap. There are 12 shadows in total and they are all super pigmented too, ranging from pale golds and taupes through to navy black and silver – finishing with a beautiful bright turquoise. I’m so excited to use this, and I think it will be perfect to pack in my make up bag when I got to Leeds festival too!

Have any of you guys tried the eyeshadow palettes from Make Up Revolution? #twolittleowls

A Big Thank You!

A & C: Today is our first ‘blogiversary’, and we are so excited. This blog has become something that we are so proud of, and it’s all thanks to you beautiful readers and followers.
When we started this blog, it was a hobby – something to help us get through the cold, dark British winter; but we have achieved so much more.
500 lovely followers which have turned into friends, amazing experiences at lots of fantastic events, and best of all we have become part of this blogging community – somewhere to share ideas, inspiration, opinions and just somewhere to talk to like minded people.

Here’s some of our favourite photos from the last year – they’re a lot but we’ve had such a fun year blogging and we can’t wait to get started with the next year to see what it brings. A lot of the photos are food, Soz about that but you know we love a burger! #twolittleowlsblog












































Blogmas 2014 – Day 1!


A & C: Happy December everyone!! We are SO super excited for Christmas this year (we think we both actually make each other wayyy too excited, our bf’s really appreciate it!), so we have decided to do Blogmas! The lovely louiseamy is taking part too (she describes herself as being ‘aggressively excited for Christmas’ – amazing), you can head over to her blog for the lowdown! If you decide to take part too, make sure you use the hashtag #blogmas2k14 so we can check out your posts too!

So here’s a list of what to post for Blogmas – you don’t have to stick to it like it’s the law, we will be posting our normal reviews/ootd’s/beauty and fashion posts too, but also posting Blogmas.

1st – Tell us what you did last Christmas

2nd – Share a Christmas recipe

3rd – Favourite Christmas movies

4th – Share a Christmas craft

5th – What are your favourite books to revisit during the holidays?

6th – What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

7th – Share a holiday makeup look

8th – Favourite Christmas food

9th – Share a Christmas recipe

10th – The best Christmas gift you ever received

11th – What is your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas time?

12th – Christmas nail art tutorial

13th – Favourite Christmas TV episodes

14th – Share a favourite Christmas memory

15th – Share some Christmas outfits

16th – Favourite Christmas music

17th – Share your day with us

18th – What’s the gift wrapping looking like this year?

19th – DIY Christmas ornament

20th – A Christmas day makeup look

21st – Favourite Christmas photos

22nd – What does the festive season mean to you?

23rd – Favourite Christmas scenes from movies/TV that aren’t Christmas specific.

24th – Let’s talk traditions – what are your favourites and which cultural traditions do you wish you did?

25th – Describe your Christmas day to us

So lets get started by sharing what we did last year for Christmas!

C: every Christmas Eve we always go to my Aunties house for a little party with my Dad’s side of the family. My dad eats and drinks too much, and my older brother always has too much garlic bread and then can’t sleep. Family tradition. We then go home and have a Baileys before bed! Both L and I stayed at my parents last year so we woke up their on Christmas morning and opened our presents together/ate lots of bagels and smoked salmon for breakfast. We then went to see his parents and drove down to Sheffield to have Christmas with the rest of his family. That was my first year away from my family = being a grown up!

A: I like to throw a bit of a party on Christmas eve, with my boyfriend and I’s family. We have a tiny home though, so feeding 25+ people isn’t easy – last year I made pies in mugs because it meant that people didn’t have to faf about with plates etc! We also drink snowballs and mulled wine (against the law not to!). We headed to my father-in-law (to be)’s house early on Christmas morning, so we could be with Jim’s family and little niece and nephew whilst opening prezzies! We then headed to my family’s for dinner, and spent the afternoon with them.

So will you guys be joining us for blogmas? Let us know if you are!! #twolittleowlsblog

A Beautiful Glamping Weekend

C & A: As some of you lovely followers may know, we had a little holiday this weekend which has been planned for a while and coincided with Chloe’s birthday. We are pretty lucky that our boyfriends are pretty much as bezzie as we are so the four of us like to go on an annual camping trip, along with our friend Spen.

Last year we visited the lovely Amber’s Bell Tents in Norfolk, and wrote up a review here. We had such a good time last year that we tried to book again but Amber has been super busy with bookings, and deservedly so because her bell tents and the surroundings are beautiful (there’s a link to Amber’s website on our review if you’re interested in booking!).

Because we live close to Norfolk and we love it so much, we decided to head to a similar area and after a bit of googling we found the perfect place.

Norfolk Glamping and Yurt Holidays have two sites, one based at Yaxham Waters with traditional mongolian yurts and a train carriage, and the other in Filby with bell tents and tipis. We decided to head to the Yaxham based site because it’s a little closer to us and there’s two fishing lakes on site – perfect to keep the boys occupied for the whole weekend. Plus, none of us had stayed in a yurt before and the pictures on the site looked amazing.

We booked from Friday night for 3 nights and after a quick trip to Morrisions on Friday morning for essentials (cheese and wine), we were packed and ready to go with the Frozen soundtrack for company along the way – the boys went in their own car, I’m not sure they could’ve dealt with us being super excited and singing ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’ for an hour.

Most importantly, we beat the boys to the campsite and when we arrived, Shane the super lovely owner showed us round. We unpacked the cars and got settled in, and went for a bimble around the site. There were even chickens and goats, along with the fishing lakes!


The yurts are based in their own little camping area, and there’s also an area for caravans and tents – as well as the availabilty to hire lodges. We can highly recommend this for camping – whether you have a tent, caravan or are looking to hire a yurt or lodge, the site is lovely with a fully stocked farmshop, cafe, shower block and beautiful, peaceful views.


Inside the yurts is a double bed (a real bed whilst camping, what more could you want?!), some cute armchairs and a sofa bed – as well as some lovely wooden cabinets full of plates, saucepans and anything else you many need.




Super excited at having a proper bed for camping!


There’s also a gas stove for brews in the morning and a woodburner too in case its a little chilly. Although there was no electricty, there were laterns hanging inside and a good supply of tealights which create such a lovely atmosphere and give off plenty of light. The fur rugs and cushions are lovely finishing touches and make the yurt feel super cosy. Outside the yurt is a hammock and a seating area, along with a fire pit, bbq and communal pizza oven – perfect for the evenings.


Chloe with super cool camping hair…

On Chloe’s birthday, we had bacon sandwiches and Buck’s Fizz for breakfast, and whilst the boys went fishing, Chloe and I took a trip out to Swaffham. The weather was so sunny, and we checked out the local farmer’s market, an antiques market and the local charity shops – as well as having an essential break for ice-creams. We also went out for a lovely meal in the evening and managed to get a photo of us all!




On Sunday, we ventured out to Dunston Hall Antiques fair (and we only got a little bit lost). The hall was beautiful and the grounds too, but we didn’t stay too long at the fair because it was all very expensive and posh – we like to have a good rummage around a car boot or an emporium. So we stopped off at a village pub on the way back to the campsite for a ploughman’s lunch, because we hadn’t had enough cheese already.


Dunston Hall – a little too posh for us!


Best Ploughmans Ever!


Monday was the day to come home, the weekend went so quickly! Annie knew about an amazing antiques emporium that we could stop off at on the way home though, so it made the journey a little more exciting. The Emporium in Long Sutton is jam-packed with amazing goodies, and you can always guarantee finding some sort of gem hidden away for a bargain. If you know of an emporium in your local area and haven’t been, you need to go! You can normally find information about them on the internet quite easily (Antiques Atlas is a really good website for this!).


Creepy room at the Emporium…


Just chilling.

We had such a lovely time that we wanted to share our photos and experience with you. If you like this post, please let us know! We would love to know what your holiday plans are too, and if you can recommend any Glamping sites in the UK!

We will be posting photos of all of our lovely purchases over the next week or so, so why not give us a cheeky follow #twolittleowls

Last chance!!

A & C: hi guys! We mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, and as the competition closes tonight at midnight we thought we do an extra push, just in case any of you lovely people had forgotten to vote for your favourite blogging team! No, seriously – we really appreciate every single comment, like and follow and if you think we deserve a chance in the Cosmopolitan and Next Blog Awards, it would mean so much to us. We’ve entered under two categories; the Next Newcomer Blog Award which you can find here and the Best New Beauty Blog category here! Please do let us know if you have nominated us, we would love to hear from you/thank you!

Love Annie & Chloe x
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