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The Make-Up Clear Out!

C: now I have moved house and have started my maternity leave I decided it was time for the dreaded make up clear out. I am an epic hoarder and absolutely hate throwing away things that aren’t completely used up, I also used to take all my older make up in my work bag so I didn’t risk breaking or loosing something precious (broken UD palettes sound like a tragedy to anyone else?!). Now I have finished work I have absolutely no reason to keep some of these products that generally went un-used anyway, so here we have my make up clear out!


Aww look at all the sad, battered and bruised make up! As you can see most of these products are super old but previously very loved! So what exactly have I decided to throw out?


Natural Collection Eye Case – I got this for Christmas when I was about 15 from my Auntie and I was in love with it! Unfortunately, I also dropped it and broke the black colour and used up the dark brown and almost all of the pale neutral shade. I basically kept this for sentimental purposes as it was my first eye shadow palette, as I have never really used the purple and pink shades!


Avon True Colour Eyeshadows in Deep Forest – another well loved eye shadow product, that I would still be using today if it hadn’t died of old age. The shadows used to be super pigmented and blendable but have gone hard and horrid. I am not moaning, as I bought these at uni so they lasted a good couple of years! I would happily re-purchase these if Avon stocked the colour again (which they don’t, alas).


17 Colour Compact – pretty sure my Auntie also got me this one Christmas too! Both of the neutral shades are basically finished and I would never use the blue eye shadow even if I do pretend I am adventurous with my make up – thats just too adventurous/13 years old for me to handle! I also never use lip products that come in palettes due to the obvious eyeshadow powdery/stickiness that you can witness here!


Virgin Vie Lipstick in Sheer Candy – yes you read that right, I am such a hoarder I have still kept a Virgin Vie lipstick that is basically empty and definitely gone off. I haven’t used this in forever but once again another product I was struggling to say goodbye to as I hadn’t quite finished it (I am starting to think I take after my stingy father a little bit too much!).

Ted Baker Purple Eyeliner – there is no shade name on this, and I don’t think I have ever used it to be quite honest. It came in a gift set and I completely forgot about it! It is not very pigmented now, possibly due to old age so its time for the bin I’m afraid.

So there we have my make up clear out! Is anyone else as bad at hoarding products as me?! I don’t know what it is about beauty items, but unless they have ran out I just can’t seem to say goodbye! On the plus side, I am now all ready to set up my dressing table in my new house, so keep an eye out for my beauty storage posts that are coming your way! #twolittleowls

Sleek eyeshadow palette (including swatches)

C: I received the Sleek eyeshadow palette in Au Naturel 601 for Christmas and realised I had never done a review! So here we go:


So as you can see the packaging is “sleek” ( I’m so funny !) and includes a large mirror which is useful for applying on the go or taking it away with you. It also includes a double applicator which is okay, I would recommend using your own brushes though!

So here are the swatches >


I hope you can see in the photograph, it was difficult to get a picture which shows their true colours.

The eyeshadows themselves are very pigmented, particularly the darker colours. They apply well with only a small amount of fall out and last all day (keep in mind I always use an eyeshadow primer, I tested them without one and only needed one top up all day!)

They also include both matte and 3 sparkly colours so you can do both sophisticated day time and night time eye shadow looks with the one palette! For under £10 I would really recommend this palette, totally worth the money!

Happy weekend guys! Hope you have a great bank holiday 🙂 #twolittleowls blog

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March Beauty and Fashion Wish Lists!

A & C: We can’t believe how quickly February has flown by… but happy March everyone! Although we are hoping for some lovely Spring weather, we aren’t getting our hopes up too much so we have compiled our March wish lists to cheer us up instead!

Chloe’s Wishlist:


1. Boohoo Jenny Clip Buckle Block Heel Ankle Boot £30 – name is a bit of a mouthful, but these are just what I am looking for. If you have seen any of our recent OOTD posts then Annie has some similar to these and they instantly make any outfit look more dressed up.

2. Mac Lipstick in Rebel £15 – not an amazing picture of this, it is actually more purpley? Apparently this shade suits anyone that dares to wear it… so I am looking forward to finding out if thats true! I also have a lot of Mac make-up but no lipsticks, a problem that needs rectifying ASAP.

3. Urban Decay Palette £37 – finally available at http://www.feelunique.com. I haven’t got any of these blogger favourited palettes yet so thought I had better start my collection with the first!

4. River Island Black Tartan Contrast Collar Skater Dress £25 – an online exclusive that needs adding to my tartan collection! Would look amazing with black tights and the boohoo boots!

Annie’s Wishlist:


1. Asos Leather Doctors Bag, currently on sale for £60! The perfect sized bag for work and shopping!

2. River Island Navy Chelsea girl Daisy Polka Dot Midi Dress £25 – I am super excited for Spring, and I think this amazing print dress would be perfect to see me into (hopefully) hot Summer days.

3. Nails Inc Leather Effect Nail Varnish £12 – I love trying new nail effects and polishes and black is one of my favourite nail colours as it goes with everything!

4. Black shoes from House of Fraiser £69 – every girl needs a pair of classic black flats in their life and these are a sophisticated version that are a bit different.

What do you think of our March wish lists? Is there anything in particular that you are lusting after this month? #twolittleowlsblog

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Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Lift in Lifting Grey – A Re-discovery!


C: I bought this beautiful Christian Dior palette months ago but I have only just re-discovered it in my collection (I have a bad tendency to “save” new things for a special occasion that never happens) and its currently my favourite thing to use!

It contains a “smooth base-lift” (eyelid primer to us non-posh people) to even out your eyelid, allow for easy eyeshadow application and to help your eye make-up last longer. It then has two shades of serum eyeshadow which are super easy to blend as well as a highlighter and an eye-brow/eye liner. The eye shadows last all day (I have only used them with the eyelid base so I am unsure if they would last all day alone) and the highlighter is perfect for under your eyebrow arch! The eyebrow liner is also a perfect shade for me, is build-able and lasted a 14 hour day at work – what more could I want?!

The cheapest I can find it available is £34.85 here but I got mine in an end of season sale for only £25 (Annie persuaded me to give in and buy it) so maybe have a shop around if you have fallen in love with it as much as I have! Let us know what your current favourites are this month, or what you think of this lovely Christian Dior palette #twolittleowlsblog

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