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Blogmas 2014 Day 11 – What is your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas time?

What is your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas time?

A: We live near a sleepy little town, in the middle of a sleepy little county in the UK that most people have never heard of. We sometimes get snow but we mostly get rain. We can however guarantee that it will be cold, which I love. One of my most favourite feelings is to be sat in my house with the fire blazing whilst it’s bitterly cold outside and the rain is lashing against the windows. It’s SO cosy! We also get a lot of those cold crisp mornings where the sky is crazy bright and blue, and you can see your breath in front of you. Plus, all of my family live within a ten minute journey – which means I get to see every single one of them over the Christmas period 🙂

C: I know this is a boring answer… but I am the same as Annie. I love that all of my family live so close by. We literally all live down the same road! My parents used to think it was super funny to all pile in the car and drive next door to visit my Uncle on Christmas Day. They have a ridiculous sense of humour (no idea where I got mine from…). Unfortunately L’s family all live in Sheffield, and we go every other year but its so much nicer when everyone lives close by! Although driving to Sheffield and listening to hip hop Christmas songs last year was pretty good!

What’s your favourite thing about where you live at Christmas? #twolittleowlsblog