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February beauty and fashion wishlist!

A & C: This month we are lusting over so many things, the urge to go shopping when its such horrid weather is just too much! So we have picked our beauty and fashion favourites that we are hoping to get this month for you!

Chloes Wishlist:


1: Soap and Glory Scrubatomic £9.00 – all of their body care items are so good, I cant wait to try more of their skincare!

2: Asos denim, button-through dress £35 – perfect for casual days or can be dress up.

3: Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace £9.99 – I got an eyeshadow set for Christmas and loved it so would like to try more of the brand.

4: Topshop Blackwatch Check Leggings £25 – I love tartan so these are perfect for me!


Annies Wishlist:


1: Topshop embroidered rose shelf bikini £34 – I am going to Jamaica later this year, and this will be perfect!

2: Dune heeled chelsea ankle boot £115 – essential but lovely winter boots.

3: Fashion Union purple bowler hat £12 – love this!

4: Clinique chubby stick £17 – tried Chloes and loved the formula, I want to try the colour “Bountiful Blush”

So what are your February wishlists? Let us know or if you have any comments on ours #twolittleowlsblog

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Soap and Glory: A Review


C: I absolutely love Soap and Glory products, I have been using them for over 3 years now since I got my first gift set for Christmas. I love the beautiful packing and most of the time the product inside matches up to its beautiful exterior. I received a ridiculous amount this Christmas, including several products that I had not used before so I thought a review was in order. I also received so much I could give some to Annie so she could try them and give her opinions as well (yes, I know. I’m probably the best friend ever). I could go on and on about Soap and Glory, so we decided to cut it as short as possible and only include our favourite products and any problems that we encountered. So my favourite product is the Sugar Crush shower gel:


Its fresh limey/sweet scent is amazing and definitely my favourite out of all the different shower gel/moisturiser lines Soap and Glory do. However, I do think its a more summery smell so I have had to force myself to stop using it so I can save it for the sunshine (if we get any so maybe I shouldn’t bother!). It is also very moisturising, and although I have really sensitive skin I have never had a reaction to it or any of their other products. My only negative review of all the products I have tried is that I received a pump version of the Butter Yourself body moisturiser and the pump/bottle is awful. Only a tiny amount comes out at a time, and as I get dry skin and use a lot of moisturiser it takes me forever! it does still smell amazing and sink in quickly though so I shall let them off, just this once. I shall be purchasing some of the Soap and Glory skincare soon, as I have only tried their cleanser so I am really interested to see if their skincare range (Scrubatomic!) is as good as their other products! 

A: Okay, so you’re probably all going to be really shocked but I have never used any Soap and Glory products. I know, I know, but I am kind of new to this whole beauty thing (Chloe teaching me the ways of beauty perfection was one of the inspirations behind starting our blog). I was pretty impressed when she let me have some of her extra travel sized versions of stuff she already had. But at the time, I didn’t have any idea how nice Soap and Glory is to use!! There was a massive hype about it and now I know why. Everything is nice to use and has really lovely fresh scents, but my favourite product is the ‘The Scrub of your Life’.



This smells amazing and is such a good exfoliator, and the best part for me is that it didn’t give me dry skin, which I was expecting! I have really sensitive skin anyway so I was really dubious about using the range, I normally stick to products which have no added scents or colours but I had no problems at all with Soap and Glory. 

The only thing I didn’t like was the body butter – I thought it was way too greasy so was a bit disappointed. But, I’m not a fan of body butters anyway, Chloe loves them and the Soap and Glory one is one of her favourites! #twolittleowls

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