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A Pregnancy Update: What To Expect in Your Second Trimester

C: I don’t want to bore all you beauty lovers with too many pregnancy posts, but as promised here is my second trimester update post! I talked about the experiences I had in my first trimester here if you fancy a look too!

1. This trimester is a couple of weeks longer but 100 times easier! Goodbye morning sickness! I shall not be missing you!

2. Saying that, everyone tells you how you will be less tired in your second trimester… don’t believe them, they are liars! You will continue to want 12 hours sleep a night and still need a nap by mid-day. Make the most of it and do it!

3. You will start showing. Which is super exciting, because the whole of the first trimester you can see it but no one else can, suddenly (as if by magic/overnight) you are full on preggo and every one can tell!

4. You spent your first trimester wishing you had a preggo bump to show off, now you finally have one and its a love hate relationship. You go from lovingly stroking it and making your partner look at it every ten minutes to throwing a hissy fit because you are fat and none of your clothes fit.

5. None of your normal clothes fit, but all of the maternity clothes you have bought are still way too big. Second trimester/first world problems. Seems like the end of the world at the time.

6. Talking of feeling fat… you will be hungry all the time. Like literally, all the live long day. No matter what you eat you can fit a little bit more in, and can eat three course meals for dinner and tea.

7. Second breakfasts are essential. Third breakfasts are recommended.

8. By the evening you have eaten so much, you sit there feeling stuffed/with heartburn that no Rennie can solve…. but you are still a little peckish and convince yourself that a nice yoghurt will get rid of your heartburn.

9. Talking of nighttime- you start feeling baby move! It is super exciting at first… and then you realise it feels like a fish flapping about and its a bit gross really. Oh your lovely cute little baba decides to wait until you are just falling asleep to start kicking and swirling around and generally keeping you awake. Excellent practice for when baby is here apparently!

10. Everyone starts coming up with theories on why you are having a boy/girl and making predictions! You are too scared too guess incase you get it wrong and people think you would prefer one or the other and think you are a bad mother…

11. You get your second scan! Scan lady can show you vessels in your babies heart that are like 2mm big but still says they aren’t 100% sure on whether it is a boy or girl… you think they might be fibbing.

12. You find out, but even using logic from number 11 and even though you are super excited, you are still scared that they told you its a girl but a boy might come out. So you refuse to buy girl stuff (or vice versa).

13. You accidentally go shopping and buy all the girl stuff.

14. You suddenly realise that you are basically in your third trimester and get super excited/scared because once again time has disappeared!

15. Strangers start thinking it is acceptable to touch your belly. You like it and hate it at the same time. Mainly because you are excited you are pregnant and people can tell you aren’t just fat, but still know strangers touching you is weird.

So there we go… the emotional rollercoaster that is the second trimester! Has anyone else had a similar experience?! #twolittleowls