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An accidental shopping trip!


C: So after a day stuck in the apartment doing uni work (drinking coffee and reading blogs) I got such bad cabin fever I make the rookie mistake of popping into town. I might have spend money but I got some bargains so I was really pleased, and I met Annie after work for a quick catch up/shop too! So heres what I got:

1. Maroon ankle boots from new look. Ive wanted some like these for ages, and they were in the sale too, so a bargain at £22.49! They are perfect boots for going out in winter as they keep your feet warm and they are a good heel height too!

2. MUA lipstick in Shade 1. For £1 at Superdrug I couldnt resist, and I’ve read so many blogs where people are raving about these! My first impressions are also good, I’ve only tried it on once and it was a lovely light formula with good pigmentation, and lasted a long time. Unfortunately its not quite the shade I wanted, I was looking for a darker red but thats my fault not the lipsticks!

3. Large ring, £2 in the sale at Superdrug. Another bargain I couldnt resist, I love statement jewellery.

4. B. Pure Micellar Water, currently better than half price at £2.47. I picked this up on a whim as I have recently tried Bioderma through Birchbox and wanted to see if the cheaper, highstreet versions compare. I have only tried this once, and it did hurt my eyes even though it is apparently for sensitive skin but this may be due to lack of sleep! So I shall report back and do a single review for any items that I test and think are good! #twolittleowlsblog

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Jewellery: Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear


C: When looking for different but beautiful Christmas presents for my friends and family I came across the lovely company Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear which I wanted to share with you. They use vintage materials to make one off pieces or limited runs, so its unlikely that anyone will have the same jewellery as you (which makes a change for me!). The jewellery is all amazing, and comes in such cute boxes that your gift looks really fancy with all the time and effort they take packaging each individual item. Each item also comes with an appropriate care instructions so you know how to look after your vintage pieces. 

I also had amazing customer service, with quick replies and helpful advice. I ordered Annie a necklace for Christmas, and although unfortunately the item was now out of stock I was able to pick another piece of jewellery (that ended up being more expensive, and I didn’t have to pay any more!). Delivery was also very quick, and I was told to take as much time as I wanted picking something different for Annie. I was also lucky enough to get some pieces for Christmas, as Annie was sent on a mission by my boyfriend! All in all a lovely company to buy from, and everyone loved their presents!

A: I absolutely love this company, the pieces are so individual and unique. We found the website a couple of months before Christmas and because new items are posted nearly every day, it took me so long to decide which were my favourite!! In fact, I don’t think I did decide, I liked them all too much and there is so much choice, from rings, to brooches and necklaces to earrings. The products and the website are a massive credit to the creator – all in all a great find, enjoy!! #twolittleowlsblog

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