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Holiday Essentials Part Two

A: if you’ve read the first part of this, you’ll know I’ve been packing for my holidays and today I thought I’d share with you my make up essentials. I’m actually going camping for a week so I won’t be bothering with too much make up (no false eyelashes or high maintenance lipsticks anyway), so here’s what I’m taking!

So this my make up bag and mirror. The bag is from Primark and I’ve had the mirror years. I’m not sure why but I use this everyday without fail, and I bought it on Jim and I’s first camping trip together 7 years ago! I love this bag too because it’s clear so I can see everything in it but also is extra roomy.

My base; this is the base I use everyday. The Bodyshop’s Instablur keeps my make up in place all day, and because I’m inbetween colours at the moment (only partly freckle so can’t go full on summer make up), I’m mixing my BB creams from Model Co and Rimmel.

This pallette is perfect for going away, it has everything I need! Chloe actually bought me this for Chirstmas and I love it. It’s the Khroma pallette by Kourtney Kardashian (or the ginger people pallette as Chloe calls it). The top is full of eyeshadows which are perfect for me, and the blush, highlight and bronzer are so pretty to use.

For powder, you can’t go wrong with a Rimmel, and my old faithful Bare Minerals for any bad skin days! And I’ve packed my Metallic Bronze Blush from Primark but I’m hoping its going to be sunny so I won’t need to much!

I’ve also packed my favourite mascara – False Lash Effect from Primark and my new liquid liner from W7, which hasn’t even been opened yet but was a bargain for £1.99 so I’ll give this a test run whilst I’m away. Brow Drama is also always in my make up bag, and my favourite dark lipstick from ELF which is a super long lasting dark nude.

Lastly, my three go to brushes – an Avon liner brush, a bellepierre blender and my Bare Minerals face brush. I also packed my favourite nude Kiko lipstick, and a Nivea lip balm.

We have reviewed quite a lot of these products between us, so click the links to see our thoughts!

What’re your holiday make up essentials? #twolittleowls

Review: False Lash Effect from P.S. Love…

A: Mascara is a daily must for me, and it’s the one thing I rarely (pretty much never) leave the house without because ridiculously fair lashes are an unfortunate ginger trait. I did have a HG mascara which I was really happy with; What’s Your Type Bodybuilder Mascara from theBalm Cosmetics (reviewed here!), but it wasn’t the easiest product in the world to get hold of (we live in the middle of nowhere) and it costs around £15 with postage and packaging. And I go through mascara pretty quickly. So whilst browsing Primark on payday last week (always dangerous) I decided to give Primark’s beauty range a go because I’d heard such good things.

The False Lash Effect Mascara from the P.S. Love… range is just £2.50 so I didn’t really have a lot to loose, but also wasn’t expecting amazing things. But my god was I wrong. This is one of the best mascaras I have ever used! The brush (what I like to call a real brush, instead of those horrid plastic ones) is super chunky, so adds tonnes of volume. It also holds a nice curl, and let’s you apply lots of length. It’s not designed to create long, elegant lashes – but that isn’t a look I go for. It does exactly what it says on the packaging, and really does create a false lash effect.

After I applied it for the first time, I thought it must be too good to be true. I was fully expecting to have severe panda eyes by lunchtime and to not be able to get it off at the end of the day. But it stayed put all day, and was no more difficult to remove than Benefit’s They’re Real. I’ve actually been and bought two more and put them in my reserve make up stock!! I’m a massive fan of the packaging too. It’s shiny and gold, so I was always going to love it. I can’t wait to do a make up look featuring this for you guys.

Have you tried any of the P.S. Love… range? #twolittleowls

OOTD: mismatching prints






Shirt: Asda
Pinafore Dress: Primark
Shoes: Primark

A: Something a little different today, a work OOTD. I actually work in an office so always have to look smart and presentable – but I never like to look boring. I steer away from suits and structured clothing because they just don’t suit me – I like to let my personality shine through, even if it’s just a little. This is one of my favourite things to wear for work. It’s super comfy, easy to wear and looks smart, and the shirt and dress do not crease at all – perfect. Although when I wear this my boyfriend always ask why I’m wearing my Tetris dress and why I don’t wear it with a shirt that matches. No idea what he is talking about, florals and checks go perfectly well together!

C:I love this outfit! It just shows that you can look smart for work whilst not looking boring, and showing off some personality! I think a lot of people are a little nervous about clashing prints, and this is the perfect way to start. Pick something a darker colour (like this pinafore dress) and then choose a brighter print to go underneath. As long as one of your prints is relatively simple, you can’t go wrong! Let us know if you try it!

What do you think to Annie’s OOTD? #twolittleowlsblog

OOTD: florals, knitwear and doc martens





Dress: Sainsbury’s (!!)

Cardigan: New Look

Boots: Dr. Marten

Necklace: Primark

C:I love this outfit! Its comfy, warm, practical and pretty. Perfecto. I couldn’t believe I found this dress in Sainsers! £15 in the sale as well, so soon go it home and teamed it with the DM’s and some knitwear – definitely my signature style! I don’t like to look too girly, so I always team up dresses etc with some sort of manly boots (girly shoes just don’t suit my feet, honest).

A: This outfit sums Chloe up. The girly 40’s style dress is really lovely, I want it so will definitely have to borrow it soon, and it’s super wearable too – dress it up with heels for a smart work dress, or team it with a cosy cardigan like Chloe has done, and you’ve got a perfect everyday look. I love them way she has teamed it with her Doc Martens too. She hasn’t stopped wearing them since she bought them (true story), and is a pro at mismatching looks and making them work. The floral print with the heavy boots and detailed gold necklace works perfectly!

What do you guys think? Let us know! #twolittleowls

Chloe’s Summer/Cat OOTD

C: It is lovely and summery here today in Annie’s beautiful garden, and we both finished work early so we thought we would do an OOTD for you! Bill didn’t want to miss out so we thought we had better include him – cutest cat ever.


I teamed this floral skirt with quite a plain top (lace counts as plain, right?) and sandals. This skirt is really versatile as it can be both dressed up and worn casually. I also really like the length for summer as you don’t have to wear tights in the warm months.


Bill was really impressed with my outfit, he agreed that it was perfect for Summer. He loved it so much he kissed me.

Top – Topshop, Skirt – Primark, Sunglasses – Primark, Sandals – Warehouse.

Hope you enjoyed my OOTD, what style are you going for this Summer? #twolittleowlsblog

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Chloe’s mini haul!

C: you may have seen Annie’s amazing haul from our shopping trip on the weekend, so I thought I had better share with you what I got! I didn’t go quite as crazy as Annie as I really don’t need new clothes and I am meant to be saving for a house, but here’s what I did treat myself too:


I got this amazing 1950’s style skirt from Primark for a bargain £10! I can’t wait to wear it this summer with a vintage blouse or a loose vest top, it will look amazing. It is also a bit longer than my other skirts so I can wear it without tights and not have to worry – perfect!

I also got this loose dress from TK Maxx for £12.99 (well I didn’t buy it due to “saving” but then I was sad when I got home so my good friend Kitty took me to buy it the next day!). I can’t find any links for you to buy it on (the) line but there were several in store so I am sure you would be able to find it – the make is QED London! This is perfect for one of those days where you need to be comfy but still want to look reasonable! I have been wearing this with leggings all day whilst in Uni and I am in love!

I also got a new nail varnish top coat but that was a boring picture… I shall do a review once I have tested it out properly! We also got new dresses for a ball we are going too in June, but we shall be doing a special post for those dresses to see what you lot think, so keep an eye out for that! What have you guys been buying recently? #twolittleowlsblog

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Feature a Friend : Annie


C: So as our #featureafriend post for the Boohoo competition, we thought that it would be interesting to each do a post about each others style and feature our favourite outfits! So here is mine about Annie (Annie’s post about me will be up tomorrow so watch out for that!)


Annie recently wore this dress to a wedding and I absolutely love it. The emerald green goes so perfectly with her hair and skin tone, and the vintage style shows Annie’s style (in both fashion and her lovely home) perfectly. Annie is always really good at accessorising her outfits – she has insane amounts of jewellery – and the brooch and earrings she wore with this dress finishes the outfit off in a sophisticated but different way. The dress is from Topshop and Annie’s jewellery is all vintage.


I chose this crochet dress of Annie’s because a. Annie loves it and b. I thought it reflects her personality and style really well. Annie loves anything home made, vintage and boho. She also wore this to my brothers wedding last summer, so it always reminds me of that amazing day! The dress is from Vera Moda and the leather jacket is from Vila.


Last but not least, Annie bought both this jumper and dress from Primark yesterday. She is always really good at putting outfits together, as I would never think to put a jumper over my dress and this looks amazing! The lovely bee necklace is from Silk Purse Sows Ear which Annie’s boyfriend got her for Christmas (you should have a look on their website because their vintage jewellery is lovely!).

So thats it from us today, I hope you enjoyed seeing my picks of Annie’s wardrobe! #twolittleowlsblog

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An accidental study day haul!

A & C: So we are both in Lincoln today, studying away in the library like the good little nerds we are. We obviously had to have a break to eat nacho’s for our lunch in the name of nutrition and good mental health, and yet whilst in town we accidentally went shopping. I say accidentally… but everyone deserves a treat for doing lots of work right?? 

So heres what we got: 


C: I got these amazing wedges from Primarni for only £10! I have been looking for some like this for ages as being 5ft11 means I can’t wear massive heels (or I hit my head on things and look like the BFG). I am so excited to wear them and I am going out tomorrow night, so keep your eyes peeled for an OOTD post!

I also got two nail varnishes from modelsown (2 for £8 across the whole modelsown range at Boots!). Both me and the ginger one have had our eye on the speckled egg nail varnishes for a while now but wanted to see the colours in real life instead of ordering them online. I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pastel blue colour and then I got the Grape Juice colour from the scented (yes, scented) scratch and sniff range. I kid you not, scented nail varnish. Despite being a Psychology post grad student all advertising works on me and I had to buy it! I tried to have a smell (you get strange looks if you sniff nail varnish in the library…) and I can’t smell anything so it must be once you have painted your nails! Anyway, I will stop rambling on and actually do some work. I will be doing individual reviews of the items once I have tried them out/I am not stuck in a library. 

A: Okay so I actually had some pennies left at the end of the month before payday so I thought I deserved a treat, and we’ve been working super hard today. From Primark, I got this lovely collared dress with a ditsy floral print for £13, and a sparkly jumper which was in the sale for £3! I obviously couldn’t say no to that! I also got some black moccasins, I’ve been looking for some flats for ages that are smart enough to wear for work but fun too, and they were only £8. 

Like Chloe, I had to give in to the modelsown offer too, and chose the Magpie green from the speckled egg collection. I also chose the modelsown Lip-stix in nude, I’ve been lusting after one of the crayon type lipsticks for ages and I love this colour.

What do you think of our accidental haul? Let us know #twolittleowlsblog

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