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Chloe’s January 2015 Empties!

C: Another month (year), another set of empties! As Christmas brought lots of beauty related treats I have been trying super hard to use up lots of my stash this month (L said he was gonna throw stuff away if I didn’t use it… ridiculous). As you can see I have done a pretty good job really! For me anyway!


1. Yes to Cucumbers Face Wipes – Annie gave me these out of one of her Birchboxes as she hates the smell of cucumber. So do I, but apparently she isn’t bothered about my scent preferences. Anyway, I didn’t love these, didn’t hate them. They were effective at removing make up, but I wouldn’t say they had any skincare benefits – I was always led to believe that face wipes are bad for your skin (and the environment!)

Repurchase? No.

2. S&G The Righteous Butter – one of my favourite S&G products, although I think I now prefer the Butter Yourself scent. This sinks into the skin easily for a body butter, smells nice and moisturises well. For a reasonable price (which is also normally on offer too!) you can’t ask for more! Love it.

Repurchase? If I hadn’t received about 3 for Christmas then of course.

3. Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Shower Gel – I am suspicious of any products that have multiple uses… Jack of all trades, master of none and all. But this was okay actually, it smelt like a spa and made me clean/I wasn’t allergic. I kept this in my swimming/work bag and it did the job perfectly.

Repurchase? No just because I didn’t love it and it isn’t the normal fragrance I would choose.

4. Silk Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask – another Birchbox product! I got a couple of uses out of this sample size and I enjoyed it actually. It smelt nice and did a good job of moisturising my hair without it feeling greasy.

Repurchase? For £55 (yes… said that correctly!) no! Too many pennies for a hair mask, but I did enjoy using it!

5. Benefit Posietint – I haven’t actually used this up, I was just going through my stash and found this tucked at the bottom looking battered and old. As I have no idea how old it is I shall be throwing it away! I do have another though and I love it. The perfect cheek and lip tint, I don’t find it particularly long lasting but as its easy to re-apply this does not bother me

Repurchase? Already have!

What have you guys been using up this month? Has the increase in Christmas beauty stashes resulted in lots of empties for you too?! Make sure you send us links to your empties posts! #twolittleowls

Benefit Little Love Potions : Review

C: I got this amazing Benefit Little Love Potions set for Christmas from my lovely parentals. I thought it would be the perfect way of reviewing several Benefit items for all you lovely readers, and let you know which full size products I will be purchasing (when I’m less poor) even though the actual gift set was just available for Christmas.


1. The Porefessional – a primer that minimizes the appearance of pores. I absolutely love this, I have massive pores and nothing will get rid of them! But this amazing primer completely covers them up (second best thing to getting rid of them!) it gives a lovely smooth base for applying my make up, and it lasts ages. I will definitely be re-purchasing and Annie also got a sample of this in her Birchbox and she is buying one too!

2. Its Potent Eye Cream – lovely and thick, I haven’t noticed much difference since using this personally but I have only been using it for about a week. My sister in law uses this every day and she says she would 100% recommend! It helps brighten up her eye area and she is convinced it has got rid of her wrinkles (she didn’t have any in the first place).

3. High Beam – a classic. I absolutely love this. Blends beautifully, looks amazing under my eye brow arch and at top of cheekbones. I’m not entirely convinced I want to give up my Mac Highlighter for this but I am seriously considering it/ re-buying both.

4. Posietint – a lip and cheek stain. I like this. It’s pretty and lasts a good while but that’s all I can say on it. I am not in love, just not my sort of colour but would be perfect on holiday/for a festival when you need products with a multiple-use!

5. Stay don’t Stray – primer for eyeshadow/concealer. This is true love for me. I have an embarrassing love for glitter and this will hold even glitter eye shadows all night without them slowly sliding closer to my chin. Perfect, definite re-buyer!

6. Watts-Up – Highlighter. I like this, don’t love it. I will use it up but I wont be re-purchasing. I just found it harder to blend than the liquid High Beam (probably my lack of skills but never mind). A lovely highlighter though.

7. Badgal Lash – another classic mascara that I am sure you have all heard of. I haven’t actually used this out of my set yet but I have purchased it before and I love it. Thick, dark perfect lashes. I love this and Benefits “They’re Real” Mascara.

8. That Gal – primer. Lovely texture and made my make up last all day. However I just don’t understand how it will “brighten” my face when my foundation is on top?!?! Any suggestions guys? I liked this, but wouldn’t re-buy as Porefessional is more suited to my skin type (I feel very inclined to include mean girls huge pore quotes. I’ll save em for another day!)

9. Hoola – bronzing powder. Really liked this, easy to blend and wasn’t too dark on my pale skin. I am un-sure whether I will re-buy this. I think a comparison between my Mac bronzers may be in order first!

10. Ultra Plush (Hoola) – lipgloss. A lovely colour and sheen, lasted a long time too. I doubt I will re-buy though as I much prefer lipsticks to glosses. However, if you like lip glosses I would recommend this as it wasn’t horrid and sticky like most others I’ve tried (it tasted pretty nice too).

Well I hope that has been interesting/useful. If you own/have tried any of these Benefit goodies please let us know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

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