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Review: Mavala in Black Night

A: I’ve had this Mavala varnish a couple of months now and I thought it was about time I shared the wealth with all of you lovely readers.


I’ve included a couple of photos to try and show you how the colour changes in the light – it really is beautiful. Dark nail varnishes are always my favourite and  I do love a good black varnish but this is a gorgeous twist from the standard black with the lovely green undertone and shimmer. It is almost two tone – but not quite, and it’s perfect for an evening out where you don’t just want to go with black nails. Plus green is my favourite colour!

It’s beautiful to apply, the brush is the perfect size and shape for my nails (they’re pretty small so not always easy to paint!) and it’s really pigmented, the photos above are just one coat! It’s long lasting too, I always use a top coat but Mavala polishes always seem to give me a few extra chip free days. They are available in Boots, and start at £4.75 a varnish – click here to see the full collection!

Have you tired any Mavala polishes? #twolittleowls

Review: Essie Crocadilly

A: Chloe bought me this varnish for Christmas and this is the first time I’ve used it. To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure about the colour because it looks silver in the bottle and silver isn’t really a colour I usually wear. But when Chloe and I spent the afternoon drinking tea and painting our nails last weekend, I decided to give it a go. And then I realised why Chloe had chosen it for me.




Okay I realise it doesn’t look silver once it’s on; but this is because of the handy little magnet attached to the top of the bottle. The varnish is magnetic, and once you’ve done the usual buff, file, base coat and first coat of colour, and then add the second coat; you hold the magnet over the wet varnish for a few seconds. Once you take it away you can see the pattern it leaves, which is made up of tiny diamonds. This is the point where I understood the name behind the varnish – it looks like the skin of a crocodile!! The silvery black tones of the varnish separate from the green, leaving outlined diamond pattern or ‘crocodile skin’ effect.
I have used a Barry M magnetic varnish before, which doesn’t give as much of a definitive pattern as the Essie one and it is easy to use although does take a little bit of practice. The varnish also lasted a good few days without a top coat, but Essie are known for their high quality products. I would definitely recommend this product, and it was fun to use!

Have you used any magnetic varnishes? #twolittleowls

Christmas Nails

A: It’s only 8 sleeps to go until Santa comes!!!! In case you hadn’t already guessed, we are both so super excited for Christmas. And Christmas nails are always a must. Chloe posted about hers here, and so I thought it was time to show you mine.

 photo 3

I used three polishes, The Body Shop clear as a base/top coat, the Colour Club Gala’s Gems nail polish, and the Barry M Limited Edition silver glitter polish (probably the best glitter polish in the world). I also used some cute silver snowflakes which I bought off eBay last year for a couple of pounds.

After the usual nail prep, I used the base coat and then applied the blue polish as a colour base (this only takes one coat – not sure if all of Colour Club’s polishes are this good but this one is super pigmented). After this was dry, I used the snowflake stickers on my little finger and middle finger nails. I then added the Barry M glitter to my middle finger nail. I then added my top coat.

photo 2


I’ve included a close up of the glitter, to show you how pretty it really is. This is amazingly just one coat!! There are other companies which do a similar polish but because this one was  a Limited Edition last year, it isn’t available anymore 😦

We’d love to see some of your Christmassy nails! #twolittleowlsblog

A Review: Autumn Nails ft. Oriflame

A: We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely members of the Oriflame team at the #bloggersfestival back in September and they had such an amazing range of their make-up with them. Oriflame was established in 1967 – so they know a thing or two about the beauty world. Their nail polish collection ‘The ONE Long Wear Polish’ really caught our attention, from the amazing choice of colours to the beautiful packaging – and we were lucky enough to be sent some samples to try*!

photo 1

Because the weather has suddenly turned very Autumnal, whilst sitting in front of a roaring fire with a hot chocolate in my pj’s, it only felt right to prep my nails for the cold days ahead – and this gorgeous Ruby Rouge is perfect. The photos really don’t do this polish justice, but it is really hard to pick up it’s glossy berry tones with a picture – you will have to trust me on this one!

photo 4 (1)

Firstly, the pigmentation is amazing. This was after two coats, but the second coat only makes it darker – if you prefer the lighter ‘pinkish’ colour then one coat is opaque enough.  Application is super super easy. The brushes are such a lovely shape and fit to the shape of your nail bed really well. I’ve tried a lot of other polishes which advertise a brush which is the shape of your nail – but these are the best by far.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 photo 3 photo 3 (1)

I also used some cute gems which we were sent from Born Pretty Store (we’ve mentioned them before on our blog here – they have an amazing range of nail art accessories!). These may be better and stand out more on a paler nail but I love them so much because of their iridescent sparkliness – they will be perfect for Halloween/Christmas nails! We will be featuring these again very soon, but in the mean time you can find the Born Pretty Store here.

We will be reviewing the other colours – Tiramisu and Breeze Blue, very soon so keep following! Click here to see Oriflame’s website – they really do have a beautiful range of products, and you can view their catalogue online too!

What are you perfect Autumn nails? #twolittleowls

*Although we were given this item to review, all views and opinions are our own and unbiased.

More June Favourites

A: Following Chloe’s June Favourites post, I’ve decided to show you what I’ve been loving this month.

Avon Ideal Luminous Shimmer Block

I got this a couple of month’s ago from my lovely Avon lady for just £6, an introductory offer price (this is something Avon are always really good at so keep an eye out on their new products!). It’s really nice to use because the colours are so blendable and also super versatile. I’ve been using the darker half as bronze/contour and the lighter colours as highlighter/eyeshadow, and they last all day. Perfect for some extra colour in the Summer, find it here.

Collection Hot Look Nail Polish

I got this orange colour for my birthday in April and I’ve been saving it for Summer. The shade is called ‘scorched’ – it looks really good on, with a slight shimmer. It dries super quickly and is pretty long lasting too, even without a top coat – impressive considering I’ve found it on the Boots website for £1.99 (here).

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

This is pretty boring I’m afraid, but with all of this warm weather we’ve been lucky to have, I like to keep my lips super hydrated and this has been my go to balm for years (probably about 10 – that’s pretty scary). I don’t need to go on about it, it does what it says on the tin and I love it, my boyfriend even keeps some in his van (but don’t tell anyone I told you!). Available here for just £1.65.

Bomb Cosmetics Little Hottie Wax Melts and Oil Burner

This one is a bit of a re-discovery. My boyfriend bought me this last year (for Valentine’s I think?!) and I used it so much, but ran out of wax melts and never got any more so whilst Chloe and I were at our local shopping centre last month I decided to treat myself to some. Firstly, you need to buy a burner and a stash of (non-scented) tea-lights. You then choose your wax melts. There’s literally tonnes to choose from, and not only that but the combinations you can make are never-ending. My favourites are raspberry, chocolate orange, white chocolate and vanilla. You then place your choice of wax melt on the top of the burner, above a candle and let the relaxing start. The scents are yummy and really strong, and last for about 20 hours per melt. Pretty good going!

The website has so many choices of scents, but if you can find an outlet that’s even better because you can only pack four different scents in your box online but in a shop it’s like a pick-and-mix. You also get a little ‘recipe’ card, to help get the best scent combinations.

The burners are £8.99 and available here, and the melts are £6.99 per box available here, I think these make a really lovely gift – or you can just treat yourself!

What have you been loving this month? #twolittleowls

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Soigné Botanique nail polish: a review

A & C: we were super excited to receive this in our May Birchbox, and because we both got the same colour – Persimmon, we thought we should do a joint review (you can find the Birchbox post here and you should take a look to see all the other lovely things this months box included).


Soigné produce non-toxic varnishes in lovely classic shades and this colour is perfect for summer. The brand is described as being a ‘chic new essential’ and it’s not a brand we have had the chance to use yet, so we wanted to post our review ASAP.


The nail polish applied beautifully and was almost opaque in one coat, Annie’s only have one coat and Chloe’s (with the added Avon jewels) have two. The colour itself is absolutely beautiful and neither of us had anything similar in our huge nail polish collections! It is also long lasting – it survived Chloe washing her large amounts of hair and the washing up test! 2 days on it still has zero chips and it dries super quick!

The packaging it comes in is also amazing. It makes you feel like you have a really high end, sophisticated product. Nail varnishes that comes in boxes… Sounds posh to us! So for £11 we would totally recommend this brand. A steal for such an amazing formula which is much better than other high end products (that cost more!) that we have tried!

Have you tried the any varnishes from the Soigné brand?

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Winter Nails!

C: This horrible winter weather (rain!) is not looking like its going to end any time soon, so we thought we would share with you our favourite winter nail colours/varnishes to cheer up your day! So even if it is horrible outside, atleast your nails look nice?!


In winter, I tend to stick to darker colours like navy, a deep red and black as well as nudes and golds. I’m not sure why, but both me and Annie agreed that these are the colours for winter and brighter colours for the summer months! However, we cant just have boring dark coloured nails all winter, so here are our favourite Winter themed glitter nail varnishes to add too those colours for more sparkle and excitement!


We use these to add sparkle to either all our nails, or just one statement finger. Stay tuned for our nail art posts, as we are scheduling our next one in for the weekend! Accessorize your newly manicured hands with a bold statement ring and some midi-rings (I just got some amazing ones from matalan – bargain!) for that perfect Winter look. #twolittleowlsblog

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