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Review: February Pink Parcel

A: It’s Pink Parcel time again – it always comes around so quickly, but now thanks to the Pink Parcel brand I don’t dread my period every month! And this months Parcel is the best yet.
Pink Parcel provide a discrete package delivered to your doorstep every month, with all of the things you need to keep you going through your ‘ladies time’. A bag of towels or tampons to pop into your bag for now, some for later and also some for bedtime.


The most exciting box though is the ‘for you’ box. This contains a selection of treats, which are chosen each month by the lovely team at Pink Parcel. This month, I got seven extras which is amazing!

Firstly, an Organic Surge Skin Perfecting face polish. I’ve never tried anything from this brand before, but I’ve heard a lot about them and this is designed to ‘exfoliate and stimulate to soften, smooth and brighten the skin’ with rosemary and lemon essential oils – it sounds dreamy so I can’t wait to give this a go!
A Pop Heart lip balm, which is perfect to pop in my handbag. Another brand I haven’t heard of – or used before, but I know this will come in handy with this super chilly weather we are having!
Now onto the most exciting product, the MUA Romantic Efflorescence eyeshadow palette. This really is beautiful and I’ve been after a new palette for a while now.

This has 12 shades in total; 6 matte and 6 shimmered. The colours range from taupe, to bronze, to copper and plum. There’s also a black – which for me is an essential in a palette. It does come with an applicator but it’s one with the sponge ends and I’m really not a fan of these. These are £4 on the MUA website, click here to take a look – and I promise I will be posting a review with swatches soon!
I also received a Bella Pierre Cosmetics eyeshadow brush – which I am really excited to use. I have a few brushes from this company which I bought in an eyeshadow set and I was really impressed with them. The cheapest I have found these for is £14.99 (here), but like the MUA palette – I will be posting a review of the Bella Pierre Brushes soon.
Lastly, a nail file – always handy! And a Divine Chocolate white chocolate bar – which I may have eaten before I even took any photos. Sorry about that but I can assure you that it was delicious!

My last Pink Parcel review can be found here, and if you’d like to know more about the company just click here! Pink Parcels have a monthly subscription fee of £10 – but your first one is just £5, a real bargain!

Have any of you tried Pink Parcel? We’d love to know what you think! #twolittleowls

January Pink Parcel

A: So it’s that time of month again, and my Pink Parcel arrived this week as a little reminder. This is now the third parcel that I’ve had, and you can see our other reviews by clicking here.

2015/01/img_5191.jpgPink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which allows you to choose your type of sanitary product to take care of those pesky periods, but also comes with a few treats to make your week a bit more pleasant! Every month, you get a bag with products ‘for now’, a box with products ‘for bedtime’, another box of products ‘for later’ and a finally a box ‘for you’. The ‘for now’ bag is designed to pop into your handbag, and the rest are self explanatory. You can choose either tampons or towels, whichever suits you. In total, I have received 20 daytime towels and 5 nighttime towels – more than enough for what I need.
The ‘for you’ box is the fun part. Pink Parcel put together a selection of goodies for you each month, and this month is a good one!


I received 7 products ‘extra’ this month, which is amazing! Firstly, some Balance Activ pH Balanced Feminine Wipes. I haven’t used a product like this before because I haven’t felt a need to, but I’m sure I’ll give these a go at some point. They don’t really smell of anything but I guess they’d be good for camping etc?
I also received an Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber Scent Melt from Flamingo Candles – a wax melt which is super strongly scented. I wouldn’t say that it smells of cucumber or tea to be honest, it just smells super clean and fresh. I really like products like this so I’m looking forward to using it!
Lastly in the ‘lifestyle’ bunch is a caramel milk chocolate bar from Divine Chocolate. Enough said really, I’m obviously going to throughly enjoy this!
The beauty products in this months Pink Parcel are my favourite part! A Richard Ward Silk Protein Hair Treatment which smells beautiful. I will use this on the ends of my hair mainly, and it’s not a brand I’ve heard of before so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara, something I’ve heard a lot about and a new mascara is always a winner for me. And finally, a Binky London Smooth Coverage Lipstick in Romance. Another brand I haven’t had the chance to try yet but I will be giving this a go as soon as I can, and it is a beautiful shade of red – something a girl always needs in her lipstick collection.

Pink Parcel has a monthly subscription fee of £9.95, but your first month costs just £5.95. This is such a good price for the products that you get, and it makes the usual chore of buying boring sanitary towels or tampons a little more exciting! Plus they know when to send your box out each month as you fill in the dates of your last period before you order, and can make any changes necessary as the months go by. They also offer Teen Parcel now, a great way to introduce teenage girls to periods.
Have you tried Pink Parcel? #twolittleowlsblog

November Pink Parcel

A: So you usually get Chloe’s reviews of her monthly Pink Parcel’s, but this time it’s my turn! For those of you that don’t know (where have you been?!), Pink Parcel is a lovely little subscription box which sends you all of the things you need for your monthly lady time. They have recently introduced pads too, which is the reason that I have now subscribed as tampons aren’t my favourite. It makes life so much easier, you don’t have to worry about if you’ve got enough supplies for the month, and they deliver it just in time for your cycle. Plus, the boxes are super discreet so not even the postman will know what it is.

Your first box costs just £5.95, and after that the monthly cost is £9.95. So what do you get for money?

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

So because I opted for pads (you can choose your specific brand/style too), I got a selection of pads ‘for now’, to pop in my handbag, then another box titled ‘for later’ which contains the rest of the pads I will need for the month and an extra box titles ‘for bedtime’. I wasn’t expecting the bedtime box, but it has pads in it which are of a more absorbent style which are perfect for night time. Lastly, the fun box – ‘for you’.

photo 3 (1)

In this box are all the goodies to help make you feel a little better when you most need it. This month, I received two sets of lashes (perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties!), a Doisy & Dam Orange and Goji chocolate bar (super yummy!), Roc Multi Correction serum, Gluco Tabs in Juicy Raspberry flavour (I’m giving these to Chloe because she is hypoglycaemic and these are perfect for her low sugar emergencies!), Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream and lastly a Tea Pigs Green Tea to help settle those tummy pains.

I think the selection of products in these boxes is amazing – and I am super excited to use the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream because it is such a highly reviewed product that I haven’t had chance to use yet – expect a twolittleowls review of this v. soon!

I am so happy with this subscription box, I’ve recently cancelled all of my other boxes because they just weren’t doing it for me. I think I will stick with this one for a while though 🙂

And just in case you didn’t know already, we are actually hosting a giveaway on behalf of Teen Parcel and Pink Parcel where you can win a subscription worth £55 – just click here for all the info (you deffo should because the prize really is amazing!). For more info on Pink Parcel, just click here!

What do you think to Pink Parcel? #twolittleowlsblog

A Giveaway and Review: Teen Parcel!

A & C: Pink Parcel contacted us recently about their brand new product; Teen Parcel – and we were so super excited to hear from them because we are massive fans of their products. Chloe reviewed their Pink Parcel for August, September and October and thought that they were one of the best subscription boxes going (and there are A LOT of subscription boxes out there!). A parcel which delivers all of the essential monthly lady things you need plus chocolate and fun things to make you feel better? What more could you want!

And now they have introduced Teen Parcel, and asked us to review it, help them launch it and host an amazing giveaway – we jumped at the chance because we genuinely believe in the brand and the product.

“That first period is a big deal. It can be scary, but also an exciting time. We want to replace the scary with something a little more positive, which is why we’ve launched a special teen version of our Pink Parcel. Just like the Pink Parcel, it comes with all the feminine hygiene products you’ll need to see you through the month. All the well-known brands are available, plus the very colourful U by Kotex tampon range, which are only available in the UK here at Pink Parcel. Each Teen Parcel also comes packed full of goodies. There’s a drink, something sweet, plus other treats, which will include beauty products, jewellery and other fantastic things guaranteed to make your time of the month that little bit lovelier. The first parcel costs just £5.95 and then it’s £9.99 after that. As well as setting up a subscription for yourself, you can also gift someone the joy of a Teen Parcel.”

The Review

So what did we receive in our Teen Parcels?

photo 1(18)

First up, the packaging it comes in is beautiful! We love the spotty print, and this box comes in a white plastic envelope, which is perfect because no one will be able to tell what the postman has brought you, so there’s no need for any embarrassment! It also fits through most letterboxes, so no need to worry about being in for it’s delivery.

photo 2(17)

There are 3 boxes inside, a little bag to put your products in for your handbag, and a few extra pads. In the “for later” and “for bedtime” boxes are 24 pads (including the extras with the little bag), which is plenty of products for most peoples time of the month – plus if you let pink/teen parcel know you require more they can sort that out for you. Obviously, you can also pick your brand or you can ask for a selection so you can work out which is right for you!

photo 3(9)

Look how cute this little bag is! Perfect for putting in your handbag!

photo 4(5)

And last, but certainly not least is our favourite part – the “for you” box! Each month this contains a selection of treats to make that time of the month a little easier and more exciting! We received Clean & Clears spot control cleanser, moisturiser and fast acting spot treatment, which is perfect for most teens who have problem skin! We also received a Binky nail polish in Blue Stargazer, which is an amazing sparkly colour – perfect for Christmas – as well as a 10% discount code. We then received a pink bracelet with a bow charm on, which is a lovely treat for a subscription box! As well as a teapigs green tea to calm down poorly tums and some Haribo! Because everyone needs treats! Amazing for a £9.95 subscription box!

 The Giveaway

We have a 6 month subscription to giveaway – valued at an amazing £55, and it’s super easy to get your hands on, you just need to click on ‘rafflecopter’ the link below and follow the steps…



And don’t forget to tweet us both with a message to let us know you’ve entered @teenparcel @twolittleowls1 we would love to hear from you! You have until 7th December 2014 to enter.

If you would like to know more about Pink Parcel or Teen Parcel, just click here.

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Love Annie & Chloe #twolittleowlsblog

*please note that the giveaway is only open to UK residents