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FOTD: ginger2’s hen do!

C: I went out for the beautiful Nadine’s hen do on Friday night – it was amazing! Well… Strippers are gross but I had an amazing night with the ladies! So here is how I did my make up:



I went for a full base (mac of course) and a silver/grey smokey eye. Because I went all out with my eye make up I went for a pink tinted lip rather than using lipstick. Which was one of the no7 lip crayons – amazing chubby stuck dupe.

Base: Benefit Porefessional, Mac Matchmaster foundation, rimmel powder, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, the Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter and Mac blusher.

Eyes/Eyebrows: ELF eye brow kit, Korres Mineral eyeliner, Rimmel liquid eyeliner and Dior eye palette.

Lips: no7 lip crayon.

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Aprils Empties – Part One

C: so in my bid to save money/use up my massive stash of beauty products I decided to start doing some empties posts! So here is what I used up last month:


So first up we have Lush’s Charity Pot, which I bought for £1 as all proceeds went to charity. A lovely idea – which is why we love Lush! I liked this product, it sunk into the skin well and smelt lovely. But personally I prefer a body butter to a lotion as my skin is so dry.

Repurchase: No.

We then have No.7’s Beautiful Skin BB Cream. I absolutely love this as I prefer using a BB cream on a day to day basis than foundation (I can pretend I am doing my skin good rather than clogging it up!). This BB skin gives good, even coverage and lasts all day. Perfect when you want natural looking make up as it lets freckles etc show through whilst covering imperfections.

Repurchase: Yes (I have already re-bought this and started it!)

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion – I love the smell of this and found it to be very moisturising and thicker than your normal body lotion so I liked the formula. But… (I’m sorry S&G I normally adore your products) the bottle was just so annoying! It only pumped out a tiny bit at a time and when there was about a quarter left in the bottle the pump didn’t work at all. I hate wasting products so I had to leave it upside down and squeeze it into another container. Super Frustrating.

Repurchase: No. If they use a different bottle then yes.

Phil Smith: Wow Brunette Coloured Dry Shampoo. I wont bang on about this as we did a review/comparison on dry shampoos here. This one was my favourite!

Repurchase: Yes.

Lastly we have Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius which I reviewed here. I love this foot cream!

Repurchase: Yes (I already have another left from my Christmas stash!)

So something a little bit different from us today, I shall be doing part 2 next week as I managed to finish so many products last month I couldn’t fit them into one post (Wahhooo!). Let us know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

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Morning Skincare Routine

C: now I am in no way saying that I am a beauty expert, but one thing I do know quite a lot on is skin care. After years of struggling to find products that work for my skin I have tried so many different things (that both work and don’t!). I helped Annie sort out her skin care routine a while ago, so we thought it would be a nice idea to share my routine and products for anyone who is struggling to find a solution for them!

Please keep in mind that I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone too break outs and blocked pores. I think these products would be suitable for anyone with similar skin/problems and will make suggestions for other skin types where I can!


So first up I like to wash my face whilst in the shower and I have been using the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash. This stuff never irritates my skin or causes me to break out in spots, it just gives a nice start to the morning – clean skin! I think this product would be suitable for any type of skin.

Next I use the No7 Beautiful Skin cleansing lotion to make sure all dirt is removed and my skin is thoroughly cleansed (Or the panda eyes from Benefits They’re Real is removed – impossible to get it all off I swear). Once again another product that can be used every day and doesn’t irritate. I am not sure whether this would be too much for someone with oily skin – I would suggest a cleansing lotion or Micellar Water cleanser may be more appropriate but my skin personally needs the moisture.

Every other day instead of the cleansing lotion I use Lush’s Let The Good Times Roll (which we reviewed in full here), which is an exfoliating cleanser. This is so gentle I can use it every other day, removing any dry skin patches and ensuring my foundation applies nicely. Would recommend for any skin type, and it multi tasks as an exfoliator for your body too!

A couple of times a week I use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This literally removes every speck of dirt/make up from your face. Even after a double cleanse this bad boy can find some more – genius. This is too strong for using on my skin regularly so I just used it every now and again to clear out my pores. I think this would be perfect for anyone whose skin is less sensitive and if you go to a Clinique counter they will match one to your skin type for you!

Last up is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. I use this every day and it is the only moisturiser I think I will ever use. Its amazing. For a full review please click here.

I hope you have found this post helpful, if you have any questions about these products or need some recommendations (or have some for me!) please do comment. I have be posting my night time routine tomorrow! #twolittleowlsblog

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No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser: Review

C: so previously I was quite lazy about cleaning my brushes until I read about the amount of bacteria (and the resulting spots!) that result from unhygienic brushes. When you don’t clean them regularly and properly they also get full of make up and don’t perform properly, meaning spots and less pretty make up application. What more of a reason do you need??


So every week I clean my brushes in warm water mixed with a tiny bit of baby shampoo. Swirl your brushes in the mixture and then rinse in warm water until all make up is removed. Although this cleans your brushes well I have recently started using the No7 make up brush cleanser every 4 weeks. You just spray it on to a cotton pad/tissue and gently wipe your brushes along it until they come clean – super easy!

The first time I did this I literally could not believe how much make up was still in my brushes. I was cleaning them every week but one weeks worth?! Still horrendous. I would really recommend this as a thorough, deep clean to be used monthly. It is available here for only £8, and is suitable for any type of brush. All of my brushes are like brand new after using this on them and the bottle has lasted me for ages!

Have you guys tried any other make up brush cleansers? Let us know! #twolittleowlsblog

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Chloe’s Spring Wishlist

C: Following Annie’s wish list (you can look at it here) I thought I had better share what I have been lusting after ready for Spring!


1. No. 7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush Stick in Rose Blossom (£9.95). I have not used many cream blushers before but they are something I would like to start trying in the summer when I usually wear less make up! An easy and quick application in this beautiful colour would be a welcome addition to my make up bag!

2. Vintage O & O ’90’s Button dress (£45 from Urban Outfitters). I love this sort of dress for the warmer months, strappy dresses don’t suit my bingo wings so this perfect for me! It can also be worn with tights and a cosy cardi for those chilly nights out!

3. Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses (price varies depending on choice!). I love the mock tortoise shell pattern ones and I really need a good pair for the summer. I am just worried as usually I break (sit on) all of my sunglasses so I don’t want to waste my money!

4. Essie Spring Nail Collection (£7.99 at Boots). This bad boy would not be in my wish list if it hadn’t been out of stock! Essie are my favourite nail polishes and these will be perfect to take you through from Spring to Summer!

So whats on your Spring wish lists? #twolittleowlsblog

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