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Review: Nip + Fab CC Cream

A & C: we both bought this during a recent bargain hunt in our local Factory Shop for the crazy cost of £2 – a steal when it is normally available from Boots for £14.99! As it is one of the pricier drugstore CC cream alternatives we were both really excited to try this badboy out and had high hopes for it!


The packaging itself is pretty sturdy, and similar to the rest of the Nip + Fab range. The squeezy tube means you can dispense the exact amount you need without too much wastage which is definitely a plus side – we hate wasting make up!


When we first opened this and looked at the colour we both assumed this would be completely wrong for us. We are both super pale and although we picked up the colour “Light” this looked pretty orange toned to us – luckily this seems to adapt to your skin tone on application, and although not the perfect colour match it was workable with a little pale pressed powder.

Unfortunately things didn’t get much better on application after the initial colour panic. We both found this really difficult to blend in to our skin. It seemed to sit on top of the skin rather than sink in and blend like you hope. Chloe ended up taking hers off straight away, and then re-tried with only a tiny amount of product. This worked much better, and actually works into the skin better when you apply with fingers rather than a brush – not particularly hygienic but still.

Eventually after a little trial and error we decided that the best way to use this was mixed with a little paler bb or cc cream. That way we could still use it up and it was a better colour match for us – it also blended in much better and looked more natural. It then lasted most of the day before it needed a little top up and a little powder to get rid of any shine.

Obviously we cannot comment on its skincare properties as we have only been able to use this mixed with other products, but we do enjoy the fact that it has SPF 30!

Have any of you guys tried this? Any recommendations on where we have been going wrong?! #twolittleowls

A Bargain Haul! 

C: I went shopping with Annie on Saturday and just happened to decide to pop into the Factory Shop… I dunno if you guys have heard of it? Well basically they have lots of beauty bargains/are often actually full of all the same stuff that no one wants, but this time we were super lucky and wanted to share our purchases with you in case you have one nearby and can snap up the same bargains!

First up is this nail polish from Revlon in the shade 85 ‘Minted’ which cost a whole… £1.19. Bargain. I love this colour for Summer and I trust Revlon to provide me with a decent nail polish so this was a winner for me!

Nip + Fab CC Cream in Light for £2! Yes you read that correctly…£2, when it is £14.99 from Boots etc. I have an obsession with base products at the moment so this went straight in the basket. This find was also when I started shouting Annie desperately to see if she wanted one (she did) before the crowds behind me snatched them all (we were basically the only ones in the shop).

And iv saved the best til last…. Dr Brand pores no more, pore refining cream. RRP of £55 and this cost us both… £5! I literally couldn’t believe it. We clearly both got one (and I would have bought loads more if there was any) and they were so cheap that I started to minorly panic when paying that I had read it wrong and I was going to end up with a very sad bank balance!

So there we have our bargain shop of the week! I literally am still in shock, so if you have a Factory Shop near you then go and check it out! Reviews will follow in due course obviously, once we have had a chance to try these out/I have dared open the super expensive face cream that will look excellent in my bathroom! #twolittleowls 

Septembers Empties!

C: Jeeeez, I can’t actually believe that it is October? Crazy. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I say that at the end of every month… so I’ll just get on with my empties! I have once again done pretty well with using up my stash this month, so I am pretty proud of myself (/good excuse to buy more).

photo 1(15)

1. Nip + Fab 365 Body glow Fix. I haven’t actually finished this, but I won’t use it again this year and I know it will make my skin delightfully green or something next year if I leave it open and use it again next Summer! I really liked using this and it was brilliant at sorting out my dodgy tan lines!

Repurchase: yes! Next Summer though.

2. Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser. I got a free sample of this in a Magazine at some point – free beauty items is pretty much the only reason I buy them! I really enjoyed using this as I love the scent of Roses, but I wouldn’t be able to say how much of a differences it made to my skin from this little sample. On the plus side I didn’t react to it, so I would say it was suitable for sensitive skin!

Repurchase: yes! Would love to try the full size version.

3. Gilchrist & Soames Shower Gel. I received this sample in one of my Birchboxes and although I like having little shower gels for going away this wasn’t for me. The scent was just a little too “mature” for me? If that makes sense? I like to smell like vanilla and sweets like the 12 year old I apparently am.

Repurchase: no, just due to personal preference.

4. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre. Another Birchbox sample here! I really liked this, it provided the perfect base for my foundation and I miss it already. The only reason I haven’t re-bought it yet is because it isn’t quite moisturising enough for my dry/eczema-y skin so I wasn’t sure. I think if I used this in the morning and my Clinique in the evening though it would be perfect!

Repurchase: yes.

5. St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Moisturiser. Another life saver for sorting out my farmers tan, I used this up before I started the Nip & Fab bottle and I really enjoyed using it. It was super moisturising and didn’t have the usual fake tan smell (which I normally hate) and it didn’t make me orange! Yay!

Repurchase: yes.

A very positive empties post today then apparently! Let me know what you guys have been using up or if you have tried any of these products (particularly if you have any Embryolisse tips please!) #twolittleowls