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Review: Kiko Nail Lacquer in Grass Green

C: whilst deciding what colour to paint my nails, I decided to have a look through my stash and see which nail varnishes I haven’t used recently. I have so many that lots get abandoned and forgotten about even if I love them! I realised that I haven’t actually used this nail varnish properly yet – I have only used it for nail art or on my toes rather than for a full mani! My mother in law (ish) bought me this a while ago when on holiday in Italy (you can see what else she treated me too here if you fancy) so it was about time I gave it a proper go and shared my thoughts with you readers!


Now the colour… when I first put this on I really wasn’t sure! I panicked a bit and then realised I was far too lazy to repaint my nails anyway so went out to meet Annie (we went for breakfast and then shopping as per our usual Saturday plans). By lunch time I had decided I actually love it! It is super bright and definitely a Summer colour but I really do like it! Plus its good to get out your comfort zone every now and again, and a nail polish is a super easy way to do that!

The formula itself is quite thin, but in a good way as it means its quite easy to work with. This is with two coats which is pretty much opaque, and has a beautiful glossy finish. I really liked the brush too, as it made it easy to get a professional looking manicure. However, due to the thin formula, I found it did sink into any imperfections on my nails, as my nails currently split quite easily due to being pregnant, so make sure you fully prep your nails and apply a base coat and then this polish will still look perfecto!

As for longevity, I would say these have a pretty normal lasting power. My mani lasted 3 days before any significant chips arrived which is pretty normal for me as I am quite hard on my nails (an hours bath and then washing up anyone?!).

This nail polish is still available here for currently just £2.50, although their polishes are normally £3.90 so get a bargain whilst you still can!

Let us know if you have tried any Kiko nail polishes! This is the only one I have, but next time I make an order I am definitely going to invest in a couple more – they have such a good colour range! #twolittleowls

Review: Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted

C: I recently picked this bad boy up in my bargain haul post which you can see here, and loved the colour so much I used it to paint my nails as soon as I got home! I hadn’t used a Revlon nail polish before, so I didn’t really know what to expect (although their make up has always been on point so thought I might be on to a winner). This nail polish is available from Boots for £6.49 (and is currently part of a 3 for 2 offer) here.


Now I don’t tell fibs on here, I always give 100% honest reviews so lets just say things didn’t start off well for this nail polish. I got a bit grumpy whilst painting my nails as it dried too quickly, as by the time I had done one brush stroke it was drying already meaning my first two coats were pretty patchy. Finally after the third coat (which is why I was grumpy – Im pretty lazy really) I had a pretty perfect looking mani and I bloody loved the colour. However, I did text Annie saying that although “Minted” was the perfect Summer colour, I am too lazy to probably use it again. As I said… not a good start.

So anyway, three days went by…. and my manicure was still perfect. Like seriously, not even one chip. Not even a tiny one. I started to get a little inkling that my first impressions were wrong about this nail polish and I should stop being so lazy/grumpy. Then 5 days went by and I only had a couple of minor chips that really weren’t noticeable and that was the deal breaker. I LOVE THIS NAIL POLISH.

Turns out, if you put the effort in this nail polish will reward you in pretty much a week of lovely nails. Which is totally worth the extra two minutes it took me to paint my nails, as usually I get annoyed at the chips and have to repaint my nails every couple of days. So say hello to my new favourite nail colour. Well done Revlon, well done. #twolittleowls

Chloes July 2015 Empties!

C: Hello Summer! Another month, another empties post for you guys! Once again I have done quite a good job of using up my beauty stash this month – if that isn’t a reason to justify shopping then I don’t know what is! I have basically used up my horrendously huge stash now – I hadnt been shopping apart from for beauty essentials since before Christmas! So more pre-baby beauty shops are definitely in order now and the perfect way to celebrate starting my maternity leave, so keep your eyes peeled for some epic hauling!


Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter – this is one of my favourite body butters, and since being pregnant I have been moisturising like cray to try and avoid the dreaded stretch marks! This is super moisturising, sinks in quickly and keeps skin moisturised all day – plus it smells amazing!

Repurchase – yes if I didn’t have several more lined up already!

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser – I wont go on about this as I reviewed it here, but this is my go to cleanser at the moment! I bloody love it!

Repurchase – I have already started my next bottle, so yes!

Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil – I received this sample in a Birchbox I think, and when my skin got super dry I decided to give this a go and see if it worked better than my normal body butters. It did a good job of moisturising… I just hate the oiliness! Just not the product for me I’m afraid, I hate feeling oily and sticky but if you are a fan of body oils then I reckon you would love this!

Repurchase – Nope!

Models Own Nail Polish in Grape Juice – another product that I reviewed here, and I love it! This was one of my favourite colours in my collection but unfortunately I didn’t put the lid on properly and it spilt! I was so sad! I got a couple more uses out of it, but it is time to admit it is ready for the bin!

Repurchase – I certainly would buy this again if they still make the same shade.

Prada Infusion D’Iris Perfume – I am finally working through the samples Annie’s mum gave me just after Crimbo, as they are perfect for putting in my work bag! I wasn’t keen on this though, it apparently smells like clean linen sheets, ambience and italian voyage… bit weird. Smells like old people to me.

Repurchase – no thanks!

Jimmy Choo Perfume – I knew I liked this already as Annie has it and I steal some sometimes when I go round (soz Annie). This is a lovely floral fragrance that lasts all day. Beautiful.

Repurchase – I don’t like buying myself perfume, but it will certainly be added to the Christmas list.

So there we have it, another month of mini reviews for you all! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them! #twolittleowls

A Bargain Haul! 

C: I went shopping with Annie on Saturday and just happened to decide to pop into the Factory Shop… I dunno if you guys have heard of it? Well basically they have lots of beauty bargains/are often actually full of all the same stuff that no one wants, but this time we were super lucky and wanted to share our purchases with you in case you have one nearby and can snap up the same bargains!

First up is this nail polish from Revlon in the shade 85 ‘Minted’ which cost a whole… £1.19. Bargain. I love this colour for Summer and I trust Revlon to provide me with a decent nail polish so this was a winner for me!

Nip + Fab CC Cream in Light for £2! Yes you read that correctly…£2, when it is £14.99 from Boots etc. I have an obsession with base products at the moment so this went straight in the basket. This find was also when I started shouting Annie desperately to see if she wanted one (she did) before the crowds behind me snatched them all (we were basically the only ones in the shop).

And iv saved the best til last…. Dr Brand pores no more, pore refining cream. RRP of £55 and this cost us both… £5! I literally couldn’t believe it. We clearly both got one (and I would have bought loads more if there was any) and they were so cheap that I started to minorly panic when paying that I had read it wrong and I was going to end up with a very sad bank balance!

So there we have our bargain shop of the week! I literally am still in shock, so if you have a Factory Shop near you then go and check it out! Reviews will follow in due course obviously, once we have had a chance to try these out/I have dared open the super expensive face cream that will look excellent in my bathroom! #twolittleowls 

Review: Soap & Glory Nail Polish in Very Berry

C: I absolutely love all Soap & Glory products that I have tried, but for some reason I have never used any of their nail polishes. I received this beautiful red/shimmery shade in a gift set for Christmas but some reason it got pushed to the back of my stash and I have never tried it! Until now! 

First lets talk about the colour… Maybe not entirely summery, but a classic none the less. I love red nail polishes, and the shimmer running through this makes it different to all the others in my collection. 

The formula is quite thin, but is still opaque in two coats. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the brush, it was quite thin and made it less easy to get a professional, clean looking manicure. Meaning it may not be the easiest for nail painting newbies to use! However, after a little clean up the formula really comes into its own as it lasts absolutely ages without chipping! 3 days without a top coat and 5 when my beloved seche vite was used on top – 5 days is nearly unheard of for me as I have been unpacking etc and generally my nails chip within the day! 

After such a good experience with this nail polish I am definitely going to be looking into investing in some more S&G nail polishes! Has anyone else tried them? Any shade recommendations? #twolittleowls 

Chloe’s Top Picks: Spring Nail Polishes

C: apparently it is Spring now… although looking outside I beg to differ. But with the change of season we often feel the need to update our beauty closet as well as our fashion choices – something which can be pretty expensive to do if on a limited budget! However, one of the easiest and cheapest way to update a beauty routine ready for Spring is with some bargain nail polishes. So I have picked my favourite Spring polishes that are super good value for your pennies!

photo 1(35)

George by Asda Polish in Cool Lilac and Fuzzy Peach – lilac and a pastel peach are the must have colours this Spring and these beauties from George are only 2 for £3! Perfect for sneaking into the food shopping trolley – no one will notice I’m sure! I reviewed these here and they really are incredible value for money and such beautiful colours.

Models Own nail polish in Duck – I love these speckled egg nail polishes! They really are perfect for Spring as the range is based on different eggs! These beauties are just £4.99 and available here.

Models Own Hyper Gel Polish in Turquoise Gloss – another bargain at £4.99 (available here) these super shiny gel effect nail polishes are easy to use and provide such a professional looking finish. I love this Turquoise/Mint Green colour, perfect for festival inspired manis!

Topshop Nail Polish in Solar – sadly this beauty is no longer available but there is a similar shade called Alchemy here for £6. I love gold nails all year round to be quite honest, but once again this is perfect for festival inspired nails and is the perfect investment if you can wear it any season!

What are you favourite Spring nail colours? Have I missed off any essentials? #twolittleowls

Review: No7 Nail Polish Collection

C: I realised today that I have not spoken much on this blog about one of my absolute favourite brands: No7! I think it is so underestimated by beauty bloggers/everyone and really is fabulous quality, so I am going to start a series of posts looking at the brand! Today I am going to start with my nail polish collection, which I absolutely love. Every time there is a No7 voucher going round I like to pick up a new colour, and my parents always get me no7 nail polish sets for Christmas as they know I love them!

photo 2(33)

From left to right the colours I own are: gold glitter top coat, daisy darling, silver glitter top coat, temptress, stand back, beanie, damson dream, hot to trot and totally teal. (Apologies for the washing machine in the bottom of the photo… its hard to lay on the floor and take photos when almost 6 months preggo!)

Obviously the glitter bad boys are BEAUTIFUL, and then I think “temptress” is my favourite shade – it is apparently a dupe for Chanels Rouge Noir, although I personally don’t own that so I can’t vouch for it! The colours are beautiful, and here is a photo of a mani I recently created using the bright blue shade “stand back”.


This is with no top coat applied, so you can see how glossy the formula is! This bottle is also about 5 years old… and still applies smoothly and hasn’t gone clumpy. I have literally never had to throw a no7 nail polish out unless I have completely ran it out. It is magical.

The brush is also perfectly shaped to fit the contours of your nails, meaning it is perfect for nail polish beginngers as two swipes and you are done! Two coats later and you have the perfect manicure that lasts for a good 3 days alone or about a week with a nice topcoat on top!

Have any of you guys tried any no7 nail polishes? Do you love them too? Let me know if you decide to invest in any – particularly if you get those fabulous £3 off vouchers! These polishes are available for £6 each from here #twolittleowlsblog