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An epic haul week!

C: as I have been saving recently hauls have been non existent! So apparently all of that saving has led up to a massive haul and lots of new treats! Here is what I have been buying:


So these little beauties were bought in 2 sittings (which makes it more acceptable). First up I had some Birchbox points to spend and had a 20% off code as a birthday treat! So I ordered a models own set of tweezers as mine have disappeared and I keep having to wait until I get to Annie’s before I can pluck my monobrow. I also picked up the benefit Boi-ing concealer and the chacha balm. I have only just started trying these but first impressions are amazing!

Feel Unique then decided to mess with my bank balance by having a massive sale. I finally gave in and ordered the Urban Decay Basics Palette. It took me ages to decide which palette to get, but as I want all of them I figured I had better start with the basics! I also saw that the Vintage Cosmetics Company brushes and had to have one. The precision brush seemed pretty apt for my non existent eye lids so I went for that! Both of these for £19 with my birthday coupon!!

Anyway I shall stop waffling, have any of you guys tried these products? Can’t wait to review them all for you! #twolittleowlsblog

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modelsown nail varnishes: a review

A & C: So we have been lusting after these modelsown speckled egg nail varnishes, and we got some in our latest haul as they were on offer in Boots (any 2 items from modelsown for £8 – bargain). We both got different colours so thought we would share a photo and our thoughts with you!


C: This is delightfully large picture of my manly hands. Fortunately the beautiful nail varnish makes up for the hands! I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pale blue (naming then after birds is adorable!) with black specks through out, a perfect colour for Spring! I really liked this nail varnish, it was easy to apply (I thought it would be a bit like applying glitter nail varnish but it was a smooth and quick process) and most importantly it lasted a long time. It even survived the dreaded washing up test – the boyfriend doesn’t agree that if you have painted your nails you can’t possibly wash up.

annies nails

A: I chose the “Magpie” green (I need to stop buying green nail varnishs but I just can’t help it!), and I was also surprised by how smoothly it applied. It did last a suprisingly long time and didn’t chip much either. The first time I wore it, I didn’t apply a top coat and it was still really durable, I also performed a nail varnish sin and didn’t apply a base coat (I was way too excited to try it) but it came off so easily and didn’t stain my nail bed. This is the first modelsown nail varnish I’ve bought, but it defintaley won’t be the last! Very happy!

Have you tried the #speckledegg range form modelsown? #twolittleowls

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An accidental study day haul!

A & C: So we are both in Lincoln today, studying away in the library like the good little nerds we are. We obviously had to have a break to eat nacho’s for our lunch in the name of nutrition and good mental health, and yet whilst in town we accidentally went shopping. I say accidentally… but everyone deserves a treat for doing lots of work right?? 

So heres what we got: 


C: I got these amazing wedges from Primarni for only £10! I have been looking for some like this for ages as being 5ft11 means I can’t wear massive heels (or I hit my head on things and look like the BFG). I am so excited to wear them and I am going out tomorrow night, so keep your eyes peeled for an OOTD post!

I also got two nail varnishes from modelsown (2 for £8 across the whole modelsown range at Boots!). Both me and the ginger one have had our eye on the speckled egg nail varnishes for a while now but wanted to see the colours in real life instead of ordering them online. I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pastel blue colour and then I got the Grape Juice colour from the scented (yes, scented) scratch and sniff range. I kid you not, scented nail varnish. Despite being a Psychology post grad student all advertising works on me and I had to buy it! I tried to have a smell (you get strange looks if you sniff nail varnish in the library…) and I can’t smell anything so it must be once you have painted your nails! Anyway, I will stop rambling on and actually do some work. I will be doing individual reviews of the items once I have tried them out/I am not stuck in a library. 

A: Okay so I actually had some pennies left at the end of the month before payday so I thought I deserved a treat, and we’ve been working super hard today. From Primark, I got this lovely collared dress with a ditsy floral print for £13, and a sparkly jumper which was in the sale for £3! I obviously couldn’t say no to that! I also got some black moccasins, I’ve been looking for some flats for ages that are smart enough to wear for work but fun too, and they were only £8. 

Like Chloe, I had to give in to the modelsown offer too, and chose the Magpie green from the speckled egg collection. I also chose the modelsown Lip-stix in nude, I’ve been lusting after one of the crayon type lipsticks for ages and I love this colour.

What do you think of our accidental haul? Let us know #twolittleowlsblog

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