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Chloes July 2015 Empties!

C: Hello Summer! Another month, another empties post for you guys! Once again I have done quite a good job of using up my beauty stash this month – if that isn’t a reason to justify shopping then I don’t know what is! I have basically used up my horrendously huge stash now – I hadnt been shopping apart from for beauty essentials since before Christmas! So more pre-baby beauty shops are definitely in order now and the perfect way to celebrate starting my maternity leave, so keep your eyes peeled for some epic hauling!


Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter – this is one of my favourite body butters, and since being pregnant I have been moisturising like cray to try and avoid the dreaded stretch marks! This is super moisturising, sinks in quickly and keeps skin moisturised all day – plus it smells amazing!

Repurchase – yes if I didn’t have several more lined up already!

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser – I wont go on about this as I reviewed it here, but this is my go to cleanser at the moment! I bloody love it!

Repurchase – I have already started my next bottle, so yes!

Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil – I received this sample in a Birchbox I think, and when my skin got super dry I decided to give this a go and see if it worked better than my normal body butters. It did a good job of moisturising… I just hate the oiliness! Just not the product for me I’m afraid, I hate feeling oily and sticky but if you are a fan of body oils then I reckon you would love this!

Repurchase – Nope!

Models Own Nail Polish in Grape Juice – another product that I reviewed here, and I love it! This was one of my favourite colours in my collection but unfortunately I didn’t put the lid on properly and it spilt! I was so sad! I got a couple more uses out of it, but it is time to admit it is ready for the bin!

Repurchase – I certainly would buy this again if they still make the same shade.

Prada Infusion D’Iris Perfume – I am finally working through the samples Annie’s mum gave me just after Crimbo, as they are perfect for putting in my work bag! I wasn’t keen on this though, it apparently smells like clean linen sheets, ambience and italian voyage… bit weird. Smells like old people to me.

Repurchase – no thanks!

Jimmy Choo Perfume – I knew I liked this already as Annie has it and I steal some sometimes when I go round (soz Annie). This is a lovely floral fragrance that lasts all day. Beautiful.

Repurchase – I don’t like buying myself perfume, but it will certainly be added to the Christmas list.

So there we have it, another month of mini reviews for you all! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them! #twolittleowls

Chloe’s Top Picks: Spring Nail Polishes

C: apparently it is Spring now… although looking outside I beg to differ. But with the change of season we often feel the need to update our beauty closet as well as our fashion choices – something which can be pretty expensive to do if on a limited budget! However, one of the easiest and cheapest way to update a beauty routine ready for Spring is with some bargain nail polishes. So I have picked my favourite Spring polishes that are super good value for your pennies!

photo 1(35)

George by Asda Polish in Cool Lilac and Fuzzy Peach – lilac and a pastel peach are the must have colours this Spring and these beauties from George are only 2 for £3! Perfect for sneaking into the food shopping trolley – no one will notice I’m sure! I reviewed these here and they really are incredible value for money and such beautiful colours.

Models Own nail polish in Duck – I love these speckled egg nail polishes! They really are perfect for Spring as the range is based on different eggs! These beauties are just £4.99 and available here.

Models Own Hyper Gel Polish in Turquoise Gloss – another bargain at £4.99 (available here) these super shiny gel effect nail polishes are easy to use and provide such a professional looking finish. I love this Turquoise/Mint Green colour, perfect for festival inspired manis!

Topshop Nail Polish in Solar – sadly this beauty is no longer available but there is a similar shade called Alchemy here for £6. I love gold nails all year round to be quite honest, but once again this is perfect for festival inspired nails and is the perfect investment if you can wear it any season!

What are you favourite Spring nail colours? Have I missed off any essentials? #twolittleowls

Chloe’s Second Christmas Haul Post

C: As I mentioned in my previous Christmas haul post (which you can see here) I was very lucky this year and received so many goodies I have split it into two posts! This post will be the beauty items I received this year. Now I am aware I got super spoilt so once again this is not a form of bragging, I just have a very large family and we all enjoy buying each other lots of presents so we all end up with lots of goodies!

Nail Stuff

photo 1(21)

Soap & Glory Nail Call Gift Set – my little bro got me this badboy! I love S&G and I love painting my nails so it was a good bet! The gloves freak me out a bit, but I will give them a go and report back. I have also never used S&G nail polish before so I am excited to try those!

Studio London Nail Polishes – these were from my sister and were all individual packaged in mini crackers! What a great idea!

Models Own Nail Polishes – these were from L’s Auntie! They are Hyper Gel, gel effect polishes which I am guessing means they are super shiny and hopefully long lasting! Once I have had a chance to try them out I will post a review.

Skincare Gift Sets

photo 2(20)

S &G: The Soapremes, All the Right Smoothes & Soap for the Best Sets – As you can see my family (and L) are aware of my love for S&G! I think I have enough bath stuff here to last me until next Christmas!

Lush Sets: Best Wishes & Secret Santa – Secret Santa contains a Father Christmas bath bomb which I have never tried before and Honey I Washed the Kids soap – which is one of my favourites! The Best Wishes box contains a Cinders and a So White bath bomb and a Hot Toddy shower gel. I got lots of Lush stuff as when we move into our new house (hopefully March!) I will finally have a bath! Don’t worry… I do wash, we just only have a shower in our apartment so it will be nice to have a nice relaxing bath again.

Beauticology Set – I have seen a lot from this brand but never tried anything from it myself. It contains some amazingly scented shower gels, body butters and a shower puff! Can’t wait to try them all!

Random (but fun) bath stuff

photo 3(12)

Okay so the most exciting thing here (other than the Hello Kitty body spray obvs) is the Winter Spice Sugar Scrub which L’s mum made me! It looks/smells amazing and I can’t wait to try it. She will be writing you a nice post soon on how she made it so you can all have a go!

Make Up

photo 4(8)

Clinique Party Lips & Nails Set – I love Clinique chubby sticks for a moisturising hint of colour so I was excited to receive this from my Aunties! It also contains to nail polishes – and I have never tried any Clinique ones before. I shall be posting a review of this soon!

Sleek Highlighting Palette – from Annie! She was so excited to give me this and I can see why! I have taken photos of this for a review, but just to warn you… Annie is such a good friend/liked this so much that she stuck her fingers in to try it before giving it to me! If it wasn’t funny I would tell her off.

MAC Rebel Lipstick & Woodwinked Eyeshadow – I gave out a little scream of excitement when I opened this! So so so so excited to own these! I feel like these are bblogger staples that I needed to own and I bloody love them. Reviews/swatches coming soon!

Fearne Made You Look – this contains 3 beautiful eyeshadows, a glitter pot and an eyeshadow base stick. It truly is beautiful and I would recommend getting your hands on it if it is still available from Boots (or even better is in the sale!) I shall be posting a look I made with this soon!

So there we have it… the longest Christmas haul ever! Let me know what you think, and please comment links to your Christmas hauls as I love reading them! #twolittleowlsblog

June Favourites

C: now you all need to be super proud of me… I haven’t bought anything new in June! I am saving for a house (which we have hopefully found! Pics to come if you are interested!) and so I have been searching through my beauty stash and re-discovering old favourites that I had forgotten about! So here is what I have been loving this month.


So first up we have Models Own scented nail polish in Grape Juice. I love this colour for the Summer months, and although if you use a top coat you can’t smell it anymore, it lasts for ages without chipping.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter – I won’t bang on about this as I recently reviewed this here and I have been using it every day to treat my skin and removed all my make up.

St Tropez Gradual Tan… not something I would normally use as I like being pale! However, after getting a tan in a t-shirt dress and then being a bridesmaid in a strapless dress I needed something to even out the farmer tan/ make me look less like my dad. This was perfect for every day use and gave me a lovely natural colour without being orange/patchy. I would recommend for any fake tan newbies as if I can use it, anyone can.

Mac Blusher in Stay Pretty. I won’t go on about this either because everyone knows Mac is amazing, but this beautiful pink has been my go to shade this Summer/Spring. It is so pretty and blends out perfectly.

Last up we have the Balms Mary Lou Manizer – a beauty blogger favourite. I only got this a little while ago with my Birchbox points (and therefore doesn’t count as spending money) and I love it! You can use it for highlighting cheeks, eye brows, eyes or even as an eyeshadow. It also lasts all day and I just love it. The packaging is also super cute which makes me even happier every time I use it.

What have you guys been loving this month? Let us know! #twolittleowlsblog

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Models Own Scented Nail Polish

C: being a slave to advertising and anything that’s remotely pretty I recently accidentally bought the Models Own scented nail polish in grape. I had never used a scented nail varnish before so I thought it would be a nice spring themed review for your bank holiday Mondays! Although I previously mentioned it in my Spring Nail Colours post, I did not give it a full review.



So here is a horrendous picture of my (apparently red) hands, featuring the lovely lilac nail polish and my stripy bed sheets. I absolutely love this colour, and it is perfect for the sunny weather. If you are looking too invest in a new nail polish this Spring I would recommend a pastel lilac as the colour.

The nail varnish is easy to apply (although I obviously still manage to paint my cuticles and rest of my hands – the mother in law aka the nail varnish police would not be impressed by these skills!) and is a smooth formula. You only need two coats to achieve this effect.

So scented nail polish…. confusing concept. The first time I used this I was in the library obviously doing lots of work and sniffing nail polish – not recommended, you get funny looks – and I couldn’t smell a thing. I then applied two coats of this and a top coat and wondered once again why I couldn’t smell a thing. Then Annie informed me that obviously if you apply a top coat I wouldn’t.. duh! So the next time I didn’t and it smells amazing! Absolutely love it! It smells like a bubblegum version of grape (once again people think its weird if you make them sniff your hands – the boyfriend was very suspicious of this).

However, I do not find that it lasts long without chipping if you do not used a top coat. This may be because I spend most of my time washing up, but I had to choose between sniffing my hands all day long and a top coat. Tough decisions.

Have you guys ever used a scented nail polish? What did you think? #twolittleowlsblog

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Spring Nail Colours!

C: as it’s officially Spring and it’s finally a little bit (emphasis on the little part) sunny we thought we would share with you our favourite colours to paint our nails this season!

20140408-121609.jpgSo starting from the left is Sally Hansens white nail varnish, an essential for any Spring time nail art, for painting on polka dots and flowers.

w7 nail polish in powder pearl, Essie in Where’s My Chauffeur, No7 in Stand Back and Models Own in Duck. Bright and pastel blues are the perfect Spring colours which allow your nails too make a statement when you haven’t had time to accessorise etc. We especially love the Models Own speckled egg nail polishes (Annie has the green coloured one) which we reviewed here.

Next up we have w7 in Sheer Lemon (amazing for the centre of flowers or for painting your toes ready for those new sandals) and Models Own in Grape. A pastel lilac is THE colour to have this summer so if you are thinking of investing in a new nail polish we would recommend this! I shall be doing a full review on this nail varnish soon so keep an eye out for that.

Finally we have BarryM in Shocking Pink and Essie in Snap Happy. I couldn’t manage a Spring nail post without having at least one pink and red colour in here. Bright pink is perfect for detracting attention away from other problems – my cuticles are currently horrendous from work and this coral red from Essie is the perfect small change to make from the darker reds we got used too this Winter if you aren’t ready for Spring just yet!

So what colours are you loving this Spring? If you would like some Spring nail art ideas please check out our recent post here, where we showed you buys how to re-create some simple but effective nail designs! #twolittleowlsblog

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modelsown nail varnishes: a review

A & C: So we have been lusting after these modelsown speckled egg nail varnishes, and we got some in our latest haul as they were on offer in Boots (any 2 items from modelsown for £8 – bargain). We both got different colours so thought we would share a photo and our thoughts with you!


C: This is delightfully large picture of my manly hands. Fortunately the beautiful nail varnish makes up for the hands! I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pale blue (naming then after birds is adorable!) with black specks through out, a perfect colour for Spring! I really liked this nail varnish, it was easy to apply (I thought it would be a bit like applying glitter nail varnish but it was a smooth and quick process) and most importantly it lasted a long time. It even survived the dreaded washing up test – the boyfriend doesn’t agree that if you have painted your nails you can’t possibly wash up.

annies nails

A: I chose the “Magpie” green (I need to stop buying green nail varnishs but I just can’t help it!), and I was also surprised by how smoothly it applied. It did last a suprisingly long time and didn’t chip much either. The first time I wore it, I didn’t apply a top coat and it was still really durable, I also performed a nail varnish sin and didn’t apply a base coat (I was way too excited to try it) but it came off so easily and didn’t stain my nail bed. This is the first modelsown nail varnish I’ve bought, but it defintaley won’t be the last! Very happy!

Have you tried the #speckledegg range form modelsown? #twolittleowls

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An accidental study day haul!

A & C: So we are both in Lincoln today, studying away in the library like the good little nerds we are. We obviously had to have a break to eat nacho’s for our lunch in the name of nutrition and good mental health, and yet whilst in town we accidentally went shopping. I say accidentally… but everyone deserves a treat for doing lots of work right?? 

So heres what we got: 


C: I got these amazing wedges from Primarni for only £10! I have been looking for some like this for ages as being 5ft11 means I can’t wear massive heels (or I hit my head on things and look like the BFG). I am so excited to wear them and I am going out tomorrow night, so keep your eyes peeled for an OOTD post!

I also got two nail varnishes from modelsown (2 for £8 across the whole modelsown range at Boots!). Both me and the ginger one have had our eye on the speckled egg nail varnishes for a while now but wanted to see the colours in real life instead of ordering them online. I got the “Duck” colour which is a beautiful pastel blue colour and then I got the Grape Juice colour from the scented (yes, scented) scratch and sniff range. I kid you not, scented nail varnish. Despite being a Psychology post grad student all advertising works on me and I had to buy it! I tried to have a smell (you get strange looks if you sniff nail varnish in the library…) and I can’t smell anything so it must be once you have painted your nails! Anyway, I will stop rambling on and actually do some work. I will be doing individual reviews of the items once I have tried them out/I am not stuck in a library. 

A: Okay so I actually had some pennies left at the end of the month before payday so I thought I deserved a treat, and we’ve been working super hard today. From Primark, I got this lovely collared dress with a ditsy floral print for £13, and a sparkly jumper which was in the sale for £3! I obviously couldn’t say no to that! I also got some black moccasins, I’ve been looking for some flats for ages that are smart enough to wear for work but fun too, and they were only £8. 

Like Chloe, I had to give in to the modelsown offer too, and chose the Magpie green from the speckled egg collection. I also chose the modelsown Lip-stix in nude, I’ve been lusting after one of the crayon type lipsticks for ages and I love this colour.

What do you think of our accidental haul? Let us know #twolittleowlsblog

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