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The August Cohorted Beauty Box! 

C: Hi guys, an exciting day today…. I finally got my August cohorted box! I say finally as I ordered this on like the 20th July or something before they went out of stock and I’ve been super excited to get it! Apparently they were all dispatched on the 10th, so really delivery was super quick! So here is what I got:

So first up, I love the packaging! Sleek but looks super high end and beautiful! Not normally keen on the whole black/white theme but it works well and I enjoy the ribbon! Everything is also safely encased in shredded black paper to keep all your goodies safe!

Bare Minerals Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper RRP £15 – basically a skin perfector that also helps extend the wear of your foundation. This is one of the items I am most excited about trying! I haven’t used anything similar to this before and I love bare minerals as a brand so a thumbs up from me!

Bare Minerals Soft Focus Face Brush RRP £20 – another item I am pleased to receive, I love new make up brushes! This is super soft and I can’t wait to try it out! It seems like the perfect powder brush.

Cargo Eye Colour Quad Palette RRP £10 – when I first opened this I assumed from the colours that this was a blusher/bronzer palette! They don’t seem very eyeshadow like colours to me… But I haven’t tried anything from this brand before so I shall certainly be trying these out!

Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Body Cream RRP £6 – I was a little disappointed with this addition to the box just because it is tiny! I don’t think I will even get two uses out of this, which isn’t much use when deciding if you like a product! I have however used Molton Brown body lotions before so I know I will love this, but if you hadn’t it would be hard to get a feel for the product!

Laura Geller Baked Impressions Duo Eyeshadow RRP £15 – I actually love the colours in this and don’t have anything similar in my collection, so I shall definitely be doing a FOTD using this!

So there we have the August Cohorted box, which contains £66 worth of products so is great value for money! My only criticism is that I got 6 eye shadows! I feel like there could have been a little more variety to the box, as I would have preferred a more diverse selection of products! What do you guys think of the Cohorted box? #twolittleowls 

No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser: Review

C: so previously I was quite lazy about cleaning my brushes until I read about the amount of bacteria (and the resulting spots!) that result from unhygienic brushes. When you don’t clean them regularly and properly they also get full of make up and don’t perform properly, meaning spots and less pretty make up application. What more of a reason do you need??


So every week I clean my brushes in warm water mixed with a tiny bit of baby shampoo. Swirl your brushes in the mixture and then rinse in warm water until all make up is removed. Although this cleans your brushes well I have recently started using the No7 make up brush cleanser every 4 weeks. You just spray it on to a cotton pad/tissue and gently wipe your brushes along it until they come clean – super easy!

The first time I did this I literally could not believe how much make up was still in my brushes. I was cleaning them every week but one weeks worth?! Still horrendous. I would really recommend this as a thorough, deep clean to be used monthly. It is available here for only £8, and is suitable for any type of brush. All of my brushes are like brand new after using this on them and the bottle has lasted me for ages!

Have you guys tried any other make up brush cleansers? Let us know! #twolittleowlsblog

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A Celebratory Haul!

C: Having completed a major milestone in my thesis, I thought I had better treat myself and share with you guys what I got! I have never tried any of these products before, so I will be doing individual reviews once I have tried them all for long enough to get a feel for the products.


1. Phil Smith Wow Brunette Coloured Dry Shampoo – currently on sale in Sainsburys so I got this for about £2.50 (sneaked it in the food shopping trolley!)

2. Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo – also in the sale! My friend Nadine asked us to do a dry shampoo review, and both myself and Annie realised that we had never used any apart from Batiste! So we decided to try some new ones out as per our request (we like getting requests, it makes us feel professional so please do let us know if you want something reviewing/any advice)

3. Carino Professional Miracle Oil with Argan Oil – an Aldi special for £3.99. We recently received a hair oil in our Birchbox and Annie reviewed the avon hair oil here. So we decided to try out some others so we could do some comparison posts soon!

4. Avon Eye Liner Brush £4- I have a current obsession with make up brushes, so I couldn’t resist trying this bargain. I have really really small eye lids, so I am hoping this might help with eye shadow blending – I shall report back.

5. Avon Matte Vernis Top Coat £3 – a matte top coat! This was super popular in LFW14 and is set to be a big trend this Spring so once again I couldn’t say no. We will be doing a review on this by the end of the week once Annie has had a chance to borrow it!

6. Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick in Pink Renewal £5 – a gorgeous nude/pink lip when its on. I absolutely love this, and bought it in the hope that we might have some nice Spring weather soon. Even if we don’t, at least I’ll have nice lipstick!

Let us know what you think, or if you have tried any of these products already! #twolittleowlsblog

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