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FOTD: Ladies who Brunch Feat. Kiko Cosmetics and Project Pan!

C: a quick FOTD for you all today! I went out for a late breakfast with Annie (and the boys, but we try to ignore them as best as we can) the other day and quite liked my make up so decided to share it with you! I was also wearing my S&G lipgloss from our Project Pan (you can see the post all about it here) so thought it would be a good way to update you on how said project is going!


Please do excuse my eyebrows… I am prepping them for a nice wax ha! Other than the monstrous brows (which I used ELFS brow kit to tame as much as possible), I decided to keep my make up quite low key, especially with my base. I have delightfully hormonal skin at the moment so kept my base quite light with my GOSH BB Cream and my ELF translucent powder. Although I have several blemishes on my chin, I decided against a heavy duty concealer as Annie isn’t bothered by my horrid face and I would rather not clog up my skin any more than necessary! Special occasions for posh make up only! To warm up my skin a little I used Benefits Hoola bronzer and a little Mary Lou Manizer to highlight – being preggo means I no longer actually have cheekbones so this just contoured my face slightly so I looked like the normal me!

For my eyes I used Benefits Stay Don’t Stray primer, as it was hot weather and I knew I was going to be out all day and then lined under my eyes with a Rimmel black liner which I smudged out slightly with a brush. I then used my Kiko Eyeshadow stick in 04 Golden Chocolate all over my lid which I blended out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. I then reapplied some more in the crease to darken it slightly and add some definition. I love these beauties for easy make up that looks like you have spent ages creating a smokey eye – I reviewed this separately here if you are interested.

I then used a black eyeshadow from W7 along my upper lashes to add some definition and finished with a couple of coats of Benefits They’re Real Eyeliner! All in all I spent about 10 minutes at the most doing my make up, but was really pleased with how it came out! Lastly I applied my S&G Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss that I am trying so hard to use up for our Project Pan, but it is lasting forever! I have used it so much and it still looks brand new… may have picked the wrong product here but congrats on such a value for money product S&G!

So anyway what do you think of my low maintenance, low-key look? It lasted all day and is simple enough for any make up beginner! #twolittleowls

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition AQUA Laque in Rose on the Rocks

C: If you saw my recent haul post (Which is here if you missed it) I had wanted to try Bourjois’ liquid lipsticks for AGES and finally picked up the “Aqua” (glossy for normal people I believe) version in Rose on the Rocks. I have been trying it out for a few days now so wanted to give you guys a quick review!

photo 2(36)

Available here for £8.99 or often on offer for 3 for 2, Boots describe this product as follows: “Mirror-like shine, intense colour & 10hr hydration”. So what did I think?

First of all, I absolutely love this rose colour. As soon as I put it on I was like YES! THIS IS AMAZING! And text Annie about it straight away… always a good sign. For me this is the perfect my lips but better colour, and one of the reasons I often pick up a rose/pinky colour when trying a new lipstick or brand. However… I wouldn’t agree that it is an intense colour, not for this shade anyway. As you can see in the swatch below this is more of a wash of colour in a gloss. I have seen swatches of other colours, such as the reds etc that really are intensely pigmented, and although this isn’t it doesn’t make me like it any less.

photo 3(21)

As for shine… it really is a lovely gloss effect without the horrid stickiness that you get with most lipglosses. It feels very moisturising and comfortable on the lips and does help keep lips hydrated – so those claims really are true! However, it doesn’t last for very long! After about an hour it has just disappeared! It leaves a slight stain behind but all glossiness is gone and it needs reapplying, especially if you eat or drink anything. The plus side to this is that you don’t need a mirror to reapply and it smells like sweets, so I quite enjoyed the process really!

So all in all, a beautiful if slightly less pigmented than claimed moisturising lip product! I personally still love it even with its slight flaws as it makes my make up look more natural. Has anyone else tried these? If so are the other colours similar in pigmentation/longevity?! #twolittleowls

Review: Model Co SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss

C: after my review of the S&G motherpucker lipgloss (which you can see here) I decided that my lipgloss adventures are clearly popular, and I had better share another discovery with you beauties. I have only just started a love affair with lip glosses, so thought the best way to start would be to get a neutral-ish gloss that I can wear on top of all my lipsticks whilst I decide whether or not I want to go all out and buy thousands of glosses in different colours. And my lord I am glad I did… enter Model Co’s lipgloss in “Strip Tease” – available here for £16.

photo 1(34)

“Strip Tease” is a beautiful peachy nude, full of beautiful shimmery-ness that is subtle and yet eye catching at the same time. The shimmer is finely milled and discreet, so it adds extra shine without looking like a 6 year old who has been playing with sequins and glue. Alone this lipgloss is beautifully subtle, but I prefer to wear it layered over my favourite lipsticks for extra shine.

photo 2(32)

It is not sticky at all, meaning its comfortable to wear all day and I actually finding it to be quite moisturising unlike other glosses I have tried. It also lasts a long time before it wears off. I found it lasted about 3 hours on me unless I was eating or drinking lots (which is most of the time), which meant I had to top it up more often. Although wearing lipgloss is still a novelty to me so I was pretty happy cracking out my lipgloss to reapply.

It also comes with a handy little mirror on the side, so you can reapply your lipgloss on the go without having to use your camera on your phone/look like a mental person. Possibly one of the best lip gloss ideas ever!

Have any of you guys tried this lipgloss? What did you think? #twolittleowls

Review: Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Extreme Pump Lipgloss

C: a slightly different review for you all today, as usually I am a strictly lipstick person and hated glosses! However, Annie has got me into using glosses, which I think are lovely for Spring/Summer! So whilst sorting through my stash I found several lipglosses that I had received in beauty boxes or for Christmas etc that I hadn’t even opened – and this treat from S&G was one of them!

photo 3(19)

This is in shade “Pink Out Loud” which is a natural, sheer pink when applied. However, in order to consider its plumping effects I decided to do a before and after shot for you all! Aren’t you all lucky!

photo 2(30)

Here is me without the lipgloss on (please ignore my pregnant fat face/bad selfies)

photo 5(3)

And here we are with the lipgloss on! Now to me, I think my lips do appear slightly fuller. However, I know glosses are better for this than lipsticks, so I don’t know whether that’s the tinglyness or just the glossiness. Opinions please?

Now, on to the lipgloss itself! First up… the tingling is really quite horrid. It isn’t painful, but its definitely something you have to get used too! I have used it a few times now, and now I know what to expect it doesn’t bother me but I did freak out the first time! It also lasts for a good couple of hours – unless you are eating – before you need to reapply and isn’t at all sticky!

All in all, a good starting experience for lipglosses! Have any of you guys tried this? #twolittleowls

October’s Pink Parcel

C: okay okay I know I said last month I didn’t need another Pink parcel…  but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want one?! I have had such a lovely experience with Pink Parcel, they are always on time, they always send you a nice email to let you know your box is on its way. They are just lovely. If you would like to see my previous Pink Parcels then click here and here, but lets get on to this months box!

photo 1-9

As usual you get a little bag of 5 tampons that says “for now” to put in your handbag and two boxes “for later” which both contain 10 tampons of your choice. Saving you from going out and buying your monthly essentials as well as containing a box of treats “for you”. This is the exciting part, and here is what I received this month:

photo 2-10

The first thing I noticed was the Loreal Revitalist Multi-active Daily Moisturiser that targets the 10 signs of ageing. This is a full size, 50ml bottle that retails for £15.99 – covering the cost of your box without even including those essentials. Amazing value and a product I am super excited to try out, prevention is better than a cure and all that.

Being a nail varnish collector (hoarder) I then noticed the OPI nail polish in “girl colour”. Not something I would normally go for, but beautiful all the same. It is a very pale glittery pink which I have already tried out as a topcoat over white… it looks amazing! Very Christmassy as it gives the perfect snow effect. Another amazing edition!

Included was also a Kubiss Lip Gloss, a brand I have never heard of before. I do not normally wear lip glosses, just because I prefer lipstick but I like the colour of this so I am looking forward to trying it out. I also received a sample of Yardley’s Uplifting Daisy body lotion which I can’t wait to try as well as the usual tea-pigs tummy tonic and a chocolate bar from Daisy & Dom. If you haven’t tried their chocolate  before then you need to seriously get some – it’s amazing!

So what did you guys think of this months Pink Parcel? I loved it as usual, amazing value for money and their customer service was spot on as usual. We have some exciting news coming your way about Pink Parcels future subscription services, so make sure you follow us so you can keep up to date! Click here to head to the Pink Parcel website. #twolittleowls

Benefit Little Love Potions : Review

C: I got this amazing Benefit Little Love Potions set for Christmas from my lovely parentals. I thought it would be the perfect way of reviewing several Benefit items for all you lovely readers, and let you know which full size products I will be purchasing (when I’m less poor) even though the actual gift set was just available for Christmas.


1. The Porefessional – a primer that minimizes the appearance of pores. I absolutely love this, I have massive pores and nothing will get rid of them! But this amazing primer completely covers them up (second best thing to getting rid of them!) it gives a lovely smooth base for applying my make up, and it lasts ages. I will definitely be re-purchasing and Annie also got a sample of this in her Birchbox and she is buying one too!

2. Its Potent Eye Cream – lovely and thick, I haven’t noticed much difference since using this personally but I have only been using it for about a week. My sister in law uses this every day and she says she would 100% recommend! It helps brighten up her eye area and she is convinced it has got rid of her wrinkles (she didn’t have any in the first place).

3. High Beam – a classic. I absolutely love this. Blends beautifully, looks amazing under my eye brow arch and at top of cheekbones. I’m not entirely convinced I want to give up my Mac Highlighter for this but I am seriously considering it/ re-buying both.

4. Posietint – a lip and cheek stain. I like this. It’s pretty and lasts a good while but that’s all I can say on it. I am not in love, just not my sort of colour but would be perfect on holiday/for a festival when you need products with a multiple-use!

5. Stay don’t Stray – primer for eyeshadow/concealer. This is true love for me. I have an embarrassing love for glitter and this will hold even glitter eye shadows all night without them slowly sliding closer to my chin. Perfect, definite re-buyer!

6. Watts-Up – Highlighter. I like this, don’t love it. I will use it up but I wont be re-purchasing. I just found it harder to blend than the liquid High Beam (probably my lack of skills but never mind). A lovely highlighter though.

7. Badgal Lash – another classic mascara that I am sure you have all heard of. I haven’t actually used this out of my set yet but I have purchased it before and I love it. Thick, dark perfect lashes. I love this and Benefits “They’re Real” Mascara.

8. That Gal – primer. Lovely texture and made my make up last all day. However I just don’t understand how it will “brighten” my face when my foundation is on top?!?! Any suggestions guys? I liked this, but wouldn’t re-buy as Porefessional is more suited to my skin type (I feel very inclined to include mean girls huge pore quotes. I’ll save em for another day!)

9. Hoola – bronzing powder. Really liked this, easy to blend and wasn’t too dark on my pale skin. I am un-sure whether I will re-buy this. I think a comparison between my Mac bronzers may be in order first!

10. Ultra Plush (Hoola) – lipgloss. A lovely colour and sheen, lasted a long time too. I doubt I will re-buy though as I much prefer lipsticks to glosses. However, if you like lip glosses I would recommend this as it wasn’t horrid and sticky like most others I’ve tried (it tasted pretty nice too).

Well I hope that has been interesting/useful. If you own/have tried any of these Benefit goodies please let us know what you think! #twolittleowlsblog

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