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A No7 Christmas Count Down- Day 15! 

C: TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!! I have been dreading today cos baba has her second lot of jabs today, but my no7 advent calendar has cheered me right up! 

I received a sample sized High Shine Lip Crayon in an anonymous colour, which isn’t clever no7 as how are we meant to repurchase if we don’t know the shade name! 

But anyway, I have this exact lip crayon already (in another nameless sample alas) and I love it so I’m quite happy to receive a back up! It is even better than Cliniques chubby sticks in my opinion (and I’m a big fan of those too). As rather than being moisturising with a hint of colour these are wayyyy more pigmented and the colour is a little more long lasting.

Not as long lasting as a lipstick, but it fades evenly so you can wear this out to dinner with no clown face concerns! 

Has anyone else tried the no7 lip crayons? They are an essential for any lip crayon fans! #twolittleowls

A Mini Avon Haul

A: Avon is one of my favourite brands, you can order beautiful make up and skin care from the comfort of your sofa, get it delivered by your lovely Avon lady – and if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, you can return it free of charge with a full refund! Although I have only ever had to return one item, and that was because of my super sensitive skin. Chloe spotted my Avon book last time she was at my house, and couldn’t resist adding to my order. So what did we get?

Firstly, a beauty blender. This is mine, and an addition to the one I already have in my make up stash – it was just £3.95 so a bargain. I’ve actually reviewed this before, so if you want to find out more just click here. 

I also spotted this Gold Strength Nail Experts varnish. I have really weak nails and am always on the lookout for anything to help. This has a slight gold shimmer in it, which I’m obviously a fan of. Can’t wait to give this a go and review it for you, and it was a bargain for £3.00

Next, the Sultry Lip Pencil in Naturally Naked. Chloe and I both ordered one of these because they were just £2.75. Amazing! 

It’s a gorgeous wearable colour too – and I think it’ll be super long lasting (it wasn’t easy to remove this swatch!). Chloe and I will both be reviewing this, so keep following!

Lastly, Chloe ordered these Illuminating Face Pearls. I ordered these a couple of weeks ago and she was super jel so had to order them for herself, and for £4.00 who can blame her. 

They have beautiful peachy tones, which will be perfect for Spring make up, and the illuminzed effect creates a gorgeous highlight. Another product we will be doing a joint review on in the next few weeks.

Have you tried any Avon products? We’d love your recommendations! #twolittleowls

July Birchbox: Sun, Sea & Sand

C: I received my Birchbox yesterday, and I finally had a chance to look through it properly today! So here’s what I got:


LAQA & CO SHEER LIP LUBE PENCIL IN MENATOUR. Full size is £14.00, sample value is £7.57. Now don’t get me wrong, I love receiving lip products in my beauty boxes but purple?! The majority of people will not wear a purple lip colour (myself probably included) so you would think they would send a more neutral colour out? Anyway, rant over. Quite looking forward to trying this out/maybe a purple FOTD!!

ULTRADEX ORAL SPRAY. Full size which is worth £3.65. Probably the item I was most excited over, the only full size product and apparently just the lifestyle extra?! Maybe I’m weird, but who doesn’t like fresh breath! Have already tried this, and first impressions are good.

BALANCE ME WONDER EYE CREAM. Full size is £20, sample value is £9.33. A good sized sample for an eye cream and a brand I have had good experiences with in the past! I’m a bit dubious about trying another eye cream as usually my sensitive skin hates them, but I will try this and report back!

WHISH THREE WISHES LAVENDER BODY BUTTER. Full size is £14.50, sample value is £2.13. A brand I have never heard of and I love the smell of Lavender!

GILCHRIST & SOAMES ENGLISH SPA SEA KELP EXTRACT MINERAL BATH. Full size is £11.25, sample value is £1.90. Despite the sample value I still think this is a pretty good sample size for such a well known brand. Just a shame I don’t have a bath (yet! new house soon hopefully!!)

WELEDA MILLT NOURISHING SHAMPOO. Full size is £8.95, sample value is £0.85. A brand we have had several times before and a small size sample. Will be put to good use in my gym bag though I am sure!

So the total value of this months box is £25.43 which for a £12.95 box is amazing! Despite some of the small sample sizes and repetition of some brands I am pretty please with this box. I also like the Summery theme this month and I can see how all the products relate to this… apart from maybe the breath freshener. I would like to think people like fresh breath all year round! What did you guys think of this months Birchbox? #twolittleowlsblog

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