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Review: LAQA & CO Lip Lube

C: When I first received this in my Birchbox I was super unimpressed. Purple Lip Lube? Couldn’t think of anything worse so it got thrown into my lipstick drawer (yes, I have so many they have a full drawer to themselves) and forgotten about. Annie eventually persuaded me that purple would suit me, so I tried it out and fell in love. True love.

photo 1-16

Apologies for the used product photo, it wasn’t something I ever thought would be featured on here so I didn’t take any photos before I used it. The packaging is lovely and bright, you just have to twist the bottom for more product. It is also easy to apply as it is so moisturising, its texture is comparable to a Clinique Chubby stick but in my opinion it is more pigmented (and tastes of mint!) which you can see in the swatch below.

photo 2-18

The colour really is beautiful and bright, which is scary for some. However, I really would recommend this to anyone who is looking to start wearing brighter lip colours, as its wears evenly and doesn’t stain your lips. Meaning you don’t have to worry about a high maintenance lip colour that looks horrendous as it starts to come off!

For such a moisturising product it also lasts a surprisingly long time. I get about 3 hours wear from this before I need to reapply. This is reduced when I am eating/drinking, but I am super pleased with its performance. I loved it so much that I wore it to the #bloggersfestival which you can see in the photo below, and I have been reaching for it every time I go out in the evening. Perfect.

photo 3

Have you guys tried any of the Lip Lubes from LAQA & CO? What do you think of this colour? #twolittleowls

More June Favourites

A: Following Chloe’s June Favourites post, I’ve decided to show you what I’ve been loving this month.

Avon Ideal Luminous Shimmer Block

I got this a couple of month’s ago from my lovely Avon lady for just £6, an introductory offer price (this is something Avon are always really good at so keep an eye out on their new products!). It’s really nice to use because the colours are so blendable and also super versatile. I’ve been using the darker half as bronze/contour and the lighter colours as highlighter/eyeshadow, and they last all day. Perfect for some extra colour in the Summer, find it here.

Collection Hot Look Nail Polish

I got this orange colour for my birthday in April and I’ve been saving it for Summer. The shade is called ‘scorched’ – it looks really good on, with a slight shimmer. It dries super quickly and is pretty long lasting too, even without a top coat – impressive considering I’ve found it on the Boots website for £1.99 (here).

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

This is pretty boring I’m afraid, but with all of this warm weather we’ve been lucky to have, I like to keep my lips super hydrated and this has been my go to balm for years (probably about 10 – that’s pretty scary). I don’t need to go on about it, it does what it says on the tin and I love it, my boyfriend even keeps some in his van (but don’t tell anyone I told you!). Available here for just £1.65.

Bomb Cosmetics Little Hottie Wax Melts and Oil Burner

This one is a bit of a re-discovery. My boyfriend bought me this last year (for Valentine’s I think?!) and I used it so much, but ran out of wax melts and never got any more so whilst Chloe and I were at our local shopping centre last month I decided to treat myself to some. Firstly, you need to buy a burner and a stash of (non-scented) tea-lights. You then choose your wax melts. There’s literally tonnes to choose from, and not only that but the combinations you can make are never-ending. My favourites are raspberry, chocolate orange, white chocolate and vanilla. You then place your choice of wax melt on the top of the burner, above a candle and let the relaxing start. The scents are yummy and really strong, and last for about 20 hours per melt. Pretty good going!

The website has so many choices of scents, but if you can find an outlet that’s even better because you can only pack four different scents in your box online but in a shop it’s like a pick-and-mix. You also get a little ‘recipe’ card, to help get the best scent combinations.

The burners are £8.99 and available here, and the melts are £6.99 per box available here, I think these make a really lovely gift – or you can just treat yourself!

What have you been loving this month? #twolittleowls

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