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Chloe’s May Favourites!

C: this month has gone so quickly, only seems like yesterday I was writing about my April favs – so much so I edited this photo originally saying “Aprils Favourites!” oops! So here we go… I haven’t had many stand out products this month, I didn’t want to just include anything so a few of these are old favourites that I keep on coming back too!


So first up we have LUSH’s Let the Good Times Roll which is my go to exfoliator at the moment. I won’t bang on about this as we did a full review on it here but I have been reaching for this lately to exfoliate my skin and prep it for make up without irritating my skin!

Benefits Hoola Bronzer- a beauty blogger favourite. I have really got into my contouring recently and I would recommend this for anyone with pale skin. It is the perfect bronzer that isn’t orange at all and blends really easily! Perfect for a contouring novice like me!

Elf Eyebrow Kit – I love this bad boy and it is a massive bargain. Perfect for filling in my non existent brows and keeping them tame all day long. You can use as little or as much as you want for a natural or dark brown look. Love it.

Laura Mercier Vanilla Ombre Body Butter – I received this in one of my Birchboxes a while ago and have only just got round to trying it. The scent is AMAZING. I love vanilla scented things anyway but this is just heavenly. The smell lasts so long and it is really moisturising as well. I keep putting it on before bed so I can fall asleep surrounded by the beautiful scent and wake up too baby smooth skin.

Last but certainly not least we have Model Co’s Party Proof Lipstick in “Kitty”. I love these lipsticks (I now have 4 in different colours) as they are long lasting, have a smooth application and are the perfect nudes for every day wear. What more could you want? These are available for £15.50 on the Birchbox website for 3 nude or bright colours.

So what have you guys been loving this month? Let us know, we love to hear from you! #twolittleowlsblog

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Primers: A review/comparison

C: Due to getting several samples of different primers in our beauty boxes (and accidentally spending money on them too) both myself and Annie decided to do a little review for you!



1. POREfessional by Benefit
A: I have a love/hate relationship with this product. I love the way that it makes my huge pores disappear with the tiniest amount, and I love the way that it feels. It has a really silky texture and is so easy to blend in. But I really hate the way it clogs my pores and I have bee agonizing over whether to re-invest now that mine has nearly run out. I have decided against it though, if I buy it I will most defintely use it and although with make up on my skin looks flawless, without it looks awful.

C: I love this primer! I have major issues with my pores (they are basically the size of buckets) and this completely covers them. It also makes my skin feel silky smooth and my make-up lasts all day! Annie is right though, it can clog your pores and make them worse but if you double cleanse and make sure all make up is removed you will be fine. I will definitely be re-investing! 

2. STAY DON’T STRAY by Benefit
A: Another Benefit product, but this is a 100% love relationship. I actually use this as just a concealer when I’m in a rush, rather than a primer for concealer too. It’s super blendable and doesn’t clog my skin up, but feels really light. Happy!

C: Amazing. As Annie says if you are in a rush you can use this as a concealer and it makes my eyeshadow last (even super glittery, party eyeshadow!). It evens out the eye area and provides a perfect base for the rest of your make up!

3. Prime Time by bareMinerals
A: I got this in my bareMinerals starter set and at first I wasn’t very happy with it, although it has a lovely silky texture, after a while of having it on my face it made my skin go greasy so I stopped using it. Now my skin is clearing up (don’t want to jinx it!), I have started using it again and it keeps my make-up in place really well. I think this product totally depends on your skin type though, I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin!

C: I have only tried this a few times as I borrowed it off Annie so I could also do a review, but I didn’t particularly like this one. Although it provided a good base for applying my make up (super soft/even) I didn’t see much difference on how long my make up lasted. Maybe it is designed for powder foundations such as the Bare Minerals one that Annie uses, as my liquid Mac foundation was basically gone by the end of the day!

4. pores no more by dr brandt
A: This was a sample in one of my Birchboxes, and it is super expensive full price. To be honest, it’s totally not worth it in my opinion. Firstly, it smells gross. I’ve only used it a few times because I couldn’t deal with the smell! The times I did use it, it covered my pores really well but did the same as the POREfessional and clogged them up!

C: Once again… it smells horrendous. It is not a scent I would like on my face (and therefore too close to my nose) all day. It did however cover my pores well, provide a good make up base and was long lasting. However, it did the same job as Benefits POREfessional for over double the price. 

5. Foundation Primer by Laura Mercia
A: Another Birchbox sample which I was really excited about because I hadn’t used a Laura Mercier product before, but it didn’t suit my skin type at all. It just left my skin feeling greasy and oily, which at the minute its not – so I certainly don’t want to encourage it!

C: I agree with Annie, if you have really dry skin I think this would be perfect but as I moisturise so often (stupid eczema) this just sat on top of my skin and didn’t seem to sink in at all! I did see a difference in how long my make up lasted but this just isn’t the right product for me. I have seen several reviews of people who have loved this though, so it definitely must depend on your skin type as all other Laura Mercier products I have tried are amazing!

I hope that has been helpful for anyone confused on what primers are out there/which is best for them! Let us know if you have any questions or if you have tried any of these! #twolittleowlsblog

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