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Make-Up Look: Every Day!

C: So I have always wanted to try and do a “whats on my face” post, as I love reading them on other peoples blogs but until now I haven’t dare! So I am going in… and apologies in advance for the horrendous pictures of my face. So today’s look… everyday make up.


Dear me. I do apologise (for the face and my messy apartment), I really am rubbish at taking photos of myself, any tips?? I also then got bored and started doing cross eyed, super ugly ones and this was the only one half suitable. So this is my every day make up look, for going shopping to going to work. It is subtle, yet put together – in my opinion. So here is what I used:



So for my base I use the No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream which I apply with a foundation brush. I do not use primers/foundation on a daily basis because it just clogs my pores and I don’t like too much heavy coverage unless I am going out or to a special occasion. I then use a powder to set my foundation before using the ELF Eyebrow kit on my brows. I have barely any eye brows in real life so this is an essential for filling in the gaps and giving them some definition/shape.

I then using a black eye liner like this one from Korres underneath my eye and smudge out slightly before using a neutral eyeshadow all over my lid and a dark brown in the crease. This palette is so old I don’t even know what make it is, but I just love the matte colours for every day wear – as you can see! They have almost gone (cries). I then use the Korres eyeliner again on my top lid as this product is so pigmented it looks like liquid eyeliner but without all the effort and finish my eyes with plenty of mascara!

I then do my contouring – a tip from me is do this last, as then you can see where you really need the definition and you don’t end up orange/sparkly. Firstly I use Benefits Hoola bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and to add some colour to my face. I then use my Mac highlighter at the top of my cheeks, down my nose and on my fore(five)head, and the Benefit High Beam under the arch of my eyebrow. Lastly I dust a little Mac blusher in Stay Pretty on my cheeks and add a swipe of Model Co’s Kitty lipstick – the perfect long lasting nude.

I hope you guys like this post, I would really appreciate some feedback on how I could improve it or whether you would like to see some similar posts (I shall make Annie do a similar one when she gets home from holiday)! #twolittleowlsblog

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Whats in Chloe’s handbag?

C: Following Annie’s post on her handbag essentials (to see it click here) I thought I would share with you what I keep in mine (well last night it was full of hip flasks… but thats not a regular occurrence!).


1. I have super long hair (it’s finally grown – yay!) so I cant go anywhere without my tangle teezer, hair grips and something to put it up with in case I get stuck in horrid English weather and start developing dreadlocks.

2. Ray Bans, these are actually my boyfriends but I love them so I steal them all the time for driving.

3. Concealer, face powder and Benefits Porefessional are essential for that mid day shine/make up slid top up.

4. Eye Liner, this one is from Korres and is amazing. It is so easy to apply and looks like liquid eye liner if you are in a rush and have to do your make up quickly.

5. Soap & Glory body spray, my love for this brand is well known, and I hate the thought of smelling so I always carry this round with me.

6. Hand Food (S&G again!) and a nail file, are my essentials for saving that broken nail on the go and to keep my hands moisturised. I get eczema on my hands so this saves me when I am out and about and my skin is starting to get dry!

So what are your handbag essentials? #twolittleowlsblog

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