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Chloe’s Hair Care Essentials

C: I was looking through the blog today (I like to have a quick squiz through and re cap on what we have been posting lately) and realised that we have hardly done any haircare posts! Considering the amount of hair (on our heads, we aren’t just super hairy creatures) we have between us, thats really quite shocking. I’m no expert… but here are my hair care essentials, and a few tips I have learnt along the way.

Lets just make it clear first, that I have very thick, long hair and so if you have short fine hair… clearly these products/tips may not work for you (or they might, in which case let us know in comments below!). My first essential is clearly a tangle teezer. We reviewed this here if you fancy a look, but since buying this I haven’t looked back. I use it every single day (okay, I’m lying, I sometimes “forget” to brush my hair) and it has seriously reduced the fly aways I get, as I am no longer ripping out my hair when attempting to de-dreadlock it.


On to the products… I haven’t included a shampoo/conditioner, as I tend to change them every time I buy a new one. There’s always too many new ones out! Once I have washed my hair, I spray through a detangler to assist my tangle teezer. My favourite is here but I wanted to try out some others, and I have been enjoying using this Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance detangler so far. It just provides a little extra protection to your hair, and makes it even less likely to damage it whilst brushing.

I then like to apply my KMS California Curl Up Wave Foam, which I previously received in one of my Birchboxes and have since bought the full size version. This helps add a little texture but also control to my frizzy curly hair, as I dont like to straighten it often – burnt hair = not cool. This allows me to leave my hair to dry naturally, which results in soft (sometimes still crazy) curls.

Once my hair is dry I like to apply a hair oil to the ends, just because my hair is super long and therefore super old and in need of as much moisture as it can get. I love this Carino oil by Aldi. It costs about £3 and does the same job as the billion pound oils. What more could you want? (We reviewed this here).

Lastly, an essential for any busy person with lots of hair – dry shampoo! We reviewed/compared lots here, if you fancy a goosey. Perfect for second (or third) day hair, if you want to put up your hair or need some extra volume (/grease hiding power).

These products combined allow me to look after my hair, and create natural loose waves without the use of any heat! Perfect. What products do you guys use? Have you tried any of these? #twolittleowlsblog


May’s Empties!

C: Well that is another month that has just flown by. June already? Crazy? I have once again done pretty good this month at using up my stash – I am trying to re-discover old favourites rather than keep spending money as we are saving for my amazing future house!


Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser – I won’t go on about this as I recently reviewed it here. I am very sad this has ran out and I will be sneaking a new one in the trolley when I next do my food shopping!

Repurchase? Yes, definitely!

Tresemme Instant Refresh dry shampoo – another product we reviewed here. A dry shampoo that got the job done, but I didn’t like the scent. I was more than happy to use it up though!

Repurchase? No, just because of the scent. Annie would repurchase this though.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash – I always have a bottle of face wash that I keep in the shower, as there is nothing better than washing your face first thing in the morning to wake yourself up! This was perfect to start off my AM skin care routine as it gently cleaned my skin without irritating it, what more could you want?

Repurchase? Yes! I have a few others I would like to try too though.

Lush, Ultrabland – oh look… another product I have already reviewed for you (click here!). This is my holy grail cleanser. Removes make up, calms down my skin, moisturises and reduces my break outs.

Repurchase? Already done!

Beauty Protector hair oil – I received this sample in my Birchbox and I have enjoyed using it up. I see this more as a leave in conditioner than a hair oil as it doesn’t seem to combat my frizz etc. but it really nourishes my hair and it smells lovely.

Repurchase? Maybe, once I have used up my other hair oils!

Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner – my favourite eyeliner. I know some people really struggle with liquid eyeliner brushes and prefer a pen but I love this. It is the perfect black and the tiny brush allows for precision/fine lining. It is not waterproof, but as long as you don’t get stuck in the rain/cry at puppys on the TV it lasts all day.

Repurchase? I have done already!

So what have you guys been using up this month? Have you tried any of the products we have mentioned? Let us know! #twolittleowlsblog

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Hair Oils: A Review/Comparison

C: So as promised here is todays post on the hair oils that we have recently tried out/tested for you all! 



1. Avon Advance Techniques Morrocan Argan Oil
A: I LOVE this product, but I’ve already banged on about it loads in a review so click here to see it!

C: I liked this oil, it made my hair soft, reduced frizz and made it generally more manageable. For such a cheap price I would definitely recommend but unfortunately I didn’t like the smell. I can’t even describe it, I just prefer sweet smells and this is more fresh/citrus with a strange undertone. 

2. Hair Oil by Beauty Protector
A: This was a sample we both recieved in our Birchboxes. I’m not totally sold on it to be honest. Unlike the Avon oil, it left my hair feeling greasy plus it didn’t smell very nice!

C: I liked the smell of this… apparently me and Annie have opposite smell tastes. If that makes sense. I didn’t like this the first time I tried it, but I stuck with it and I can definitely see a difference in the overall condition of my hair. I see this as more of a leave in conditioner than the usual advantages you look for in a hair oil. It didn’t reduce frizz/fly aways but my hair feels stronger and more conditioned, so if that is what you are looking for then I would recommend! This is available on the Birchbox website (and the leave in detangler this brand do is also amazing!)

3. Morrocan Oil
A: This is the most expensive hair oil I’ve used and to be honest, I didn’t find a lot of differences between this and the Avon oil (I know, I know I’m biased – but it really is that good!!)

C: This is my favourite. The scent, the texture, everything. It makes my hair feel so soft and manageable, reduces frizz and fly aways. True love and worth every penny in my opinion. 

4. Miracle Oil by Carino (Aldi)
A: I was pretty happy with this product, it’s cheap and cheerful – does the job and it makes my hair feel super soft with lots of shine!I

C: for £3.50 I have no complaints with this product. I would even say it was comparable to Moroccan Oil’s amazingness. It gives soft and shiny hair that isn’t weighed down/greasy and reduces frizz. What more could you want from such a bargain! 

So have you guys tried any of these hair oils? Do you agree with our reviews? #twolittleowlsblog

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February Birchbox: A Review

A & C: We received our February Birchboxes this week, a little earlier than usual which was a nice surprise (we love post, especially fun post). So we thought we would show you what we got and give our first impressions! 



Firstly Birchboxes come in a cute box (see our previous reviews on our tip for recycling them/tidying your makeup draw) and a little drawstring bag which makes the beauty box seem more luxury and exciting we think! It also comes with a card on whats in your box and how to use them, which are super useful for quick checks and remembering what items you received. so on to the items…

1. Leighton Denny nail varnish in Maneater – a full size product worth £11. We love nail varnish (I needed a new black so that was good timing) and this basically pays for the box! Only just tried the nail varnish so can’t comment on how long it lasts but it applies and dries beautifully. 

2. Eyeko Skinny Black Eyeliner – full size is £12. Annie doesn’t like this and described it as applying “like a worn out felt tip” but could see how it would be good for precision lining. I really liked it and found it easy to apply so I suppose this depends on personal preference. 

3. Beauty Protector Oil – full size is £16. I loved their detangling/conditioning spray so I am looking forward to trying it, but quite disappointed in how small this sample is. I have so much hair I doubt I will get enough uses to see how effective this is. 

4. Gilchrist & Soames Shower gel – £13.75 full size. I like samples of shower gels to use for work/holidays but I think this smells too much like my nan. I will try it out and I’m sure I will eventually use it but I’m not excited by it. 

5. Green & Blacks dark chocolate – who doesn’t like chocolate?!?! I am surprised I haven’t eaten this yet, and a lovely extra to receive. I love this about Birchbox.

6. Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Face Polish – full size £8.00 – this smells epic and is really nice to use. We love getting skincare in our beauty boxes (well make up more) but we haven’t used this for long enough to know how much it effects our skin.

Anything that we use and super love/hate we will do a full review on, so keep checking back! Has anyone else received their Birchboxes this week? If so let us know what you think or if you have any comments on ours! #twolittleowlsblog

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Avon’s Argan Oil Leave In Treatment – my new best friend!

A: I will be the first to admit that I have crazy, unruly hair. My Mum often asks me “when was the last time you brushed your hair – you look like a lion.” Thanks Mum….

I’ve tried ALL sorts of hair products, and I’ve bought several Argan Oil shampoos and conditioners, but never a hair oil. I’ve always assumed that they would leave your hair greasy and well – oily? However, at the Avon party my friend and Avon Rep Hannah hosted this week she had this Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Leave In Treatment for sale on the night, and was selling it for £2.50 so I thought i might as well give it a go.


I followed the instructions and dispensed a small amount into my hands and ran it through my towel dried hair and went straight to bed. I will admit, I was fully expecting having to re-wash my hair this morning before work. BUT NO! A small mircale had happened, my hair was shiny, soft, managable and beautiful! All I had to do was run my Tangle Teezer through it (I had to buy one after reading Chloe’s post the other day – she was right, they are amazing!) and I was ready for work! Well, my hair was anyway.

I urge you to order it and give it a go for yourself, if you have an Avon rep in your local area, you’ll be able to find them here. This would be the best option as you will then get invited to Avon parties and there’s always some sale bits and bargains up for grabs. If not,  you can order the product online here. Be quick because it’s in the sale at the minute for only £3.85, a very small price to pay for beautiful hair! #twolittleowls

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