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Review: GOSH BB Cream

C: whilst perusing Superdrug the other week and looking for even more BB creams to add to my stash I came across this offering from GOSH. I am not sure what drew me towards it, as to be quite honest I don’t seem to hear much hype about this brand – which is one of the reasons I have decided to review it for you all today! I had never tried anything from this brand before, which for a make up and beauty addict is pretty impressive/strange! I picked up the Shade Sand 01 for £9.99 which is available here.


First of all.. the packaging. I quite like the sleek black design, but it gets grubby easily when thrown into your make up bag! I have also recently got a new make up bag and cleaned out all my old make up and this has still got a bit gross. But I suppose that is only a minor complaint! It is also easy to squeeze out the amount you need, meaning you don’t waste much product.


The main advantage of this BB cream is the colour! I find it so so hard to get a BB cream or foundation that is actually pale enough for me, and this is perfect for us pale faced beauties! The formula is also a really good thickness, its not so thin it provides zero coverage, but isn’t so thick you might as well be using a foundation/look like you have super claggy skin. Is claggy a word? It is now.

It blends in well, provides a good level of coverage (what you would expect from a BB cream rather than a foundation) and it lasts all day too. I only ever need to touch up my powder by mid afternoon when using this as I get such oily skin on my nose it is always shiny by the afternoon! It is also super easy to apply and blend so you could get away with just using your fingers to apply this if in a rush, but it applies flawlessly with a foundation brush. A little also goes a long way, meaning although this is slightly more expensive than some drugstore BB cream options it will last a really long time!

All in all I am impressed with my first GOSH cosmetics experience and will definitely be looking into more of their products! Have any of you guys tried this BB cream? #twolittleowls

A Maternity Leave Beauty Haul!

C: hello lovelies! I recently went shopping with my fellow preggo friend Danielle (who is now mother to a beaaaautiful baby boy), as she is on maternity leave and I finish in 2 shifts! So celebratory make up shopping and lunch was needed. I have become a bit obsessed with making sure I have a large enough make up stash for when baby arrives, which is quite the difference from trying to use up all my many samples/stashed products the past year! So here is what I bought!


Gosh BB Cream in Sand 1, £9.99 from Superdrug – I love BB Creams for every day wear, just because I find them to usually be more lightweight and comfortable on the skin. They also offer SPF which is good for preggo skin as I am more sensitive to the sun than usual! I decided to pick this up as I hadn’t seen any reviews, and the palest shade actually seemed quite a good match for me – usually I struggle to find a range of BB Creams that don’t look super orange!

L’Oreal PAris Infallible Matte Foundation in Porcelain 10, £7.99 from Superdrug – I decided to invest in this as I had seen so many positive reviews on this one! I have found that recently my skin is a lot oilier, and my base products seem to have disappeared by the afternoon so thought I would give this a go for those days when I need a bit more coverage.

L’Oreal Brow Kit in Medium Dark, £9.99 from Superdrug – as there was a get the second L’Oreal product half price offer going on I also invested in their eye brow kit. I currently use ELF’s eyebrow kit, but it has almost ran out and we can no longer easily get hold of their products in the UK so decided to try out some others. This offering from L’Oreal was the only kit without loads of unnecessary extra in (no I don’t want a bright pink glittery highlighter thanks) and that hadn’t clearly had someones mitts in, so thats the main reason it went into my shopping bag!


Lastly, I then did my food shopping on the way home and a couple of standard essentials just fell into my trolley… first up Batiste Dry Shampoo. Not my fave dry shampoo, but it was on offer for a massive bottle so decided to invest as I have completely ran out! When I remember I want to pick up some COLAB offerings to try out, but this will have to do for now! I also got another bottle of Bio Oil. Being pregnant means the inevitable stretch marks that 90% of preggo ladies get, and although I have been quite lucky and not got many, I don’t want to start jinxing it now! Im not entirely sure these products work… but figured it can’t do any harm/its quite nice to have a nice belly massage to say hello to the little one!

So thats what I have been buying this week! Any recommendations, particularly on BB Creams that do super pale shades would be very welcome please! I am sure I will be reviewing these items in the coming weeks once I have had a chance to try them out properly, but if there are any that you are desperate for a review on please let me know! #twolittleowls