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OOTD: matching your dress to your hair






Dress: H&M
Boots: TK Maxx
Jewellery: Vintage and stolen from Chloe

A: I LOVE this dress. I bought it one day when I was hunting for something to wear for an evening out with friends, and actually spotted it first in the shirt version. I loved the pattern but the shape just wasn’t right on me, so when I found the same fabric in a swing dress I took it straight to the till. Swing dresses are so fun to wear, they are comfy (and super handy when you’re going out for a massive meal, somewhere to disguise the food baby), and look good on most shapes. I particularly like wearing them because although I’ve got a few lumpy bits, I don’t have a curvy figure and am I little conscious of my lack of chest. This is flattering though, in the best kind of way. And don’t worry, I do realise that it is the same colour as my hair, for some reason I am always drawn to ginger clothes. No idea why cause they don’t always look good (there is such a thing as too much ginger ya know!). This kind of works though (I think??) because of the gorgeous 60’s tile print – which goes perfectly with the swing shape. I love anything vintage, and I think this really carries the retro vibe. The pleating on the back is such a lovely detail too! And it is super wearable, dress it up with heels and a jacket for a night out, or with flats and a cosy cardi for daytime.

C: To me this dress completely sums up Annies style; comfortable, vintage and different. It perfectly suits Annies figure (this shape looks amazing on most, apart from those with all the lady lumps like me, it would look like I was wearing a bin bag) and is perfect for this time of year. You could layer this up with a knitted cardi for day time, or a leather jacket for going out. Plus… it’s ginger. Annies ginger. Perfect combo.

What do you think to Annie’s OOTD? #twolittleowlsblog

Halloween Leopard Make-Up Tutorial

A: This isn’t a tutorial as such but we have been far too excited about Halloween recently, and we couldn’t wait any longer to practice our make-up for Halloween so with a take away and both of our make-up stashes at the ready we went for it (on a Wednesday night whilst wearing our pj’s…!). We couldn’t not take photos to show you all, so we thought we would give you a run down of how we created the looks. Please bear in mind that we are in no way qualified as make-up artists. I only wore mascara up until a year ago so I’m still learning! Chloe’s Sugar Skull tutorial is here, and here’s my practice run…


I know that a leopard isn’t particularly scary, but I cannot tell you how much fun I had doing this. So I don’t even care that it isn’t scary – I’m being a leopard for Halloween. And a ginger one at that.

Here’s how I achieved the look…

1. Base. Apply a bb cream all over. You can use foundation obviously, but I wanted to let my freckles show through because after all, a leopard can never change it’s spots. I used Mac’s Prep and Prime BB Cream, which is what I use everyday anyway.

2. Contour! I used my bare Minerals powder in Warmth – which is a perfect colour for this look. I contoured heavily around my cheek bones, forehead and chin with a large brush. I then used a smaller brush to contour down my nose and up into my brows. I have really fair eyebrows so I used this powder to bulk them out too.

3. Eyes. First I applied Bootycall from my Naked 2 palette all over my lid, and underneath my eye too. I then used a matte brown eye shadow (one which I received in my You Beauty box this month, click here to see it!), in my crease with Half Baked from my Naked 2 palette. I took this out further than I normally would because the eyes are one of the main parts of this look. I then blended this out and up to my brow. I also took the Half Baked, which is a lovely gold shimmer, underneath my waterline. After the eyeshadow, I applied the liquid liner. This took A LOT of patience. I always wear a winged liner, but never like this before. And like I already said, I am no Beauty professional. Obviously it will be a lot neater when I do it on the night, and I will also fill in my waterline with a black pencil to make it even more dramatic. Undecided on whether to wear false lashes or not though, so your opinions would be great!

4. Leopard Spots! These were the part which were the most fun. Again, on the night I will do more of these, but I just wanted to get a feel for doing them on the practice run. They are so super easy to do, and I think they look really effective. I used a liquid liner to draw some ‘c’, ‘u’ and ‘o’ shapes, and then used a damp brush in the gold eye shadow to apply to the centre of some of the spots. I also used this eye shadow to highlight down bridge of my nose and the groove above my top lip. If you can find a lovely shimmery gold, it looks really effective.

5. Nose and Whiskers. I used the same liquid liner to draw an outline of my nose on my erm…nose. I then filled it in and added little spots below and flicks for whiskers. I used the liner to fill in my top lip too. I think this looks super effective, but you could use a red lipstick too if you wanted a different look!

I had so much fun creating this make-up and I can’t wait to show you the whole finished look! What are your Halloween plans? #twolittleowlsblog

Mac BB cream: a review


A: hi everyone! I’m back from my holiday (photos will follow shortly, I’ve already posted some on Instagram so take a look) and I just had to give you a review on this MAC prep & prime bb cream. I bought it from the airport on my way to Jamaica from the duty free shop so it was a little cheaper than usual and cost £19.50 so it was a bargain.

I’ve never used a bb cream before but I thought I would give it a try because I knew I would get super freckly whilst I was in the sun, but would still want some make up coverage in the evening.

I am super impressed with this, it is lovely to apply (especially with the MAC brush which I obviously had to buy) and feels so light in my skin. It builds up really well but doesn’t clog your skin at all and feels like you have nothing on at all, whilst still letting my freckles show through (foundation covered freckles is not a good look) and it’s also a primer so it lasts all day. I travelled for 24 hours yesterday and my applied this before I left and it still looked pretty good when I got home today! Chloe also stole some today (she was basically waiting for me to get home because she was so desperate to see me) and she says she needs to buy some immediately.

I have also bought a modelco bb cream so I will posting a review on this soon, and Chloe has a no. 7 one too – so keep following!!

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Annie’s Holiday Wish List/Essentials: Part 2

A: this is a little late for a holiday wishlist, considering I’m going tomorrow – but Chloe and I have been trés busy with Birthday antics, so I’ve combined my wish list and essentials into one.


1. I found this Nivea Protect and Bronze spray whilst I was supposed to be food shopping in Morrisons yesterday. It perfect for me because I’m so pale and pasty, but it promises to support skin’s natural tanning ability because it contains a natural plant extract which helps support skin’s own melanin production – clever! It was a bargain too, on offer for £5!


2.  These are an essential for any nail varnish addict. I have already packed and excessive choice of nail varnishes for my trip – what better way to relax than by the poolside with a cocktail whilst painting your nails? These are from Superdrug and were £1.50.


3. My hairdresser told me about this when I had my hair cut last week – it’s really hard to find colour enriching hair products for natural ginger/red hair. I still haven’t bought this, but I may have to dash to the hairdressers tonight because my hair tends to go really blond in the sun, and you always need a good conditioner whilst you’re abroad to stop the heat and chlorine damaging your hair. This Aveda Conditioner ‘enriches warm tones in dark and red shades of hair. Madder root helps purify scalp and hair; natural colours help add and intensify red hues’. It’s £20 for 250ml and you can buy it online here.


4. I normally wear bare Minerals foundation, but this is what I will be using whilst I’m on holiday. Because bare Minerals is a powder, it can dry my skin out – and I won’t need any more drying out whilst I’m in 30+ degree heat so I’ve gone for this BB cream. I’ve never used a bb cream before but I’m hoping it’s going to work for me.  I can’t really wear normal foundation because it makes my freckles look really strange and as I had some Birchbox points to use, I thought I would order this to try it out. You can buy it here for £15.

What are your holiday essentials? #twolittleowls


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Annie’s new hair

A: so today I went for a haircut, which is always a nice treat, but I was faced with a new decision. I had my usual wash, cut and blow dry and where I had an ombré dye a couple of months ago has given me really dry ends – so my hair dresser suggested re-doing the colour but with a dark brown or reddy-brown… Do you think it’s a good idea?