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January’s Empties Part 1 – Skincare and Make-Up

C: hi guys! We have been taking a little break from blogging recently but I can’t get out of the habit of collecting my empties to share with you all. There’s a definite sense of achievement in using up so much of my stash! I did super well in Jan so I’m splitting it into two posts and will be sharing my body care items another day! 

Make-Up and Nail Stuff 


Seche Vite Top Coat- this is my holy grail nail polish top coat. It makes my mani last ages and gives it a lovely glossy finish, only problem with it is the last bit always goes gloopy and horrid. 

Repurchase? Yes. 

Essie Nail polish in silver glitter-Iv had this so long the name has rubbed off! I loved this as it gave good coverage for a glitter polish and lasted well. 

Repurchase? Yes if I can find the same shade again. I won’t be buying it again any time soon though as I have loads of silver polishes to use up. 

Benefit Porefessional Primer – another blogger favourite that I actually really liked. I went off it for a while but used this sample up whilst away with family and re fell in love with it. I had forgotten how great it is! I find other cheaper primers last the same over time but nothing compares to how well make up applies over this. 

Repurchase? Yes! 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream – I have dedicated a whole post to this as I really love it and it’s a CC cream that’s actually pale enough for me! This is perfect for those days where you aren’t wearing much make up but still want a flawless base. 

Repurchase? Definitely. 

ELF Eyebrow Kit – I loved this and used it every day for about a year! However since using it up and trying other products I realise it probably isn’t as amazing as I first thought. In comparison to others it is a little cakey and the applicator provided is awful! 

Repurchase? No. 

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Powder- another product I loved! This was perfect at setting foundation and keeping shine at bay! It also lasted way longer than most other powders Iv tried. 

Repurchase? Hella yeah! 



Garnier Micellar Water- won’t go on about this as everyone in the world knows about it. Amazing. 

Repurchase? Definitely 

Clinique Moisture Surge – I got my usual Clinique moisturiser for Christmas but I have been trying to use up the many samples I have hanging about and I’m so glad I did as I love this! It’s perfect for winter when your skin needs extra attention but would be too heavy for me in summer I think. 

Repurchase? Definitely next autumn. 

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter- I am so proud of myself for using this up as it was never ending! Definite value for money there! This was great at removing make up but did eventually end up making my eyes pretty sore, I’m not sure why!

Repurchase? No. 

Green people Hydrating Firming Serum – didn’t like this, it was good at moisturising but made my skin feel sticky some how? I also like to think I don’t need my skin firming so just not the product for me! 

Repurchase? No. 

Herbal Essences Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner- not skincare but had to add them in somewhere! I got these for my baba hospital bag but I’m gross and didn’t use them so decided to finally use them up to make room in my very crowded bathroom. Iv used this brand before but this time they made my hair look greasy and gave me a super itchy scalp so obviously don’t agree with me any more! 

Repurchase? No. 

So there we have the first part of my empties! Let me know if you agree with my mini reviews! #twolittleowls 

Review: Essie Crocadilly

A: Chloe bought me this varnish for Christmas and this is the first time I’ve used it. To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure about the colour because it looks silver in the bottle and silver isn’t really a colour I usually wear. But when Chloe and I spent the afternoon drinking tea and painting our nails last weekend, I decided to give it a go. And then I realised why Chloe had chosen it for me.




Okay I realise it doesn’t look silver once it’s on; but this is because of the handy little magnet attached to the top of the bottle. The varnish is magnetic, and once you’ve done the usual buff, file, base coat and first coat of colour, and then add the second coat; you hold the magnet over the wet varnish for a few seconds. Once you take it away you can see the pattern it leaves, which is made up of tiny diamonds. This is the point where I understood the name behind the varnish – it looks like the skin of a crocodile!! The silvery black tones of the varnish separate from the green, leaving outlined diamond pattern or ‘crocodile skin’ effect.
I have used a Barry M magnetic varnish before, which doesn’t give as much of a definitive pattern as the Essie one and it is easy to use although does take a little bit of practice. The varnish also lasted a good few days without a top coat, but Essie are known for their high quality products. I would definitely recommend this product, and it was fun to use!

Have you used any magnetic varnishes? #twolittleowls

The Perfect Autumnal Nails Feat. Essie!

C: I don’t know about you, but I’m not completely ready for the dark colours of Autumn and Winter yet. Don’t get me wrong, this is my favourite time of year in terms of fashion and beauty as I love layering, warm cuddly cardigans, woolly socks and the beautiful darker and more flattering colours, but I’m not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet! To make me feel better, I have found the perfect Spring to Autumn nail colour: Essie’s Snap Happy.

photo 4(3)

photo 3(7)

Excusing my horribly dry hands and apparently inaccurate nail painting but… just look at that colour! It is seriously the most beautiful orangey-red I have ever seen. It is opaque in two, easy coats and I have had it on my nails for the past week which is only just beginning to chip! What more could you want from a nail polish to start easing you into the coming cold months?

Whats your perfect Spring to Autumn nail polish? Let us know #twolittleowls

Chloe’s Autumn Beauty Wishlist

C: After our Autumn fashion wishlists, Annie posted about her beauty wishlist for the coming Season (which you can view here). She got in there first and wrote about the amazing Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks that I want SO bad, but don’t worry I have plenty more beauties to lust after and tell you about!

photo(27)1. First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream (£9.00 from Feel Unique) – As much as I love Autumn for cosying up in knitwear, scarves and beautiful coats, I am not so keen on the accompanying dry, flaky skin. As I also have eczema I was recommended this cream for its ultra moisturising properties and I definitely think I am going to invest before it starts getting too chilly!

2. Essie Nail Polish in Bobbing for Baubles (£9.99 from Boots) – I love the darker nail polish shades of Autumn, they always seem so sophisticated after the pastels and brights of Summer. Essie is one of my favourite nail polish companies, and I love this colour! I also enjoy the Christmas reference… I may already be super excited (/I have definitely started my Christmas list).

3. Mac Lipstick in Rebel (£15.50 from Mac) – I feel like this addition to my wishlist needs no introduction or explanation as to why I want it. It’s a Mac lipstick, its Rebel, its the perfect wintery colour that suits everyone. I think we all need one.

4. Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel – (£7 from The Body Shop) – this is for men apparently… but we aren’t sexist here and I still want it. I keep getting super puffy eyes due to lack of sleep and I have been searching for something that can help with that but not irritate my super sensitive eyes. This seems perfect and I definitely NEED it.

What are you guys lusting after to get you ready for Autumn? Let us know! #twolittleowls

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Spring Nail Colours!

C: as it’s officially Spring and it’s finally a little bit (emphasis on the little part) sunny we thought we would share with you our favourite colours to paint our nails this season!

20140408-121609.jpgSo starting from the left is Sally Hansens white nail varnish, an essential for any Spring time nail art, for painting on polka dots and flowers.

w7 nail polish in powder pearl, Essie in Where’s My Chauffeur, No7 in Stand Back and Models Own in Duck. Bright and pastel blues are the perfect Spring colours which allow your nails too make a statement when you haven’t had time to accessorise etc. We especially love the Models Own speckled egg nail polishes (Annie has the green coloured one) which we reviewed here.

Next up we have w7 in Sheer Lemon (amazing for the centre of flowers or for painting your toes ready for those new sandals) and Models Own in Grape. A pastel lilac is THE colour to have this summer so if you are thinking of investing in a new nail polish we would recommend this! I shall be doing a full review on this nail varnish soon so keep an eye out for that.

Finally we have BarryM in Shocking Pink and Essie in Snap Happy. I couldn’t manage a Spring nail post without having at least one pink and red colour in here. Bright pink is perfect for detracting attention away from other problems – my cuticles are currently horrendous from work and this coral red from Essie is the perfect small change to make from the darker reds we got used too this Winter if you aren’t ready for Spring just yet!

So what colours are you loving this Spring? If you would like some Spring nail art ideas please check out our recent post here, where we showed you buys how to re-create some simple but effective nail designs! #twolittleowlsblog

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Chloe’s Spring Wishlist

C: Following Annie’s wish list (you can look at it here) I thought I had better share what I have been lusting after ready for Spring!


1. No. 7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush Stick in Rose Blossom (£9.95). I have not used many cream blushers before but they are something I would like to start trying in the summer when I usually wear less make up! An easy and quick application in this beautiful colour would be a welcome addition to my make up bag!

2. Vintage O & O ’90’s Button dress (£45 from Urban Outfitters). I love this sort of dress for the warmer months, strappy dresses don’t suit my bingo wings so this perfect for me! It can also be worn with tights and a cosy cardi for those chilly nights out!

3. Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses (price varies depending on choice!). I love the mock tortoise shell pattern ones and I really need a good pair for the summer. I am just worried as usually I break (sit on) all of my sunglasses so I don’t want to waste my money!

4. Essie Spring Nail Collection (£7.99 at Boots). This bad boy would not be in my wish list if it hadn’t been out of stock! Essie are my favourite nail polishes and these will be perfect to take you through from Spring to Summer!

So whats on your Spring wish lists? #twolittleowlsblog

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