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Chloes June 2015 Empties!

C: I am writing this post in advance, as this month is super exciting as I AM FINALLY MOVING HOUSE. Now due to moving house I cannot justify packing a box of empties… and I have also been using up as many half used products as I can. So here is my early written June empties!


Cetraben Emollient Cream – an essential for any eczema sufferers! I spoke about this badboy here if you are interested in eczema skincare, but for me this is a bathroom essential! I don’t have to use it all the time now I have my eczema under control, but I use it up to four times a day when I have a flare up and its AMAZING. It literally gets rid of dry eczema in a couple of days. True love.

Repurchase? Always.

Soap & Glory Hand Food – one of my favouritest hand creams! I love the smell of this, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and it gets rid of dry skin super easily. I have recommended this to several friends who had really dry hands and they now love it too! (side note: don’t leave out in the sun – it doesn’t like it).

Repurchase? I got 3 for Christmas… but once they are used up I will indeed be repurchasing!

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Perfume – not keen on the name of this… or the bottle as you cant stand it up, but love the scent! I stole this from my mother, who I am sure has noticed by now but not bothered telling me to return it (her bathroom is just a free shop). The scent lasts all day and is quite sweet, which is perfect for me as I am a child and like to smell like candyfloss.

Repurchase? I never buy myself perfume… I’m not sure why. But if I did I would happily repurchase this little gem.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser – both Annie and I reviewed this here if you fancy a look, so I won’t bang on about it! But basically… love this. Great cleanser for sensitive skin.

Repurchase? Hella yeah.

Avon Super Extend Mascara – I got this free with another Avon purchase, so decided to give it a go rather than repurchase my Benefit They’re Real straight away… which I regret! Now I know this is meant to extend lashes, which it does do… but it also offers zero volume. So I just get strange spider legs lashes that I don’t enjoy. It also seems to have disappeared off my lashes by later in the afternoon, and ran out super quickly. So basically… soz Avon as usually I love you, but this mascara is not the one for me!

Repurchase? No!

So there we have another month of mostly positive empties, and another successful month of using up my stash! I haven’t been spending my pennies either, so I will basically have no stash soon! Shock Horror! Anyway… let me know if you have tried any of these products, and if you agree with my mini reviews! #twolittleowls

Review: FAB First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

C: now, as I have sensitive skin I don’t often mix up my skincare routine as I’m too scared of a break out/reaction to any new products. However, I saw this brand mentioned on Essie Buttons blog, and obvs trusted her recommendation/googled it and had a read about the company. FAB are a company  that specifically designs their skincare around sensitive skin/problems such as eczema, aging and acne – which sounds absolutely perfect for me! As a bonus their packaging is lovely, and makes you feel like although you have sensitive skin/eczema you are still allowed to use luxurious, lovely products (a nice change from the chemical looking tubs most eczema skincare comes in!). So obviously I was sold and needed to try it, and Annie also wanted to so I got us both a sample (Annie got hers in the little beauty box I made up for her for Christmas, me being such a good friend and all).


C: First impressions (after the packaging which I have already raved/moaned about lots) is that as a cream cleanser it is lovely and thick/nourishing to use, and the formula is slightly glittery?! I don’t know why that makes a difference, but I enjoy washing my face in glitter (its more of a shimmer and doesn’t make your face all shimmery, don’t panic). I used this with my Magnitone Lucid to really give my skin a deep cleanse and blimey. I loved it. No allergic reaction just soft, clear skin. I now use this twice a day, and it is not too much for my skin (it might be too much in Summer, but then I can just use it in the evening!). This is now my go to cleanser, and I will be repurchasing ASAP!

A: now as far as cleansers go, I was 100% sold on my hg from Lush; Ultrabland (check out my skincare routine including Ultrabland here). But I was really excited to get this as part of my Christmas present from Chloe because of its reviews on the blogosphere; and I wasn’t disappointed when I came to use it. It’s a lovely texture, creamy and rich without being too heavy. It dissolves my make up easily – even my mascara which is amazing cause I wear crazy amounts on account of my super ginger/pale lashes. Like Chloe, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and luxurious with very little residue – which Ultrabland doesn’t. I’m still waiting to see how it affects my spot prone skin – I haven’t been using it long enough to get a real reaction, but I will be keeping you all updated in our soon-to-come Magnitone Lucid Review.

If you guys fancy trying this batboy the FAB website is here and the Face Cleanser costs £14. However, if like me you have super sensitive skin and would like to try it out before you commit yourself to £14 then you can add a sample from Amazon (click here) for £3 if you are spending over £10! Bargain! Let us know what you think #twolittleowlsblog

Chloe’s Autumn Beauty Wishlist

C: After our Autumn fashion wishlists, Annie posted about her beauty wishlist for the coming Season (which you can view here). She got in there first and wrote about the amazing Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks that I want SO bad, but don’t worry I have plenty more beauties to lust after and tell you about!

photo(27)1. First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream (£9.00 from Feel Unique) – As much as I love Autumn for cosying up in knitwear, scarves and beautiful coats, I am not so keen on the accompanying dry, flaky skin. As I also have eczema I was recommended this cream for its ultra moisturising properties and I definitely think I am going to invest before it starts getting too chilly!

2. Essie Nail Polish in Bobbing for Baubles (£9.99 from Boots) – I love the darker nail polish shades of Autumn, they always seem so sophisticated after the pastels and brights of Summer. Essie is one of my favourite nail polish companies, and I love this colour! I also enjoy the Christmas reference… I may already be super excited (/I have definitely started my Christmas list).

3. Mac Lipstick in Rebel (£15.50 from Mac) – I feel like this addition to my wishlist needs no introduction or explanation as to why I want it. It’s a Mac lipstick, its Rebel, its the perfect wintery colour that suits everyone. I think we all need one.

4. Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel – (£7 from The Body Shop) – this is for men apparently… but we aren’t sexist here and I still want it. I keep getting super puffy eyes due to lack of sleep and I have been searching for something that can help with that but not irritate my super sensitive eyes. This seems perfect and I definitely NEED it.

What are you guys lusting after to get you ready for Autumn? Let us know! #twolittleowls

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Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser: A Review


C: I’m not sure if any of you recently read my eczema/sensitive skin care post but I have such dry skin that I have to moisturize twice a day or my eczema comes back (literally within hours, I’m so unlucky!!). So after seeing a couple of reviews on various blogs I thought I would give this moisturizer from Vaseline a go. I picked it up for £3 whilst on offer in Sainsburys and I am in love.

I usually use my trusty Cetraben or something from Soap and Glory (smells good but I’m not allergic = winner) but in this cold, horrid weather it’s such a pain to spend ages moisturizing after your shower and getting cold when all you want to do is put your pj’s on and snuggle in bed! This is the first spray moisturizer I have used that has a continuous spray, meaning you can turn it upside down etc without having to keep stopping and starting so it literally takes 2 minutes to moisturize your whole body! I love the smell of Soap and Glorys Girligo Body Moisturising Mist but you can’t turn it upside down to spray your legs etc – you can with this and it also smells lovely!

The only downside for me is that it isn’t quite moisturizing enough for my super dry skin. I can only use it once a day before bed and will need to use my Cetraben in the morning to keep me moisturized all day. But if you have normal skin then this would be perfect and saves you valuable sleeping time! Let us know what you think #twolittleowlsblog

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Eczema/sensitive skin care.

C: A bit of a boring post today, but one I really could have done with reading a couple of years ago! I have always suffered with eczema/sensitive skin and up until now I have been super embarrassed about it, didn’t want to go out when it was really bad and I didn’t know how to look after my eczema properly. So I thought I would do this post just in case anybody else feels the same! Here is what I learnt:

1. Steroid creams – temporarily do the job but do not solve the problem. I spent years covering myself in steroid creams (and the eczema kept coming back with a vengeance) which is really not good for you. One day I decided to take a different approach and see my eczema as just really dry skin instead of a medical condition. I started using Cetraben  up to four times a day! I know that’s super annoying, and no one really has time to moisturize four times a day but once my skin started clearing up I only had to do it twice!

2. Cod Liver Oil – basically, taking Cod Liver Oil starts your moisturizing from the inside. Weird I know but it definitely helped.

3. Drink Plenty (water not wine)- always good advice.

4. Clinique Dramatically Different  Moisturising Gel – the only facial moisturizer I am not allergic too and it actually clears up any little eczema patches I get on my face overnight. No idea how/why but I’m pleased I’ve found it! Each bottle also lasts me ages so it is totally worth the pennies!

5. Change shower gels/shampoos/conditioners each time – for some reason my skin decides it doesn’t like something if I use it too often. This may be an eczema thing or it might be a crazy person thing. Haven’t worked that part out yet, but worth a go.

6. Dairy – definitely makes eczema worse and from what I’ve read online this seems to be a universal thing. I’m not saying go vegan but for example, the week before my brothers wedding I cut out all dairy so my skin was as good as can be!

I hope that is of some help to fellow eczema/sensitive skin sufferers, if you have any questions just ask or if you have any other tips please share! #twolittleowlsblog

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