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A Bargain Haul! 

C: I went shopping with Annie on Saturday and just happened to decide to pop into the Factory Shop… I dunno if you guys have heard of it? Well basically they have lots of beauty bargains/are often actually full of all the same stuff that no one wants, but this time we were super lucky and wanted to share our purchases with you in case you have one nearby and can snap up the same bargains!

First up is this nail polish from Revlon in the shade 85 ‘Minted’ which cost a whole… £1.19. Bargain. I love this colour for Summer and I trust Revlon to provide me with a decent nail polish so this was a winner for me!

Nip + Fab CC Cream in Light for £2! Yes you read that correctly…£2, when it is £14.99 from Boots etc. I have an obsession with base products at the moment so this went straight in the basket. This find was also when I started shouting Annie desperately to see if she wanted one (she did) before the crowds behind me snatched them all (we were basically the only ones in the shop).

And iv saved the best til last…. Dr Brand pores no more, pore refining cream. RRP of £55 and this cost us both… £5! I literally couldn’t believe it. We clearly both got one (and I would have bought loads more if there was any) and they were so cheap that I started to minorly panic when paying that I had read it wrong and I was going to end up with a very sad bank balance!

So there we have our bargain shop of the week! I literally am still in shock, so if you have a Factory Shop near you then go and check it out! Reviews will follow in due course obviously, once we have had a chance to try these out/I have dared open the super expensive face cream that will look excellent in my bathroom! #twolittleowls 

Primers: A review/comparison

C: Due to getting several samples of different primers in our beauty boxes (and accidentally spending money on them too) both myself and Annie decided to do a little review for you!



1. POREfessional by Benefit
A: I have a love/hate relationship with this product. I love the way that it makes my huge pores disappear with the tiniest amount, and I love the way that it feels. It has a really silky texture and is so easy to blend in. But I really hate the way it clogs my pores and I have bee agonizing over whether to re-invest now that mine has nearly run out. I have decided against it though, if I buy it I will most defintely use it and although with make up on my skin looks flawless, without it looks awful.

C: I love this primer! I have major issues with my pores (they are basically the size of buckets) and this completely covers them. It also makes my skin feel silky smooth and my make-up lasts all day! Annie is right though, it can clog your pores and make them worse but if you double cleanse and make sure all make up is removed you will be fine. I will definitely be re-investing! 

2. STAY DON’T STRAY by Benefit
A: Another Benefit product, but this is a 100% love relationship. I actually use this as just a concealer when I’m in a rush, rather than a primer for concealer too. It’s super blendable and doesn’t clog my skin up, but feels really light. Happy!

C: Amazing. As Annie says if you are in a rush you can use this as a concealer and it makes my eyeshadow last (even super glittery, party eyeshadow!). It evens out the eye area and provides a perfect base for the rest of your make up!

3. Prime Time by bareMinerals
A: I got this in my bareMinerals starter set and at first I wasn’t very happy with it, although it has a lovely silky texture, after a while of having it on my face it made my skin go greasy so I stopped using it. Now my skin is clearing up (don’t want to jinx it!), I have started using it again and it keeps my make-up in place really well. I think this product totally depends on your skin type though, I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin!

C: I have only tried this a few times as I borrowed it off Annie so I could also do a review, but I didn’t particularly like this one. Although it provided a good base for applying my make up (super soft/even) I didn’t see much difference on how long my make up lasted. Maybe it is designed for powder foundations such as the Bare Minerals one that Annie uses, as my liquid Mac foundation was basically gone by the end of the day!

4. pores no more by dr brandt
A: This was a sample in one of my Birchboxes, and it is super expensive full price. To be honest, it’s totally not worth it in my opinion. Firstly, it smells gross. I’ve only used it a few times because I couldn’t deal with the smell! The times I did use it, it covered my pores really well but did the same as the POREfessional and clogged them up!

C: Once again… it smells horrendous. It is not a scent I would like on my face (and therefore too close to my nose) all day. It did however cover my pores well, provide a good make up base and was long lasting. However, it did the same job as Benefits POREfessional for over double the price. 

5. Foundation Primer by Laura Mercia
A: Another Birchbox sample which I was really excited about because I hadn’t used a Laura Mercier product before, but it didn’t suit my skin type at all. It just left my skin feeling greasy and oily, which at the minute its not – so I certainly don’t want to encourage it!

C: I agree with Annie, if you have really dry skin I think this would be perfect but as I moisturise so often (stupid eczema) this just sat on top of my skin and didn’t seem to sink in at all! I did see a difference in how long my make up lasted but this just isn’t the right product for me. I have seen several reviews of people who have loved this though, so it definitely must depend on your skin type as all other Laura Mercier products I have tried are amazing!

I hope that has been helpful for anyone confused on what primers are out there/which is best for them! Let us know if you have any questions or if you have tried any of these! #twolittleowlsblog

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March Birchbox & Collab with LULU GUINNESS: A Review

C & A: so Chloe received her March Birchbox yesterday, which we were super excited about getting due to their collaboration with Lulu Guinness (We were obviously excited, please refer to the caps above!) So here is what she got/her first impressions:


First impressions? The box is amazing! We really like the monochrome theme and it made us even more excited to look at what was inside:


C: First of all let me mention the downsides of this box, I recevied an email from Birchbox this morning explaining that they had left out my ‘Life Lessons As Told By Lulu Guinness’ booklet and would be sending me a replacement this week. I wondered why there was no booklet this month, and just figured they hadn’t done them! However, the Birchbox customer service is once again excellent and I am pleased they sent out an email/replacement to everyone (very honest!). I also did not think it was particularly Lulu Guinness inspired… and Annie agreed as no one really likes rock… well to eat anyway. Its very pretty. However, as we did not receive the related cards/booklet, we shall have to wait and see! I’m excited to get them anyway, I love post!

So what did I get in my box?

Benefit, Stay Don’t Stray in Light/Medium – 2.ml of product which has a value of £5.12 (full size £20.50). A Benefit product is lovely to receive in a beauty box, and although I already own this I also love it! So more will not go a miss. This is a stay-put primer for concealers and eye shadows and in my opinion works very well – Annie has not used this yet!

Dr Brandt pores no more, pore refiner – 7.5ml of product which is worth £9.75 (full size is £39). This is why we love Birchbox! We are able to try out high end brands which we totally would not have been able to afford on a whim! Can’t wait to try this out.

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream – 5ml has a value of 37p (full size is £16) disappointing size here for me, however I am still super please to receive another hand cream as they are always useful to keep in my handbag! Haven’t tried this yet but it smells is lovely.

AromaWorks Nuture Body Oil – 5ml is worth £1.62 ( full size is £32.50). I’m not very keen on body oils – they make me feel sweaty which freaks me out! But this has some great reviews online so I look forward to trying it out!

English Laundry By Christopher Wicks No.7 – I cannot find a price for this anywhere! I’m not usually that happy to see fragrance samples in my beauty boxes as you can get them for free at beauty counters etc. But this is not the case with English Laundry, I loved the sample of the English Laundry Signature scent and cannot find many stockists apart from Birchbox! So I couldn’t wait to try this one and it is indeed lovely, I prefer the previous sample that we got but this is also lovely.

Finally the Birchbox/Lulu Guinness stick of rock – a lovely addition to my box, but Annie said she would have liked to see something more from the Lulu Guinness collab, maybe a key ring or something for current subscribers.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. So in total (not including the fragrance and rock) my box was worth £16.86, which makes it good value for money when I paid £12.95 for it! We also received a Benefit Gimme Brow “free makeupper” voucher, which we were both super excited about/going to do next weekend I think (before – maybe – and after shots to come!) and a voucher for £20 off when you spend £100 or more at Lulu Guinness. So all in all a very successful box, thanks Birchbox!

Did you get the March Birchbox? What did you think? #twolittleowlsblog

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