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Holiday Essentials Part One

A: I’ve been busy packing my things for a trip that my boyfriend and I are taking and I thought I’d share with you my essentials. We have an old Volkswagen camper van (called Jeremy) and although I love him dearly, he doesn’t provide us with a lot of space – so I really have to pack methodically. I’ve split them into two – my everyday essentials and my make up essentials, so here are my everyday must haves for a camping trip!

So firstly, dry shampoo is an obvious one. I have a lot of hair which is far too much hassle to wash everyday – even when I’m not camping! So as long as I have a can of this, I know I’ll be good for a few days.

Hairspray is another hair essential for me. On those days where it’s getting close to needing a wash, I can plait it or put it up and hairspray always gives me lots of fullness and body to help disguise three day old hair. I haven’t tried this particular one before, to be honest I bought it because it was a nice medium sized can. I didn’t want one of the massive cans, but the tiny ones will probably be good for one use for my hair! But I’ll be reporting back on this TRESemme one as soon as possible!

The Dove Summer Glow lotion is a new one for me, and I bought it on a bit of a whim. I’m incredibly pale, my legs in particular. So I thought id give this a go to try and disguise my whiteness because if the weather is remotely warm I will have to brave getting my legs out – and I hoping this will help!

The Wash & Go 2 in 1 Shampoo and Confitioner is a bit of a cheat but to be totally honest with you I love this product. My hair really doesn’t need a lot of conditioning and I won’t have the luxury of hair dryers or straighteners so I went for this shampoo. It does exactly what it says on the label with no faffing or unnecessary extras – which is so much better for my hair than shampoos and conditioners with argan oils or additives or serums.  

Lastly, the good old Garnier Micellar Water. One of my favourite products and it’s super hassle free to use – exactly what you need whilst camping. 

For deodorant, I’m taking one I can rely on; Mitchums Advanced Roll On. We are going to be doing a lot of cycling and fingers crossed it’s going to be warm so I definitely need a good deodorant!

The Lush Sea Spray is always a holiday essential for me, where I’m camping in the UK or jetting of to somewhere warm and sunny. It gives my hair a lovely beachy look, and it smells amazing too!

Ultrabland is always in my going away bag too. It’s the best thing for removing the make up and dirt off your face, plus it calms my skin if I have any crazy breakouts.

Make up wipes should never be used I know! But when you’re a bit tipsy from wine and all you want to do is crawl into your sleeping bag – surely a make up wipe is better than not removing your make up at all?! For emergencies only!

And lastly, this super handy toothbrush holder to keep away any bacteria. Obviously I’ll be packing my toothbrush and toothpaste too – but I will definitely need to use them before I leave at the weekend!

What’re your holiday essentials? Would love to know, whether it’s for camping, backpacking or a relaxing beach get away! #twolittleowls

October’s Empties!

C: This is an exciting post… as the end of October means its November which means its basically December which means ITS CHRISTMAS. Not that I’m excited and rambling or anything. Anyway, end of the month means another lot of empties from me so here we go!


1. Soap & Glory’s Peaches and Clean 3 in 1, Deep Purifying Cleanser. I reviewed this here, so I won’t go on about it but I love this product. I love it even more than when I wrote that post as since I finished it and stopped using it my skin is not happy. My foundation doesn’t apply as well and I have started breaking out.

Repurchase? 100% I will be getting some more on my next trip to Boots!

2. Burts Bees Radiance Toner. Another product that I bought last Christmas time and got lost in my rather large collection of products. I recently started using this again and fell in love all over again. It is great at removing any last traces of and reducing redness by calming my skin down.

Repurchase? in the future yes, but there are a couple of other honey based toners I have my eye on first!

3. Collection 2000 nail polish in “Shimmy Shake”. Its not often I use a nail polish up, so you should all be super impressed! I love this as it provides full gold glitter coverage in two coats, perfect for glitter powering up an accent nail. It also lasts a good couple of days without chipping and even longer with a top coat.

Repurchase? If it is still available (I bought it AGES ago) I would definitely buy another.

4. Dove Purely Pampering Cream Oil Body Wash. See now, you can tell its almost Christmas again as I have ran out of my S&G stash and finally had to buy shower gel (I got A LOT, I do wash. Promise). I always turn to Dove if I am not using S&G, I have sensitive skin so I tend to stick to brands I know work for me. This is moisturising and doesn’t irritate my skin, basically all I ever look for in a body wash.

Repurchase? Yes.

Another positive empties for me today, probably cos if I don’t like something I avoid using it – never throw away, might come in handy eh? What have you guys been using recently? Have you tried any of these products? #twolittleowls