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Review: George by Asda Nail Polishes!

C: if you saw our haul post the other weekend you will know we both invested in some new nail polishes ready for spring – you can see the post here. Mainly because they were super cheap (2 for £3!) but since trying these I have been suprised by their quality and wanted to share my findings with you!


This was the mani I created with the colour “fuzzy peach” and an MUA white from Annie’s collection. I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t bother with a base or topcoat (naughty I know) so wasn’t expecting much from my bargain polishes. However to my surprise even with no top coat they lasted 3 days without chipping! Iv had polishes that cost over double these last less time with a top coat!

So once they chipped I tested them with a topcoat… 6 days. 6 DAYS. I applaud you Asda. 10 points to gryffindor. They also apply smoothly and are opaque in 2 coats… What more could you want for the equivalent of £1.50!

Have any of you guys tried the George nail polish range? Did you have the same experience? Let us know! #twolittleowls

Spotty Nails

C: Now unfortunately I can’t claim that we are nail art masters/professionals. However, Annie and I tend to spend most Saturday nights at home, painting our nails and drinking white wine and lemonade rather than going out! So I’m going to show you how to do one of our favourites, that is so simple anybody can do it (promise). Heres all you need:


The dotting pens are available here

They are very cheap and easy to use, I bought these for Annie for Christmas (and then stole one for myself!). You can obviously use any colour combinations that you wish too; I chose these as they were lovely wintery colours and are a bit more professional for work!

Step One: The usual. File your nails and apply a top coat (it may seem a lot of fuss, but no one likes yellow, horrid nails)

Step Two: Apply your chosen colours, with a different colour on your statement finger. Allow to dry for as long as your patience allows!


Step Three: Put a little of your nail varnish that you are using for your dots onto a piece of paper (we would recommend the same colour as your other nails). Dab your dotting pen into the nail varnish and use this to create the spots on your statement nail, do this as randomly as you wish but you do not need to press hard to get a perfect dot! Using your other colour, put a dot at the bottom of all your other nails (if you wish too).


Heres another design that Annie did, using different colours:


Hope this post has been helpful and you enjoy creating similar nail art, thanks for reading #twolittleowlsblog

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