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The Impossiblity of a Work/Life Balance.

sC: I have been thinking about writing this post for ages… but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say/how to write it down. I am not sure if many of you readers know but I am one busyyy lady. I work full time as well as doing my Masters part time at Lincoln Uni. I also part manage this blog, am in the process of buying/doing up a house and I am starting volunteering soon as a psychology assistant. Quite frankly, there are not enough hours in the day.


And when I see rubbish like this… I think. Well I’m also not rich/can’t afford a thousand assistants, I’m not that pretty and my bum definitely isn’t as bootalicious. However, I do have a bit of advice that I can give to those who are trying to multi-task a thousand different projects and feel like they are drowning in their to do list.

1. chill. I often get in a flap about all the stuff I have to do, and I have learnt from Annie (who mostly just ignores me/tells me to shut up) that you need to write down all of your jobs and prioritise them. Obviously you can’t do this with work, as you have to go (unfortunately) but if you have no food in the cupboard, but 500 words of your assignment to write… I would recommend the food. 

2. Don’t work a thousand hours a week. I struggle with this one, but if you aren’t coping you need to tell your manager and reduce your hours. Most will be very good about it, especially if they were aware of your other commitments when you started working for them. 

3. Set yourself an achievable target and stick to it. My current target is 1000 words a week to complete in my days off. This is easy for me as I clearly like rambling on, and I am only writing up the first draft of my thesis so if its rubbish (which it usually is) it doesn’t matter. I like to squeeeeeze all of this into my first day off, so I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week. I have a chart on my office wall which I tick when it is done so I can snapchat Annie a pic of it and feel super proud!

4. Actually have days off to do something you enjoy. I am bad for this, I feel guilty about not being busy/working but its really important. On Saturday I was grumpy and didn’t want to do my uni work on my only day off so I didn’t! I ate cheese with Annie and I painted my new bedside cabinets! I felt completely refreshed and so much less stressed after a day off! We all need it. 

5. Brain food. Apparently oats are good for the brain, but obviously pick ‘n’ mix/biscuits and a cup of tea are good for your mental health too. As a psychologist I am obvs right about this. Snacking (healthy snacks are acceptable too) will help keep you going, especially if you are sat at a desk. If your blood sugar drops you will feel tired and irritable, so keep yourself going and don’t live off caffeine! 

6. Have good friends. I am so busy all the time, that I often don’t have a lot of spare time for socialising or just popping for a cup of tea and a catch up. I have struggled in the past with people not accepting this and thinking I am being rude/ignoring them. My friends at the moment all work, have children and have other things going on and understand how busy I am. Good friends will still be there for you if you haven’t seen them in weeks and will be sympathetic/tell you how amazing you are when you explain! I am lucky as I get to see Annie all the time, as our boyfriends are also friends so we often just go over to each others for tea! 

7. Treat yourself. You are amazing/the best multi-tasking genius ever. It’s pay day, you have been looking after your thousands of children/writing the one millionth word of your thesis and you deserve something nice. Whether thats the large amount of money I just spent on the Illamasqua website or a meal out with your lesser half/friends, everyone deserves some me time and a little prezzie!

8. Don’t beat yourself up about not achieving everything/not being Beyonce. We are human, we are lazy sometimes and we can’t do everything. Seriously. Spending a day watching your SATC box set (or your tv rubbish of choice) when it is nice and sunny outside and you are still in bed is perfectly acceptable, we all do it. Most people just pretend they don’t. 

I know this is a bit of a strange post from us, but it is something that has been on my mind recently and I know others feel the same! Hope it helps some people, be that with some good advice or just by knowing we are all in the same boat! #twolittleowlsblog

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Busy day today!!

A: We are both pretty manic today so to keep you followers happy, here’s a picture of my cat Ted.



You’ll probably be seeing a lot of him and his brother Bill in the future, just because they are both massive posers (and I’m a crazy cat lady!)


Enjoy! #twolittleowls