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Summer Skirt Haul

A: Don’t worry, I didn’t buy all of these in one day (is a week much better?).
I am loving wearing longer lengths skirts at the moment and all three of these were bargains that I couldn’t refuse.

The full-length maxi skirt is from New Look. I bought it the other day when Chloe met me for lunch (see her haul here – we are a bad influence on each other!). It’s made from a light fabric so it will be perfect for those warm summer evenings, at £7 in the sale – I couldn’t say no!

Next, is the floral vintage skirt. This was a sneaky eBay find and cost just £4.50. It’s a lovely light cotton fabric with a button through front, I’m super happy with this and it’s a perfect fit. I highly recommend eBay for vintage bargains.

Lastly, the pale blue pleated skirt. I think this is my favourite. It so comfy to wear and is amazingly crease resistant (so it will be perfect to pack for our camping trip this weekend!). It is from Dorothy Perkins and it was £15 in the sale – the most expensive out of my haul but the highest quality. There were also some lovely cream and pale pink versions of this too, if they are more your colour.

What have you been finding in the sales? #twolittleowls

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