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Chloes Home Decor Update

C: I don’t know how much I have spoken about buying our new house on here, but we are currently in the process of doing it up/the longest hardest project ever. As we can’t currently live there, I have been able to contain my excitement by slowly picking up pieces for the house and whenever Annie and I have a weekend off we love to go house shopping! Whether its Homebase to buy paint, a quick trip to the Range or a long day of Antique shopping… we love it! So here are some of the pieces I have picked up so far! photo 1(27) First up is this beautiful antique washed wood wall rack. L chose this whilst we were looking round one of our local antique shops and I think we are going to hang it in our utility room. We are going for a cottagey/vintage/country home sort of look so this will be perfect! Whilst shopping with Annie on holiday last summer I picked up this basket, which is perfect for storing drinks in (wine) and these cute pots/glasses. I love to keep things like these on my dressing table to store little bits in/just to look pretty (“collect dust” as L would say!) And then we have one of my favourite purchases so far, which is this hexagonal mirror from the Range! It was only like £7 and I absolutely love it! It is so different, and will be going on my bathroom wall. Annie also bought this and sprayed it copper, which looks amazing too, but I personally prefer it as just wood!

photo 2(26)

Okay so I have issues with buying bedding/blankets, I think its because I just like napping/being so comfy! L chose this Catherine Lansfield stag/checked bedding and I chose the blue floral set from Homebase! L hates floral stuff, so this way we have compromised and we can alternate (/L never changes the bedding so I will just keep putting floral stuff on). I also picked up this checked throw (hey… can you tell me liked checked stuff?!) from the Range for about £15! It is super soft and cosy, so this will be going on the sofa in our lounge. There is nothing better than chilling in a nice soft throw in the evening with the fire on! photo 3(16)

Last weekend I picked up this herringbone lightshade from the Range (we are slightly addicted to the Range!) for £15. I find light-shades really difficult to pick, but this natural one will go perfectly in our lounge, as we are going for cream/brown walls and then checked curtains! Whilst shopping with L in some independent little home ware shops I also picked up this Bee cushion! I don’t know why I like it so much, as Bees scare me (/anything that might fly into and then live in my hair) but I love it! And then for Christmas I got L this stag candle from TKMaxx! He wanted a stags head for the wall, but they are a million pounds and they scare me a bit so he got this instead… unlucky for him!

So there is my house inspo so far! Although a lot of it is from random shops or isn’t available I love looking for inspiration from other peoples style so wanted to share mine with you! Let me know what you think, or if you have any amazing ideas for us! Now it is starting to be nicer weather, we will start sharing some crafts with you guys too as L doesn’t let me paint inside (I might be slightly messy…) #twolittleowls

How To: Shabby Chic/Upcycle Vintage Furniture

C: now I hate the phrase shabby chic… my mum says “oh you like shabby chic stuff dont you?” NO THAT’S NEW STUFF THAT LOOKS OLD! I love vintage/antique stuff… so now that rant is over, let me show you how I updated some vintage bedside tables that my lovely auntie kindly gave to us for our new house! So here is what they originally looked like, nothing special/weird gold paint! photo 1(28) What you need: Sandpaper, Paint Brushes 2 pots of paint, one in cream/white, the other in the accent colour to show through! Oak coloured wax 1. Sand the cupboards! You don’t need to remove all the original paint, just sand it enough to remove any bumps and to take the top layer of paint off. This will mean that when you go to paint it, the paint will stick/cover better. 2. Paint in your base/darker accent colour and then leave to dry – note to self do not leave cupboards open if you have weird cats like Annies, as they go and nap in them and get cat hair all in your nice paint. I went for an egg shell blue for this stage.

3. Paint over your accent colour with the paler colour, I chose Antique Cream for this stage, and then leave to dry. You may need a second coat of this colour. 4. Once completely dry, sand along the edges of your cabinet lightly until the accent colour shows through. Keep going until you are happy with the effect! 5. Rub in a layer of the oak effect wax! photo 3(17) So here is our finished cabinets! L decided to sand his all over, whereas I just did the edges – I think mine looks way better on the left, but that is all down to personal preference! We are also going to buy some new door handles for these but we haven’t chose any yet! Let me know what you think, or if you decide to have a go at this yourself! Its the perfect way to update some old furniture rather than throwing it away! #twolittleowls

Starter Stories: Home Sweet Home

AWe have recently been introduced to Compassand decided to join in on their Starter Stories blog post project about our first homes, the ways we have made them our own and our DIY triumphs. Chloe and I have both been wanting to write a post like this for a while, as we have both recently ventured onto the housing ladder and bought our first homes. My boyfriend and I actually moved into our house two years ago, and have been decorating and making it our own ever since. We still have so much to do – living in a DIY project whilst both working full time is neither a quick or easy task to take on, but we are getting there and we are both really happy with the changes we have made so far. When we moved in, our house was perfectly functional, but we (I!) felt the need to really make it our own but I’ve actually found it really hard to decide on themes and colours for each room. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like this, and I have put way too much pressure on myself to get everything right but I’ve also been worried that once a room is finished, I’ll change my mind within six months and want to redecorate… I do have a habit of that. To get around this, our bedroom is very simply decorated, with cream walls and a cream blind and curtain voiles – after getting rid of the horrible floral wallpaper obviously.

This means that I can change the bedding whenever I like, and it will still coordinate with the rest of the room. At the moment, this is my favourite bedding….

I love the spring colours in it and the vintage florals – and it goes perfectly with the throw my nanny knitted for me. One of my favourite features in our bedroom is my jewellery storage.

I’ve always struggled to store my jewellery – maybe this is something to do with the copious amount I have, but I came up with this idea and finished the project in just a day! You can see the full blog post about how to make these jewellery hangers by clicking here

Moving onto our living area, this is one of our finished rooms. My boyfriend is a plasterer, and although he is very good at his job, it is sometimes hard work to get him to do decorating jobs at home. But when he does plaster at home, he always wants to show off his skills – understandable. So he created these arches above the fire place, and also bought me this beautiful Moroccan lampshade for a birthday; which made me decide to continue with this theme.

This kitchen and second living area is an on going project. The fireplace was actually only replastered a few weeks ago, and my boyfriend also built an area to store logs (having a woodburner as our main source of heat is a very lovely but very messy experience). We are yet to attach a handmade door, but the addition of the tiny alcoves are one of my favourite things in our home. My boyfriend knows how much I love to light candles, and tea lights in jars look so pretty tucked away in here. 

This has also been one of my favourite projects, and something I enjoyed doing because of it’s history. This set of Victorian drawers was my Granny’s, and a little worse for wear when it arrived at my house. But after sanding, painting and some cute new handles I think it looks lovely. And Granny Kath would certainly be proud I think!

Lastly, I wanted to share some of my favourite trinkets with you. Chloe and I love to go to antique fairs, charity shops, flea markets and junk shops because we both love a bargain, and anything that is unusual, old and vintage. I think it’s these extras that make a house a home, and of course a pair of fat, lazy cats. 

I hope you enjoyed having an insight to our home – and I’d love see some of your favourite features in your own homes? #twolittleowls

Buying a house…

C: Something a little different from us today, but a blog post that would really have helped me a couple of months ago… tips on buying a house! I know a lot of people that are saving their house deposit/house hunting so I thought I would put a little post together on some of the things I have learnt along the way. And hopefully in a few weeks time, I will have a more exciting post about the house I have bought (fingers crossed, no jinx).

1. Save Save Save. work over time, cancel the gym membership you never use and stop buying thousands of lipsticks that you don’t need. Okay… this is a hard one, because we all need thousand of lipsticks and we never know when we might fancy a little aqua gym. But seriously, do your best and set yourself a saving target for each month/search through the beauty stash for old favourites you had forgotten about.

2. Start looking at houses. When I first started saving for a house I thought I wanted a massive new build that was all modern and perfect, and now I have just put a deposit down on a tiny, old house that needs so much renovation work. By looking at all sorts of houses (including those we don’t think we will like) you get a much better idea of what you want and this will help your estate agent too as they can then send you property details as they come on the market. This was the best tip I have been given (by Annie of course!) and I am now so in love with the house we are hopefully getting.

3. Plus side of number 2… it makes you more motivated to save. By looking at houses you keep being reminded of what you are saving for. As it is a long process saving a deposit and you can get off track/disheartened. Keep reminding yourself on what you are working towards and it makes it 100 times easier.

4. Get a mortgage advisor/certificate of mortgage approval. If you aren’t going for a new build having a mortgage certificate proving that you will be able to get one means you are more likely to get any offers you put in approved. By having this ready you are a more attractive buyer than someone who hasn’t and may mean your lower offers gets accepted due to a quicker sale! Plus by having a mortgage advisor all the stress of looking at/comparing mortgage rates are given to someone else! Perfect.

5. Drink wine/make sure chocolate is readily available and you have a good friend to moan about it all too. Turns out buying a house is super stressful/a horrendous experience. The past month has literally been the best/worst month of my life. Be prepared for the stress/sleepless nights.

And a few tips from Annie….

6. Stand your ground. Estate agents can be (not always!) difficult to deal with when you’re a first-time-buyer. I was pretty young when my boyfriend and I bought our house and the agents can try and use that to their advantage when you’re placing offers and trying to purchase a house for as little money as possible – you obviously don’t want to spend more than necessary but the more the agent can sell it for, the better for them as a company so just bare that in mind.

7. This one is a bit pessimistic but don’t let yourself get your hopes up until you’ve got the keys. My boyfriend and I were super lucky when we found our dream house and got the keys just six weeks after our offer was accepted BUT tried really hard to not let myself think it was our house until I got those keys in my hand and opened our front door. This is really hard because all I wanted to do was plan what furniture can go where and how I could decorate, but I stopped my self getting to over-excited (a little bit excited is allowed). House purchases can be so tricky, and so many things can go wrong so easily, and you can be left disappointed if the house sale falls through – but super super happy when it all goes through and you’re left with your very own home.

Any of you guys got any house buying tips that might help? Let us know! Good luck and happy house hunting!  #twolittleowlsblog

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Jewellery: Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear


C: When looking for different but beautiful Christmas presents for my friends and family I came across the lovely company Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear which I wanted to share with you. They use vintage materials to make one off pieces or limited runs, so its unlikely that anyone will have the same jewellery as you (which makes a change for me!). The jewellery is all amazing, and comes in such cute boxes that your gift looks really fancy with all the time and effort they take packaging each individual item. Each item also comes with an appropriate care instructions so you know how to look after your vintage pieces. 

I also had amazing customer service, with quick replies and helpful advice. I ordered Annie a necklace for Christmas, and although unfortunately the item was now out of stock I was able to pick another piece of jewellery (that ended up being more expensive, and I didn’t have to pay any more!). Delivery was also very quick, and I was told to take as much time as I wanted picking something different for Annie. I was also lucky enough to get some pieces for Christmas, as Annie was sent on a mission by my boyfriend! All in all a lovely company to buy from, and everyone loved their presents!

A: I absolutely love this company, the pieces are so individual and unique. We found the website a couple of months before Christmas and because new items are posted nearly every day, it took me so long to decide which were my favourite!! In fact, I don’t think I did decide, I liked them all too much and there is so much choice, from rings, to brooches and necklaces to earrings. The products and the website are a massive credit to the creator – all in all a great find, enjoy!! #twolittleowlsblog

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