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Blogmas 2014 Day 14 – Share a Christmas Memory

Share a favourite Christmas memory

C: Although I absolutely love Christmas, it is all about children at Christmas time. I used to be so overly excited and wanted it to be Christmas so bad, that my brothers and I used to spend the lead up to Christmas making lists of plans on how we could make time go quicker. But my one memory, that is super funny and my mother always reminds me of is that when I was little I used to wear my best nighty, and make my dad lay the duvet over me super neatly and tuck my teddy bear in bed with me on Christmas Eve night because… I thought that if I looked cuter I would get more presents!!! Yes… I know. Learnt early ha! I honestly thought Santa would peep in and think.. what a lovely girl. I’ll give her an extra prezzie! Clearly this didn’t work, but it was worth a try!

A: My favourite Christmas memory is all the Christmases when I was little. My brother and I used to wake up super early (I still do now because I get so over-excited about Santa coming, I can hardly sleep on Christmas eve and I’m 24!!), and we’d know Santa had been because our Santa sacks would be brimming with pressies. We used drag them into our Mum and Dad’s room and sit on the end of the bed unwrapping to our heart’s content. I’d get the shakes and my Mum would tell me to take a break to stop me from getting too excited. To be honest i still do that too…

What’re your best Christmas memories? #twolittleowlsblog

Our Christmas Wishlists!

A & C: If you have even glanced at our blog, you will know that we a HUGE fans of Christmas, and we have lots of fun things planned for this month to share with you. One of them is our Christmas wishlists. These are the things that we would love to have waiting under the tree for us on Christmas morning, if we were super lucky – but hey, we can dream can’t we!



Somerby Bike by Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton brought out a range of beautiful bikes not long after her amazing performance at the Olympics in 2012, and I’ve had my eye on them ever since. I don’t have a bike at the moment, and haven’t had since I’ve been in my new house which is surrounded by fields so it’s perfect for bike rides. I really like the older style bikes though, and this one matches my car (I have a baby blue Fiat 500 with a brown and cream leather interior, which I love very very much), plus we are going on a biking holiday next year, so I obviously need this so I can bike along with freshly picked flowers in my wicker basket whilst wearing a flowery dress. They are a little pricey though – this one it £294.98 with the basket, and £279.99 without (but you’ve deffo got to have it with). You can have a look at the full range on the Halfords website.


Kiko Glass From by NKUKU

I adore picture frames, and these are some of my favourite. So pretty and unique, a collection of them would look lovely in any home, plus it’s compulsory to have your favourite photos framed – although these would look lovely with dried flowers too? These start at £19.95 and can be found here.


Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter

THESE ARE ADORABLE AND I WANT THEM ALL. Tiny little porcelain animals wearing  tiny backpack plants. Amazing. There are 4 to choose from, each comes with a different plant – either a herb or a strawberry plant. And they water themselves by drinking through the straws. I really can’t cope with how cute they are. The cost £9.99 each, and are available from Firebox.


Check Scarf with Tassels

I still don’t have a tartan scarf and have been looking for an unusual one for such a long time, but I really love this one. Its extra wide and looks super cosy – and it’s just £16 from ASOS.



I have had the same coat for 3 years now, and although I still love it (it has a tartan hood… so clearly I love it) I really want a parka with a fluffy hood! I love this one from Asos, which is £85

photo 1-19

So I wrote my Christmas list, gave it to Santa and then I saw this. This palette of fabulousness from Urban Decay. I love it as it contains neutrals like the Naked Palettes as well as some brighter colours too. I have the Naked Basics palette and use it all the time, so I know the quality of this will be perfecto too! You can get it here for £42.

photo 2-21

Now, obviously a new coat and Urban Decay make up is not enough for me. I’m just too spoilt (not really!) and I want a puppy. Yes a puppy. Now I know puppies are for life and not just for Christmas and all that but I am getting desperately broody for a puppy now. L and I have finally bought our house, but it is taking a long time to do all the work on it so as soon as we move in I require a Collie puppy immediately. Like I want to walk through the door and be handed my puppy with a bow round his collar. I’m thinking about a nice manly name like Steve, so it matches Dave the cat. Let me know if you have any good ideas!

What are you guys hoping for for Christmas?! Hope Santa brings you lots of beautiful gifts! #twolittleowls

Blogmas 2014 Day 5 – Favourite Festive Songs

Okay so we changed the schedule again… but this really is worth it – the original post was our favourite Christmas books, but we don’t actually have any and singing Christmas songs is pretty fun isn’t it?!

What’re your favourite festive songs?

A & C: We would be the first (and our boyfriends the second), to admit that we are  TERRIBLE singers. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t love to sing. Cause we really do (we are currently in the process of learning the lyrics to pretty much the whole of Iggy Azalea’s album). And Christmas really is a time for signing so here are some of our faves;

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues

We know everyone says this is their favourite, but it really is that good and you know it.

Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade

The perfect Christmas pop song.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

Surely everyone plays this whilst decorating their tree?

Last Christmas by Wham!

Cheesy but you can’t not sing along!

We hope you enjoyed this post, and had a little sing along of your own! See you again tomorrow for another Blogmas #twolittleowlsblog

The Grammys 2014

A&C: We all like to have a look at what the celebs are wearing so we decided to show your our favourite and not so favourite outfits from the Grammys this year!


So we have to admit, we aren’t sure of the inspiration behind these three outfits…



Madonna’s androgynous look isn’t her best, don’t get us wrong we are all for tailored suits BUT with some feminine accessories and styling!

Paris Hilton looks like she’s ready to walk down the aisle, not the red carpet! We like that you’ve toned down on the trashiness but maybe this was a step too far…

And Lorde, new girl on the block. We LOVE your music but were you trying to channel Bellatrix Lestrange? The make-up is gorgeous, statement lips with a natural complexion is so on trend right now but the witch costume is not! 


But we did lovee these three…


We are not usually a big Taylor Swift fan, but her dress was elegant (and glittery) and fitted beautifully. Beyonce is… Beyonce, no comments needed! And Carey Mulligan shows us all how to do chic and stylish in this androgynous yet still feminine outfit.


And the winner is..


Alexa Chung!

She looked as on trend and lovely as ever in this feminine and amazing dress! The simple hair and red lipstick finished the look and made the whole outfit look more sophisticated.

Give us a follow for more fashion and beauty inspirations!! #twolittleowls

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