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#bloggersfestival: Meet the Brands

A&C: we recently posted a little teaser post, including some of the people we met at the bloggersfestival and a few selfies so now we would like to show you the brands that we met! Scarlett London did an amazing job at getting such lovely brands to showcase their new lines/products and we loved our little sneak peak into the Autumnal trends, here are our favourites/photos:



We started at Quiz Clothing and we loved their designs for next season especially a full length silver sequinned dress – unfortunately we cannot justify spending pennies on something we would probably end up wearing around the house, as we don’t go to many balls!

Bloggers Festival 26

Bloggers Festival 34

Urban Outfitters were next, and their Autumn collection looks AMAZING! Chloe fell in love with a beautiful monochrome jumper, which is definitely getting bought when it becomes available online. We love UO anyway, so it was a massive treat to see their future lines before they are released.

Bloggers Festival 44


Bloggers Festival 51

Bloggers Festival 53

Izabelle Hammon were doing manicures with their beautiful nail stickers, unfortunately our nails had studs and glitter on (of course) so we couldn’t have ours done but we got a few treats to take away and try at home.





We then got to try out Bee Good‘s current range of skincare products (who apparently started out by making the products in their kitchen!) and got to take away a lovely honey and vanilla lip balm (and Annie obviously got a bee shaped biscuit to eat later) a review of which will be coming your way soon.

photo 1-8

download (1)

Ecco and Minimum were showcasing their products, and although they weren’t somewhere we normally shop we have definitely changed our minds! Just look at this amazing jacket from Minimum and the Ecco shoes Annie wanted to steal!

photo 3


We then saw Want Her Dress and their team were lovely. Carol, the owner was especially lovely and we spent ages talking to her about the amazing collection they had brought with them to showcase. They are also running a campaign around body shapes, and dressing for your shape. Want Her Dress aim to dress real women, with real shapes – something we agree with due to our extra lady lumps (sorry this is a little blurry, we had just finished out champange cocktails and it’s the only photo we had of this brand). This was Annie’s favourite dress – a pleated maxi dress in a gorgeous deep green.

photo 4


Then, we met the Very team and we chatted to a lovely man (we didn’t get his business card which is sad, cos he was nice) and tried to steal (jokes) a dress which Annie was in love with and some sequinned shorts which had Chloe’s name all over them. You seriously need to keep an eye out for their new Autumn clothes as there were so many beauties, we were given a voucher for £10 off their website and I think it will be put to very good use!





We then went to visit Lee Stafford (not Lee himself, alas) where we could discuss our hair problems (basically we have too much/crazy hair) and what products would help. This was great, as it meant everyone got personalised advice and could take a few treats home to try too.



Oriflame were also showcasing some of their beautiful products, which we got some lovely photos of. The colours of the nail varnishes look AMAZING and Francesca was super helpful, talking us through the products and just having a lovely chat in general.



We then met Natalie from Search Laboratory – a digital markteing agency who specialise in PPC and SEO. Natalie was so helpful, explaining about all of the internetty stuff which we definately need to know more about. Again, she was so lovely to chat to, which was one of our favourite things about the event – the fact that people just want to talk and get to know who you are, what you’re about and about your blog.

We apologise for all the photos/rambling, but we hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into the Autumn trends/lines that will be coming available! Let us know what you think #twolittleowls

*A special thank you to Jennifer from Search Labs for permission to use some of their amazing photos.

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Birchbox – Away We Go (August 2014)

C: I received my Birchbox today, usually this is a super exciting day for me (I know… must get a life) but the past couple of months I have been a little disappointed with my boxes. I am not sure if this is just because the initial novelty of my beauty box subscription has gone, or… the boxes have got worse?! So here is what I got this month, and please let me know what you think!

photo 1(10)

So this is how my box came packaged. You can’t see the products very well in the photo but I just wanted to show you all the cute make up bag everything came in. It is super cute and goes well with this months holiday theme, however I must point out that its quite small and being a beauty addict my every day products wouldn’t fit in here! (Update: my little make up bag just broke after using it for the second time!) But anyway, here is what I got:

photo 2(10)

And a little close up of the eyeshadow:

photo 3(6)

So lets start with the eyeshadow. This is from “Wild about Beauty” and is in the colour “Fern” – Full sized and costs £13. I thought I had the wrong colour in the box, as to me ferns are green… but I checked on the Birchbox website and this is indeed the Fern colour. I like it actually though, especially the little bee!

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect – RRP £20 sample is worth £3. A leave in conditioning spray to help detangle and protect against sun and heat damage. My hair is super knotty and I always have to use a detangling (is that a word?!) product so I will definitely try this out.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Refreshing Bath Shower Gel – RRP £7.15 sample is worth £0.51. I have heard of this brand before but it has never appealed to me. I can certainly get some use out of this sample – everyone washes – but to me Birchbox is about trying brands that are more high end so you can try before you invest.

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm – RRP £25 sample is worth £7.35. A product I have never heard of before, however microderm products are usually too harsh for my sensitive skin – something I have filled out in my beauty profile – so I will try this, but doubt it will work well for me.

And lastly I received a sample of the Liason De Parfum in Stay With Me and the first chapter of The Proposal by Tasmina Perry – something that I wont read as I will be super annoyed if I like it and then have to wait for the rest of the book to be delivered!

So the total worth of the box is £23.86 plus the make up bag and little extras which is very good considering the box cost me £12.95 including postage. However, I am still not excited about it? I will get some use out of all of these products but nothing jumps out at me as being super amazing. So what do you guys think? Should I keep my subscription or try out something new? I am leaving it down to you! #twolittleowlsblog

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A sneaky Tuesday Haul.

C & A: We had a little trip to our local TK Maxx today on the hunt for professional people work clothes and a wedding outfit. We didn’t do too great with planned hunt, but we bought lots of fun stuff!

Okay so we bought the same skirt, but it’s an amazing skirt and was a bargain at £10! Neither of us could say no because it’s such a flattering shape and fabric that it looks lovely on. Super happy! We may have also both bought green jars, but they aren’t exactly the same! Annie chose the one with the copper coloured lid but she needs to have a practice run of where it will go, it was originally bought as a coffee jar but we think it would look really pretty on her dressing table. Chloe chose the one with the glass lid, which she will use on her dressing table in her *new* (not jinxing) house. These were just £3.99 – so cheap for such beautiful glassware.


Next, Chloe found this amazing maxi dress with a really pretty gold floral/leaf print. Perfect for this time of year and also something she can wear for work. It cost £15.

Annie bought these amazing hand-painted knobs (LOLZ) for her vintage bureau (pictures will be coming soon, we promise!). These are so pretty and are perfect for making a piece of furniture unique, and they were only £3.99!
Lastly, a haul isn’t complete without make-up. This is another of Annie’s purchases, a Revlon lipstick in the shade 075 Peach. Orange lipsticks are perfect for Annie, even though she has orange hair, but they really suit her skin tone. £2.99 – perfect!

What have you been hauling recently? #twolittleowls

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OOTD: Summertime Glamping

C: a quick ootd post for you today; I took this photo of Annie whilst we were away as I really liked her outfit/it was sunny/we actually looked reasonable.




Annie’s skirt was from Dorothy Perkins (featured in her haul post here), her crop top was an eBay special and her sandals are from New Look. She accessorised with her vintage satchel and amazing sunglasses for a sophisticated and simple look!


We had to look reasonable as we were at ‘the mill’ restaurant, and everyone was posh/it was super pretty.

Hope you guys like Annie’s outfit! #twolittleowlsblog

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July’s Empties

C: look how good I am doing at using up my stash/not buying more stuff?! There should be some sort of beauty blogger medal for that… well I’m impressed anyway. So here is what I have been using up this month:


1. Lush Tea Tree Water Toner – I wont go on and on about this as I have reviewed it before here

Repurchase? Yes once I have tried some of the other Lush toners, as I am interested to see if they are as good/better than this one!

2. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter: yes yes I know… more S&G. I have issues okay? Love this stuff. It smells like Summer and it is super moisturising without making you feel sweaty/greasy.

Repurchase? Already got 2 more tubs to get through!

3. Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner: received these samples in my Birchbox and they were teeny tiny so I only got one wash out of them, so can’t really comment on their effectiveness/hair saving qualities. They do smell nice though and my hair was clean… which is a winner?

Repurchase? Probably not as i didn’t get to try them properly but I do know other shampoos that work well for me.

4. Vasanti Nutrient Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser: another Birchbox sample that I actually enjoyed using. This did not irritate my sensitive skin and made it feel soft, smooth and clean.

Repurchase? I would do if I didn’t have loads more cleansers to use up/that are on my list to try.

5. Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life: one of my favourite shower gels. I love the scent and its delicately scrubby… meaning you can use it everyday without irritating your skin but it keeps even elbows and knees soft!

Repurchase? 100% I have withdrawal symptoms already.

what have you lovely readers been using up this month? Let us know! #twolittleowlsblog

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Buying a house…

C: Something a little different from us today, but a blog post that would really have helped me a couple of months ago… tips on buying a house! I know a lot of people that are saving their house deposit/house hunting so I thought I would put a little post together on some of the things I have learnt along the way. And hopefully in a few weeks time, I will have a more exciting post about the house I have bought (fingers crossed, no jinx).

1. Save Save Save. work over time, cancel the gym membership you never use and stop buying thousands of lipsticks that you don’t need. Okay… this is a hard one, because we all need thousand of lipsticks and we never know when we might fancy a little aqua gym. But seriously, do your best and set yourself a saving target for each month/search through the beauty stash for old favourites you had forgotten about.

2. Start looking at houses. When I first started saving for a house I thought I wanted a massive new build that was all modern and perfect, and now I have just put a deposit down on a tiny, old house that needs so much renovation work. By looking at all sorts of houses (including those we don’t think we will like) you get a much better idea of what you want and this will help your estate agent too as they can then send you property details as they come on the market. This was the best tip I have been given (by Annie of course!) and I am now so in love with the house we are hopefully getting.

3. Plus side of number 2… it makes you more motivated to save. By looking at houses you keep being reminded of what you are saving for. As it is a long process saving a deposit and you can get off track/disheartened. Keep reminding yourself on what you are working towards and it makes it 100 times easier.

4. Get a mortgage advisor/certificate of mortgage approval. If you aren’t going for a new build having a mortgage certificate proving that you will be able to get one means you are more likely to get any offers you put in approved. By having this ready you are a more attractive buyer than someone who hasn’t and may mean your lower offers gets accepted due to a quicker sale! Plus by having a mortgage advisor all the stress of looking at/comparing mortgage rates are given to someone else! Perfect.

5. Drink wine/make sure chocolate is readily available and you have a good friend to moan about it all too. Turns out buying a house is super stressful/a horrendous experience. The past month has literally been the best/worst month of my life. Be prepared for the stress/sleepless nights.

And a few tips from Annie….

6. Stand your ground. Estate agents can be (not always!) difficult to deal with when you’re a first-time-buyer. I was pretty young when my boyfriend and I bought our house and the agents can try and use that to their advantage when you’re placing offers and trying to purchase a house for as little money as possible – you obviously don’t want to spend more than necessary but the more the agent can sell it for, the better for them as a company so just bare that in mind.

7. This one is a bit pessimistic but don’t let yourself get your hopes up until you’ve got the keys. My boyfriend and I were super lucky when we found our dream house and got the keys just six weeks after our offer was accepted BUT tried really hard to not let myself think it was our house until I got those keys in my hand and opened our front door. This is really hard because all I wanted to do was plan what furniture can go where and how I could decorate, but I stopped my self getting to over-excited (a little bit excited is allowed). House purchases can be so tricky, and so many things can go wrong so easily, and you can be left disappointed if the house sale falls through – but super super happy when it all goes through and you’re left with your very own home.

Any of you guys got any house buying tips that might help? Let us know! Good luck and happy house hunting!  #twolittleowlsblog

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Photo of the day!

A & C: so after a rubbish couple of days at work it was time to have some relaxation time!


A glass of cider and a chill in the hot tub was definitely needed! Plus Annie’s lovely mum (Mave) kept bringing us drinks and yummy food!

Just think… Only one day until the weekend (and our ball, so keep following to see our outfits tomorrow! )>