Couch potato to 5k! 

C: hi guys! I know everyone started off so well with their New Years resolutions of getting fit… But by now a lot of people are loosing motivation and giving up! So I thought I would share with you the programme I have been using: change for life’s couch potato to 5k! 

I used to do quite a lot of running, but since having a baby/being pregnant couch potato is a much better description of my fitness level! I started this a few weeks ago so I feel like I can finally talk about my progress a little and the app itself.

Firstly the app is free, you just have to sign up to unlock all the weeks. It starts off really easy the first week (saying that I was still dying slightly due to lack of appropriate footwear and sleep) by doing a 5 minute warm up walk and then alternating between a minute of running and 90 seconds of brisk walking before a final 5 minute cool down walk. The app tells you when to run/walk so you don’t need to time yourself and it’s really motivating to keep going. 

Obviously each week (you run 3 times a week) it gets slightly more difficult until you are running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks! I can’t quite imagine that yet but ya know… Il keep you updated! 

As for my fitness I’m definitely improving and I love having the app as motivation! The only thing I wish it had was a distance measurement so it could tell you how far you have gone/calories burned etc but you can easily run an extra app for that info! 

So do any of you guys fancy giving it a go?! I shall do another update post when I’m half way through/done if you would like?? But currently I’m loving it! 30 minutes listening to music and not changing nappies? Seems good to me! #twolittleowls 

8 thoughts on “Couch potato to 5k! 

    1. twolittleowlsblog Post author

      I actually still went and ran on Friday when it was raining! I was pretty impressed with myself, Iv been loving it! It’s quite easy to start with whilst you get into it! You should start and then we can motivate each other!

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  1. jodi - a brash attitude

    When I start running again in the spring (once all the snow and ice melts away) I will be doing a similar type program to get back into my 5k training. I was using the Zombies! Run 5k app when I first started running about 3 years ago.


      1. jodi - a brash attitude

        It is super fun, because not only do you get a training program, you also get a storyline to listen to while you train. They also have a several seasons long app where the story continues – as well it tracks your progress (mileage, speed, route etc) so it is really helpful.
        I’ve also used the run keeper app as well for tracking.
        Good luck on your run, you can do it! 💕


      2. twolittleowlsblog Post author

        Just got back and I’m knackered! Will have to have a look as this app doesn’t track your distance and stuff which is a shame! Would be interested to see how far i went (/maybe disappointed ha!) X

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      3. twolittleowlsblog Post author

        Aww it’s not too bad here, it was super windy though so at one point I was running but not really moving! Ooh love a bit of yoga! Struggled post baby though, haven’t got much flexibility back yet!

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