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A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 14! 

C: please say I’m not the only one who thinks December is going way too quickly this year?! I feel like iv missed out on half of the lead up, but thankfully I have finished my Christmas shopping now! Once again I opened my no7 advent calendar today: 

I received a mini nail polish in “me me me” which is a bright pink. Not a particularly festive colour, but one that will appeal to most peopld buying a beauty calendar I suppose! Personally I’m not a very pink person but I often use it when doing nail art and flowers etc so it will get used I’m sure! 

What do you think of pink nails? #twolittleowls 

A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 13! 

C: hi guys! Unfortunately I am now officially half way through my advent calendar! Which makes me super duper sad cos I have been loving it! I definitely need one of these again next year. 

Today I got a sample size (I think it’s about half a normal eyeliner size) stay perfect amazing eyes pencil in brown. 

I am very happy to get this as I have been thinking about investing in a brown eye liner to try a softer every day make up look anyway! However it only seems like a couple of days since I got the gold eye liner in the calendar and I initially panicked that this was the same again! 

It is once again super soft, easy to blend and super pigmented. It also seems to be really long lasting as I swatched this on my arm before my shower and it’s still going strong! 

What do you guys think of brown eye liner? Any FOTD ideas? #twolittleowls 

A No7 Christmas Count Down- Day 12!

C: another good advent calendar treat today! And less than two weeks until Christmas!!! Wahoo!!! 

Today I received a 5ml sample of their BB Lips! This promises beautiful colour, soothing nourishment and UV Protection. So basically it’s a tinted lip balm! 

The hint of colour is beautiful and it does seem super moisturising but I can’t comment on the long term moisturising effect yet! 

I am very happy to receive this though, as its perfect for those days when you are bored of full on make up and lipstick after all the Christmas parties but still want to look put together and nice! 

Have any of you guys tried this? What are you thinking of the no7 advent calendar? Worth the pennies? I’m loving opening it each day! #twolittleowls 

A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 11! 

C: hi! So today I received a 50ml sample of the Beautiful Skin Perfecting Body Polish! 

Once again it is a good sized sample and I’m now pleased I have saved my sample of their body wash from the same range so I can try these out together! 
I love a good body exfoliator and I am on to my last one so this is perfect timing (although they last me ages now due to limited shower time with a baby!) 

Have any of you guys tried this? It smells amazing! #twolittleowls 

A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 10!

C: we are finally in December double figures!! Two weeks today it will be Christmas Eve which makes me super duper excited! I also was super excited about my no7 calendar today, as so far today as been the best day!


I received the Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Bronze and it is AMAZING (although lets not talk about how difficult it was to get out of the actual advent calendar… I’m two nails down).



I apologise for the photos not being amazing, its quite hard to photograph eyeliners isn’t it?! These were the best I managed to get in this horrid winter light that showed the colour off properly. I absolutely love it! The colour is perfect for this time of year – although I’m not sure if other people will have received different shades as I saw a few posts about the lip tint and other people received different colours. I can’t wait to use this on my lower lash line over the festive period to add a little something extra to my make up.

It is also super creamy and easy to use, and it lasts ages! I have swatched it on my arm for the photos and its still going strong!

Have you guys tried this from no7? Any super good gold eyeliner FOTD ideas?! #twolittleowls

A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 9! 

C: morning guys! I hope you are all impressed I have remembered to do this every day?! Well so far anyway… Let’s not jinx it! 

Today I received a 10ml sample of their Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid. I actually already have a sample of this that I received in a no7 gift with purchase offer and have never really used. 

On the tube it says apply alone or under foundation for a radiant finish… And firstly if I was doing make up that required highlighting and all that jazz I would 100% be wearing foundation? And if I put this under foundation…. Surely you won’t see it?! I dunno… I deffo need to have a play around with this! 

Has anyone else tried it? Any tips on how to use it? #twolittleowls 

A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 8! 

C: and on the 8th day of Christmas, my no7 advent calendar gave meeeeeee… A Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream!!!!

Did you like that little sing song? Me neither. 

This is a 10ml sample, which I suppose is a good amount of hand cream really. Although I think this is possibly the first item from my calendar I’m really not that interested in. I have so many hand creams to use up! Like a box of about 10! 

I have been making an effort to use hand cream recently though, as my hands are super dry from all the bottle washing and sterilising that comes with having a baby. So it will be interesting to see how this compares to my S&G Hand Food, as this once again is a product I wouldn’t have thought to buy from No7 and first impressions are good! 

Have any of you guys tried this? Anyone else have hundreds of beauty box hand creams hanging about?! #twolittleowls