A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 5! 

C: hallo and welcome to the 5th December which is my lovely mummy’s birthday! The 5th is always the marker that it’s almost Christmas to me, mothers bday then Christmas and all! And to celebrate I once again opened my no7 advent calendar at 6.30am cos my cutie baba owl decided 6am is an acceptable weekend wake up time (she’s wrong).

Apologies for the poo photo, said early owl is asleep on me and I can’t move! But…. Finally some make up (primer is essential but not fun so it doesn’t count)! This is a 4ml Shine & Tint in Posy. I am not sure if this is full sized? Which I could look at on their website but that takes effort so soz, not gonna. 

Basically this is “a lightweight glossy gel for shiny colour with a lasting tint and soft comfortable lips”. Sounds promising, and this is also a nice neutral colour so should suit most skin tones… Although I would have liked something a little more festive. But I suppose this way you are more likely to suit more people, which is clever but less fun. 

Have any of you guys tried these shine & tints? I can’t wait to try it out and review it for you guys! Looks like lots of no7 reviews are coming your way! #twolittleowls

7 thoughts on “A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 5! 

      1. twolittleowlsblog Post author

        Yes it took ages! I used a w7 nail polish for the blue colour and white for the dots, then essie polish in beyond cosy for the silver glitter (which has almost ran out unfortunately) and then seche vite top coat!

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