A No7 Christmas Count Down – Day 4! 

C: another exciting morning of advent calendar opening, picking cute festive baby clothes and choosing the best Christmas jumper to wear! Once again I was straight to my no7 calendar and here is what was behind today’s door: 

15ml sample of the Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator. Once again another product that I haven’t tried before and a nice sized sample to get a feel for the product… Although not as large as the previous samples in the calendar. 

The door says about using this to get ready for the Christmas party? So I know it makes sense for this to be early on In the advent calendar, and iv liked everything iv received so far…. But WHERES THE MAKE UP AT YO?! Everyone knows it’s all about a nice lipstick eh!? 

But anyway, that’s just me being impatient to open it all! Have any of you guys tried this Exfoliator? I can’t wait to give it a go! #twolittleowls 


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