Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 45

C: Annie treated me to this amazing lipstick for my birthday as I had been admiring it in Boots for a while but decided I had way too many lipsticks to invest in another. Obviously Annie knew this was not true, I clearly needed more and this was the perfect addition to my ever expanding collection!


First of all (although Annie disagrees) I absolutely love the packaging of the new nudes collection! This photo actually makes it look a bit pinker than it is in real life, but it is beautiful! I think its sophisticated and looks way more high end than a Rimmel lipstick. 


I had picked out shade 45 as apparently this is the best shade for my hair colour/skin-tone (there was a handy shade guide in Boots) and also because this is the sort of nude colour that I think suits me best in a lipstick! Just look how pretty it is!


Cheeky little swatch for you there – Im afraid my face won’t be featuring on the blog any more until this pesky preggo bloat has disappeared. So possibly never again actually, so this swatch will have to do guys! But just look at the colour! This is with just one swipe, so you can actually build up the colour with a second layer if you want it to be more pigmented.

The formula is also super creamy and feels comfortable enough on your lips for every day wear – something you definitely need from a nude lipstick. However, the quality is the same we have come to expect from Kate Moss’ lipsticks and the lasting power is pretty good too! So for the bargain price of just £5.49 (available here) you just can’t go wrong with this little bargain – it is definitely one I shall be getting a lot of use out of.

Have any of you guys invested in Kates new nude lipstick range? If so do you recommend any other shades? Let me know! #twolittleowls

5 thoughts on “Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 45

  1. Karen Rees

    Gorgeous – what a fab colour!!!! Oh no to the pregnancy bloat… I remember that only too well *sigh* I don’t think mine ever left me hahaha Hope you’re keeping as well as can be lovely 🙂 XXX

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      1. Karen Rees

        Awwwwh what a beautiful beautiful name – gorgeous!!!! Baby Ivy. LOVE it!!! Of course, it;s a tiring process – my midwife always said to me when I first had Em’s ‘When she sleep’s, you sleep’ took me a few weeks to realise that it was the only way I was going to function with strength lol So glad to hear you are keeping as well as can be though – huuuuuuugge congratulations on being a mummy 🙂 You’ve such an exciting journey ahead – lots of memories to be made ❤ XXXX

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