Behind the Blog Feat Confetti and Curves

A &C: Hi everyone, an extra little post for you all today! I know we don’t normally post on a Tuesday, but today is an exciting day… we are being featured on the lovely Karens blog: Confetti and Curves! Karen runs a feature called “Behind the Blog” where a different blogger is featured each post, answering questions about them and their blog. Meaning you get to learn more about them/discover new blogs!

We both absolutely love this idea, so were super happy when Karen said she was happy to feature us! Make sure you check out her blog here/her twolittleowls post here and let us know what you think! We hope you love it! #twolittleowls

3 thoughts on “Behind the Blog Feat Confetti and Curves

  1. Karen Rees

    Girls thank you soooo so much for such a lovely post & mention – sorry I’m getting on so late but it’s been a treacherous day, utterly hectic!! This has really made me smile from ear to ear, definitely the best medicine 🙂 Such a pleasure to feature you both! Sending huge hugs ❤ Karen XXX



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