Review: L’oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit

C: I recently picked up a new brow kit by L’oreal as my ELF offering has almost ran out and is no longer easily available to repurchase here in the UK. I didn’t do any research before buying this, as I was actually more interested in the L’oreal 24 hour Mattifying Foundation but their products were by one get one second price in Boots so I picked up the Brow Kit on a bit of a whim!



So the packaging is pretty sleek and sturdy, I really like that it contains a little mirror for travelling etc and its pretty safe when being knocked about in my make up bag. It also comes with a little pair of tweezers, although personally I would have preferred two different mini brushes: one for the wax and one for the powder compartments of the kit. If you use the same brush for both its gonna get sticky and nasty… no thanks!


Heres a little selfie to show off my new L’oreal styled brows (please excuse the crazy hair). All in all I have decided that I like this kit, both the wax and the powder are easy to work with and my brows lasted all day. I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to use this easily, as I have only ever used my ELF brow kit but this was just as easy to tame my unruly beasty eye brows with!

Have any of you guys tried this brow kit from L’oreal? Any others that you recommend I try? #twolittleowls


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